31+ examples of important technical skills for resume with list

Examples of Technical Skills of job titles for Your Resume

Every employer seeks for the candidates with the right technical skills for accomplishing the required job from the first day onward, This is the reason having the important technical skills is very important as you apply for a job. 

While you are applying for the job, technical skills  create a special room in your resume as it is an important part of your resume.  So display all your technical skills wisely in the right manner so that you can meet the needs of the employer. Once you match with the wants of your employer, you can be sure that you are selected. 

In many cases, employers don’t Put the exact technical skills that they are seeking for in the job ad, In this scenario you must understand what are the related technical skills you must know and display on your resume in order to be special in a crowd of resumes. 

Remember your resume must make a special difference in order to be selected. 

 In this article you will learn about the  important technical skill needed for creating a great resume,  along with a list of examples.

Technical domain skills for resume for freshers and experienced:  that employer seek for

Understanding what is Technical skill and  why is it so important,  will help you to prepare your resume in a better manner. Either you are experienced or a fresher in both scenarios, Technical skill  is vital in your resume. Kannada

  let us understand about the technical skill in resume step by step:

  1. What are technical skills OR technical skills meaning
  2. What is technical knowledge, competencies or ability?
  3. What are technical skills in resume and CV
  4. List of technical skills qualification for resume
  5. What are technical skills examples for resume or sample of technical skills for cv
  6. Computer technical skills examples
  7. Importance of technical skills on resume or cv
  8. Technical skills in resume for freshers
  9. Resume technical skills section
  10. Technical proficiency resume or cv 
  11. Technical skills vs soft skills
  12. Examples of Technical Skills of job titles for Your Resume

1. What are technical skills OR technical skills meaning

 Technical skills are the abilities to perform some specific physical or digital work successfully or efficiently using certain types of technologies practically.

Different types of jobs require different kinds of Technical skills.  These skills are learnt and mastered by practically  working with the technology.

2. What is technical knowledge, competencies or ability?

The technical knowledge or abilities are required for accomplishing the job in a company or organization, also for working from home as a freelancer. 

As an example, in order to develop a software you need to have some specific technical knowledge and abilities, such as knowledge in programming languages and designing etc.

3. What are technical skills in resume and CV

The technical skills for resume and cv are the skills that  a candidate mentions in the resume or cv in order to display his or her ability to perform the job he or she is applying for in a company or organization.

4. List of technical skills qualification for resume

Here is a list of Technical skills qualifications for resume or CV:

  • Profound knowledge in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote.
  • expert in operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • expert in coding or programming languages
  • Skilled in social media handling
  • agile methodology
  • capable to handle the emerging technologies
  • Having knowledge and experience in big data analytics
  • Qualified cybersecurity  expert
  •  knowledge and skilled in  in mobile development
  • DevOps skills
  •  having proficiency in Software 
  • Skilled in Technical writing
  • Project management skill
  • Search Engine Optimisation skills
  • marketing skill 
  • analytical skill 
  • Knowledge in handling email and mail merge
  •  Google Drive knowledge and capable to work on Google Drive
  •   WordPress is knowledge and ability to develop a website on WordPress
  •  expert in using spreadsheets like  Excel, Google sheet, pivot table, macros, using database, vlookup,  analysing data
  • Capability to handle the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc
  • Knowledge on project management software  like Trello, Slack, Zapier etc and ability to use them
  •  Skilled in using graphic design softwares Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, canva, inDesign, acrobat etc.
  •  knowledge to use accounting software like quickbooks for creating reports, payroll, time tracking, invoicing, expense management etc.
  • Ability to handle the customer relationship management software.
  •  programming skills like  knowledge and skill in C#, Java, HTML, Python, JavaScript, SQL, C++ etc.
  • ability to create videos.
  •  presentation skill using PowerPoint for other software.

5. What are technical skills examples for resume or sample of technical skills for cv

Most jobs require some types of technical skill. This is the reason the employers’ first priority goes to the technical skill part in the resume. 

As an example, if you need a driver, you want a person who is well skilled in driving, one might be very expert in programming languages but does not know driving, he or she can not meet your need for driving. 

In the same manner, every industry works upon a certain set of technical skills, where a person with those technical skills can meet the needs of that specific industry by performing some specific kind of task.

