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Best Sample Review for Hair Stylist - Review for hair salon

Have you recently had your hair styled and are considering writing a sample review for hair stylist or Review for hair salon? 

Find a list of best Sample review for hair stylist or Review for hair salon.

  1. Wonderful styling and cut. Service is always friendly. I would strongly advise.
  2. I frequently have my hair done here. My hair has always made me joyful. A welcoming environment and very professional staff are present. Will keep returning indefinitely.
  3. Bella has such talent! She cut my hair beautifully. She had an idea of what might look excellent after asking a few questions. If you want to get it done with her, make sure to schedule an appointment one month in advance.
  4. of the best salons in the neighbourhood. I’ve been coming here with my daughter for years. Bella, Trang, and Vy are all wonderful people. They put a lot of effort into giving you fantastic outcomes, and they ensure that you are satisfied. Simple, uncomplicated salon. Very flexible with scheduling appointments. Highly advised.
  5. One cannot ask for more, particularly in the area of fashion, than quick, clean service at a reasonable price.
  6. My initial experience at this salon was generally favourable. The employees are nice.
  7. Beautiful and roomy salon. Very nice, attentive, and courteous staff.
  8. where one can get eyelashes. They welcome everyone with their fantastic spirit. She has a wealth of experience, which is evident. I indulge in this pleasure because it feels like mini-therapy and refuels my spirit. You won’t be let down.
  9. (Hair stylist) is just incredible! She always gives me hair that is even better than I could have ever imagined since she is so attentive and listens to exactly what I want. In terms of hair cutting and styling, she is the Michelangelo!
  10. Everybody was so friendly. I had a wonderful day and will return. (Hair stylist) did a fantastic job at understanding what I wanted and putting it into practise. This is the best haircut I’ve had in a year.
  11. Had a colour and cut. All of the staff members are friendly and very helpful. James took the time to fully understand what I wanted and perfectly executed the cut and colour.
  12. Excellent cut and colour as usual; I’m really happy. My hair just naturally falls into place after a thorough blowout! Highly suggested.
  13. Excellent cut, kind personnel. going to return.
  14. We arrived here on a whim for a fast wash and dry, and they did a fantastic job! Very cordial and competent! Highly suggest.
  15. I last-minutely scheduled a haircut appointment, and I’m pleased with the outcome. The personnel and stylist provided excellent service and attention.
  16. I’m quite happy with how my hair turned out! Soomi is incredibly competent and is aware of my particular needs. Will return soon and highly recommend this location.
  17. My dyed hair was beautifully evened out by Moon! returning for finishing touches.
  18. With the stylists, I had the nicest time. They were precise, flexible, and friendly, and they helped me get my hair to look like the picture I had shown them. I’ll be back soon!
  19. After a terrible day, I arrived very last-minute and in severe need of a haircut. I had the most wonderful experience from beginning to end, and Soomi gave me a stunning haircut that I like. I’ve definitely discovered my new salon!
  20. If you want a great haircut, come here! She gave me the haircut I desired, precisely as I requested. I brought a picture since I’m bad at describing things, but even if you can’t explain anything very well, I don’t think you need one. Mimi would understand: Taking into account your appearance, head, hair thickness, hair condition, etc., she understands what would look well on you. When my hair grows, I’ll surely return here.
  21. My favourite hair salon has a welcoming atmosphere and a very skilled personnel.
  22. I adore this area so much! It’s a tiny, welcoming space with lovely stylists that provide a range of services. Cathy has been working with me to revive my hair and is a fantastic hairstylist! My hair’s condition has significantly improved thanks to all of the products she suggested! She also did a fantastic job with the cut colour! affordable, and I was pleased with my experience (s). Definitely come back again!
  23. Helen at Fringe comes highly recommended. The best colorist is her! Years ago, Kelly corrected a colour mistake from another stylist, and she continues to blend blonde so that I don’t experience a significant grow out.
  24. When I wasn’t entirely certain about the look I wanted, Lisha helped me experiment with other looks. She was really patient and meticulous! I’m pleased with how my first perm turned out because I got it from this place.
  25. Although a bit costly, this location is quite professional.
  26. Amazing perms and haircuts here. Mimi was fantastic. Will return again without a doubt because they are such kind people.
  27. Amen to this salon. It’s like finding a hidden jewel! Here, they work wonders! Ask for Sumi and Melody and they’ll have you leaving feeling brand-new.
  28. Here, I had a wonderful time! I wanted loose, organic-looking curls, so I came to get my hair permed. It worked out well, and I’ll come back for sure.
  29. Excellent service and courteous staff can be found at this salon.
  30. I adore the desk-bound staff members.
  31. Excellent haircut and relaxing setting.
  32. I felt like I was in absolute luck when I found such a fantastic hairdresser to handle my wedding hair. She was fantastic, and the hair was lovely.
  33. I just have affection for this salon! The entire crew is incredibly warm, enjoyable, and accommodating. Jessica is the finest of the best, as far as I’m concerned.
  34. Such a great experience and a superb salon! A lovely salon, wonderful customer service, polite and helpful personnel, and, of course, a gorgeous cut and colour that I adore! I’ll definitely be coming back here again!
  35. Excellent job, amazing customer service, and affordable costs.
  36. Fair pricing, a welcoming salon atmosphere, engaging chat, and reasonable costs.
  37