6. Computer technical skills examples

Due to the rapid advancement in technologies, computer technical skills are highly in demand. Computer technical skills can be broadly divided into two categories, Hardware skill and software skill. 

In Hardware skill, one needs to find out the damaged part and repair that. It also includes a complex tusk like networking. 

In software skill, software development and application of software both can be included. For the purpose of developing the software, one needs to learn the programming languages and for learning the application of the software, one needs to learn the use of softwares.

Some common computer technical skills are: 

  • Programming languages
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Data Science
  • Game development 
  • Database designing and development
  • Software testing 
  • Software engineering
  • E-commerce
  • Networking
  • Cyber security
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Animation
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Online Product marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Analytical skill
  • Graphic designing skill
  • Expert in Spreadsheet softwares
  • Knowledge Social media sites
  • Email communication and marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills
  • Marketing skill
  • Automation in business

7. Importance of technical skills on resume or cv

Your technical skills on resume are truly important, there are some reasons, why they are so important, let us know them one by one:

  • Employers wants you to have a list of necessary technical skills on your resume
  • Having strong technical skills on your resume, gives you confidence:
  • Your technical skills on the resume reveals your preparation and seriousness:
  • Your technical skills on resume shows you have a lot potentiality to offer:
  • Technical skills on resume proves that you are capable to handle the job:

8. Technical skills in resume for freshers

If you are a fresher and want to mention the technical skills in your resume, then first of all you need to know the job you will apply for and according to that you need to learn all the required technical skills and then mention them on your resume. 

Different job categories require different sets of technical skills. Back up your skills with the practical work experience. 

Keep a record of all your practical works and mention them in your resume.

9. Resume technical skills section

As the technical skills section is very important, it must be displayed in a tricky and wise manner to make it popped up. 

Here are some best practices for creating a smart technical skill section in your resume:

  • Make your skills section clearly visible to the employer
  • Add professional touch in the technical skill section of your resume
  • Title your skill section wisely, by levelling it as Technical skill or related term.
  • Write the most important first and the least one at last.
  • Make sure the technical skill section is eye catcher, yet without too much spice.
  • Use bullet lists to showcase your technical skills.
  • Reorganize your technical skills according to the job requirement.
  • Mention first the skills that are asked by the employer. 
  • Let the most relevant skills be placed at the top to grab the eye.

10. Technical proficiency resume or cv

Your resume must display the proficiency of your technical knowledge and back-up with practical work experience. 

A resume without technical proficiency mentioned is almost of no use.

Every technical job requires some sort of technical skills, so create the resume with keeping technical proficiency in mind.

11. Technical skills vs soft skills

Whereas the technical skills are the abilities, potentialities and knowledge to perform certain types of jobs, the soft skills are your personal behaviour and traits which includes your communication ability, adaptability and problem-solving capability to support your job requirements.

Requirement of technical skills changes according to the job titles but the requirements of soft skills are almost the same in every job title.

12. 31+ Examples of Technical Skills of job titles for Your Resume 

  1. Project manager technical skills
  2. What are technical skills in management and its importance
  3. Technical skills for electrical engineer resume
  4. Product manager technical skills
  5. Technical skills for mechanical engineer fresher resume
  6. Technical skills for IT resume
  7. Business analyst technical skills resume
  8. Technical skills for HR resume
  9. Technical skills for accountant resume
  10. Digital marketing skills for resume
  11. Graphic designer skills for resume
  12. Web developer technical skills for resume
  13. Game developer technical skills for resume
  14. Cyber security technical skills for resume
  15. Analytics skills
  16. Administration skills
  17. Computer Science technical skills for resume
  18. Data Analyst Skills
  19. Engineering Skills
  20. Teaching skills 
  21. Writing skills 
  22. Sales skills
  23. Software engineering technical skills for resume
  24. Data science technical skills for resume
  25. Android and iOS Mobile Developer Skills
  26. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills for resume
  27. Animation skill for resume
  28. Social media marketing skills
  29. Data entry skills for resume
  30. Customer service technical skills for resume
  31. Email marketing skill for resume

1. Project manager technical skills

Project Management: Planning the projects from developing concepts to implementation, Budgeting, Scheduling the work, Managing the risk, evaluating the projects, cost management,keeping the records,  Mapping the timelines for projects, Agile, Staffing, Understanding the risks and opportunities, Troubleshooting the challenges, delivering the products or services. 

  • project management
  • customer relations
  • Reporting
  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Design
  • Java or any other Language.
  • Developer
  • Program Managers
  • Production Managers, Estimators
  • technical delivery of projects
  • UI technologies (Angular, React etc)
  • Experience in Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, JSON/XML
  • experience on WebServices (SOAP, REST)
  • experience in JEE frameworks 
  • Understanding of Messaging concepts and technologies
  • DevOps concepts
  • understanding of Open source cloud technologies
  • Experience in Build tools like, Maven/Gradle etc.

2. What are technical skills in management and its importance

In management Planning, leadership, organizing, technical, communication, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal skills are almost compulsory for any business.

Management skills: Having profound knowledge on business management,  project management, data management, analytical skill, ability to handle information technology, literacy in handling programs and apps, good communication skill in writing and speaking, language skill for communicating with different groups of people.

  • Thinking Critically
  • Methodically examining challenges and Analyzing
  • Planning for business growth
  • Continuous and sustainable development of existing business and planning for new business
  • Offering solution to the problems
  • Investigating expenses and profits and analyzing them
  • Hands on with Microsoft office softwares
  • Skill on research and thinking prudently
  • Having good command on Information Technology and business softwares
  • Organizing events and programs
  • Presentation and public speaking skill
  • Strong ethical values
  • Negotiation ability
  • Managing the time
  • Carrying high level of confidence
  • Good language skill in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Ability to communicate through digital tools
  • Budgeting 
  • Integrity in work
  • Relationship building ability
  • Building team and managing them
  • Adapting and collaborating
  • Scheduling and carrying them out
  • Being punctual
  • Having patience
  • Having a team spirit to achieve a common goal
  • Managing the conflicts and bringing resolution
  • Preparing financial report
  • Making decision in any circumstances and executing them
  • Empowering the team and individuals
  • Evaluating the performance of work
  • Setting up goal and achieving them
  • Having professionalism
  • Carrying out responsibility
  • Ability to teach with clear verbal communication skill
  • Preparing the employees by training them
  • Becoming a  visionary
  • Good knowledge and understanding on business management

Management skills are very important, as any kind of business or organization of any sector like manufacturing or production, finance, marketing everywhere good management plays a vital role for carrying out the business in a smooth and right manner towards sustainable growth by deriving potential profit.

3. Technical skills for electrical engineer resume

  • Skill in computer-aided design
  • Ability to plan projects and create circuit diagram using  engineering software
  • Planning and installing electrical systems in small and big construction 
  • Making relevant research
  • Implementing the designs
  • testing, evaluating, modifying
  • Report writing
  • Analysing
  • Interpreting data
  • Proving your plan through presentation in meetings

4. Product manager technical skills

  • Strong business understanding skill
  • Good command on communication skill
  • Industry knowledge
  • Experienced in native cloud environment, preferably Google Cloud
  • Experience in Microservices and large scale services
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Capability to work in a fast paced environment

5. Technical skills for mechanical engineer fresher in resume

  • Good command on Science, specially Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Programming knowledge
  • Finding the fault and fixing
  • Knowledge and skilled in System Analysis
  • Designing with engineering concepts
  • Solving the critical issues
  • Analysing, evaluating and monitoring the operation

6. Technical skills for IT in resume

Information Technology (IT) skills: Profound knowledge in front-end development,  skilled in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. Knowledge on backend development,  database management,  app development,  cloud computing,  networking and security. 

  • Skilled in Microsoft office softwares
  • Knowledge on at least 2-3 programming languages
  • Cybersecurity and networking
  • Data analysing skill
  • Websites and Software development
  • Designing skill, ability to use designing softwares
  • Cloud computing knowledge
  • Data Visualization skill
  • AI and machine learning
  • Project management skill and ability to use business softwares

7. Business analyst technical skills in resume

  • Experience in software development projects
  • Experience in identifying requirements and testing.
  • Skilled in analysing data to draw business-relevant conclusions
  • Experience in data visualisation techniques and tools
  • Skilled in Python programming, R and SQL
  •  Familiarity with Matlab/SPSS/SAS/JMP, big data
  • Able to research and develop analytic models
  • Able to manipulate and analyse big data using different tools
  • Knowledge in generating process documentation.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Technical writing skills
  • Analysing business requirements and reporting
  • Strong communication skill in verbal and writing

8. Technical skills for HR in resume

  • Ability to create a successful workforce
  • Multitasking 
  • Good computer skills, specially using Microsoft Office softwares
  • Customer Service skills
  • Working independently
  • Capability to manage a high volume, fast paced environment
  • Relationships building
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Strong IR knowledge
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Recruiting of staffs on all levels

9. Technical skills for accountant in resume

Accounting & Finance skills: Having advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel, skilled in Big data analysis, SQL knowledge, using accounting softwares and knowledge on business etc.

  • Skilled in accounting softwares
  • Skilled in performing account analysis
  • Able to perform monthly reporting and analysis for revenue
  • Preparing month-end account reconciliations and analyses
  • Having knowledge of GAAP and financial reporting requirements
  • Regularly updating accounts receivable and issue invoices
  • Efficiently managing the company’s petty cash operations
  • Knowledge on payroll tax and processing tax payments
  • Able to analyze complex financial reports and records
  • Assisting with intern and external audits regularly
  • Able to manage the day-to-day, monthly and year-end operations of the Accounting
  • Audit experience
  • Budgeting, Cash in and Out Daily Audits
  • Able to import Export data between multiple softwares 
  • Handling monthly Customer Payouts
  • Capable of multiple software integration and platforms
  • Knowledge on Microsoft office
  • Must be Multitasker, Problem Solver and Works independently

10. Digital marketing skills for resume

Marketing skills: Skilled in designing websites, Capable to market on social media,  knowledge and skill in digital advertising,  content writing and marketing,  knowledge on using the related tools that are used in marketing.

  • Website Designing and development skill,  using programming, WordPress or other CMS.
  • Clear concept of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.
  •  knowledge about Google Analytics, and ability to derive necessary data from it.
  • Practical in-depth knowledge about Google ads.
  •  Practical in depth knowledge about Facebook ads
  • Ability to establish a brand
  •  practical knowledge on Twitter marketing
  • Quora marketing 
  • YouTube marketing 
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Instagram marketing 
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Able to use designing softwares like canva, Photoshop 
  • Knowledge about blogging and affiliate marketing
  • Practical knowledge on email marketing 
  • Able to use Microsoft Office software, specially Microsoft Excel software
  •  know how to use Google Docs, Google sheets and Google presentation tools
  • Able to use video editing software to create videos
  • Good command on social media marketing and Google ad marketing 

11. Graphic designer skills for resume

Graphic Design skills: Ability to use Photoshop, Illustrator,  inDesign  softwares,  HTML and CSS knowledge,  UI/UX knowledge, Sketching, Layout knowledge etc.

  • Advanced experience of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop softwares
  • Knowledge of HTML
  • UI/UX designing skill
  • Understanding and skilled in Adobe CS, Typography, Print design and Photography
  • Skilled in Microsoft office
  • CSS and web designing skill
  • Strong communication and presentation skill
  • Experience with Adobe After Effects, Maya, or other Motion Graphics
  • Skilled in 3DS Max, Softimage/XSI, Premiere, Dreamweaver

12. Web developer technical skills for resume

Web Development Skills: Practical knowledge in HTML/CSS and Javascript, able to build e-commerce websites, Good command on WordPress or other Content Management Systems (CMS), clear understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), understanding of Graphic User Interfaces (GUI), knowledge on Git/Version control (Github, gitlab), creating Responsive design, know the use of Canva, command on Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, knowledge on API and testing the codes/debugging the codes.

  • HTML/CSS skills
  • JavaScript language skill
  • Creating optimized web pages
  • Developing mobile friendly websites
  • Responsive designing skill
  • Analytical skills, able to use and derive valuable data from Google analytics, Bing analytics etc.
  • Good command on Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Testing and debugging codes
  • Fixing the issues in website
  • Able to develop sites using CMS, specially WordPress
  • Capable to develop e-commerce websites
  • Having a good understanding of designing 
  • Able to use Canva for designing
  • Skilled in Photoshop, illustrator software
  • Back-end development skill
  • Good Interpersonal skills

13. Game developer technical skills for resume

  • Deep knowledge of C++
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Clear understanding of the various areas of game development for offering the best user interaction and satisfying experience.
  • Ability of game prototyping and processing  creative ideas.
  • Good in 3D maths and geometry.
  • Having software engineering and software architecture principles.
  • Working with a large codebase
  • Debugging and problem solving ability
  • Ability of PC or console-based development
  • Teamwork / Collaboration spirit
  • Using the Creativity 
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Skilled in Adobe Photoshop
  • Problem Solving skill
  • Skilled in Maya
  • Able to work with graphically performance-heavy web applications
  • Capability to work with JavaScript, ActionScript, TypeScript, HTML, or similar
  • Knowledge in client-server integrations
  • Capability to deliver in an agile, iterative environment where pace is high and all voices matter
  • Skilled in working with the Unreal Engine Blueprint system
  • Skills in mathematics
  • skilled in creating network-based multiplayer games
  • Able to work with version control systems
  • Able to work with Unity3D engine.
  • Knowledge of AGILE tools
  • Having GIT experience

14. Cyber security technical skills for resume

  • Skilled in MS Office
  • Able to use Spreadsheet softwares for calculations
  • Email
  • Knowledge in Database Management
  • Knowledge of Social Media, Web
  • Skilled in Computer Networking 
  • Sound knowledge on Wireless technologies
  • Skilled in Web applications
  • Linux Skills
  • Skilled in Programming language, like Python, Java, SQL etc
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, C Programming Language, C++ Programming Language
  • Basic knowledge of computer Hardware system
  • Critical Thinking skill
  • Problem-solving Skills

15. Analytics skills

  • Must have knowledge on SQL
  • Google analytics
  • skilled in programming languages like Python, R, Matlab, wireframes, tools used for Big data
  • Data modeling.

16. Administration skills

  • Good command of Salesforce which is a customer relationship management solution for bringing businesses and customers together
  • Researching
  • Billing
  • know how to manage inventory
  • Writing professional emails
  • planning events and travel
  • managing calendar

17. Computer Science technical skills for resume

  • Excellent command on math
  • having problem solving approach
  • capability to handle large amounts of data
  • ability to analyse and solve the problem
  • Skilled in programming languages

18. Data Analyst Skills

  • skilled in programming languages like Python or R
  • knowledge on SQL or Oracle
  • Excellent knowledge in advanced Excel
  • Database designing skill
  • knowledge on MS Access
  • understanding of SAS
  • Data visualization

19. Engineering Skills

  • Skilled in programming languages
  • CAD
  • Designing knowledge
  • Prototyping, Testing codes
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • developing workflow

20. Teaching skills

  • Monitoring the student’s progress
  • managing the classroom
  • Performing assessment
  • creating curriculums
  • performing activities according to age groups
  • Mentoring the pupils
  • Planning for academic development
  • ensuring safety

21. Writing skills

  • Having profound understanding in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Able to use WordPress
  • knowledge of SEO plugins
  • knowledge on the facts writing about

22. Sales skills

  • Having good Product Knowledge
  • skilled in marketing
  • good in presentation
  •  expert in relation building
  • analysing the need of customers
  • Good knowledge on social media
  • Handling the challenges and complaints
  • product demo
  • creating successful sales

23. Software engineering technical skills for resume

  • Skilled in Java, Spring (Boot or MVC), MySql
  • Profound knowledge on data structures, algorithms, and problem solving
  • Capability in object-oriented analysis and design
  • Comfortability with automation technologies such as Jenkins, Ansible, GitHub Actions, k8s cron jobs, etc.
  • Good command on designing solutions
  • Skilled in developer support / DevOps
  • Ability of  building software products in Java, C, C++, C# or some other object-oriented language
  • Skilled in writing SQL-based applications such as MySQL or MS SQL or Oracle
  • Ability in working with Linux or similar O/Ss
  • Capability in building scalable applications (Web applications or back-end services)
  • Can identify and fix bugs in code and efficient codes
  • Proficiency in programming in compiled languages (such as Fortran, C, C++) and scripting languages (such as Python or JavaScript)
  • Ability of designing and developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
  • Excellent technical, communication, and presentation skills
  • Experience with Git version control software
  • Skilled in data visualization using tools such as PlotLy, Matlab, or ParaView
  • Capable of working with Fortran and Visual Basic code

24. Data science technical skills for resume

  • Programming languages like Python, R, SQL, Java
  • Skilled in Database Management
  • Data Visualization Skill
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning skill
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skill
  • DevOps Skill
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Multivariate Calculus & Linear Algebra
  • Packages and Softwares -Julia, Scala, MATLAB, TensorFlow 
  • Data Wrangling
  • Skilled in Cloud Computing
  • Ability of working on multi-disciplinary Agile teams
  • Skilled in data engineering, version control, and operationalizing models
  • Understanding of feature engineering, model building & prediction
  • Able to train & evaluate the models
  • Ability to handle huge real-time data
  • Understanding of Spark, Databricks, Azure

25. Android and iOS Mobile Developer Skills

  • Skilled in Objective-C, Swift, Java or Kotlin
  • Responsive designing skill
  • Developing native apps
  • Good command in agile methodologies
  • Analytical skills
  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • iOS Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Knowledge on app store functionality
  • iTunes Connect
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Networking
  • Node.js development
  • Objective-C
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Critical thinking
  • HTML5
  • Git
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Developing applications based on UI/UX requirements
  • Cross-platform development ability
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Data structures and algorithms skill
  • Python programming
  • Github
  • Responsible web design
  • Graphical user interface design (UI)
  • Skilled in Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • PHP
  • Presentation skills
  • RESTful APIs 
  • Understanding of mobile design paradigm
  • Swift
  • Write and maintain applications
  • Ability to Test and debug code
  • Troubleshooting ability
  • Up-to-date with the current technologies
  • Ability of Website designing and development
  • Work well under pressure

26. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills for resume

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS codes
  • Knowledge of WordPress or other CMS
  • Ability to Build website using wordpress or other CMS
  • Knowledge about Google’s requirement of search engine optimization
  • Analytical skill, analysing Google analytics and finding the data
  • Skilled in using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Able to use Google docs, sheets 
  • Knowledge of Keyword research  tools and how to use them
  • Thinking critically and trying to find solution
  • Being honest and not trying to cheat Google
  • Understanding about User experience 

27. Animation skill for resume

  • Excellent command on 3D animation and 3D math
  • Skilled in 3D character
  • Capability of using IK, blending, and motion capture data
  • Skilled in C++ programming
  • Willing to work in cooperative team environment
  • Being creative and passionate about animation
  • Skilled in  Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and Blender
  • Capable to create 2D Infographic and Motion Graphic videos

28. Social media marketing skills

  • Planning strategy for social media marketing
  • Building social media community and managing them
  • Good understanding about content and its effect on the people
  • Regularly optimising and updating the content in the social media
  • Being creative in marketing on social media
  • Excellent writing skill to convince The Reader
  • Good  command on analytical skill
  • Excellent in writing and verbal communication
  • Good understanding on social media platform
  • Skill on designing software like canva, Photoshop  for designing photos to post on social media 
  • Having good understanding about colour and User experience 
  • Skilled on working with different social media platforms

29. Data entry skills for resume

  • For data entry, fast typing speed skill is compulsory
  • Must be familiar with the Microsoft Office softwares
  • Knowledge of using Google Docs, Google sheets
  • Able to use the office hardware equipment like printer, scanner etc
  • Making Research and gathering data
  • Analysing the data
  • Sorting and preparing the final data
  • Typing with accuracy
  • Excellent in verbal and written communication
  • Time management skill

30. Customer service technical skills for resume

  • Strong verbal and written communication skill
  • Having good product  or service knowledge
  • Always using positive languages
  • Active listening skill
  • Friendly attitude
  • Thinking quickly and making fast decisions
  • Conflict resolution attitude 
  • Time management 

31. Email marketing skill for resume

  • Thinking strategically
  • Using automation tactics
  • Creating personalized email
  • Creating interactive content
  • Understanding the importance of data privacy
  • Emails must be mobile optimised
  • Application of artificial intelligence 
  • Good email copywriting skills
  • Knowledge on User experience
  • Emails must be responsive
  • Knowledge of  analytics and deriving the processed data
  • Storing and using the subscriber’s email list wisely
  • Fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS

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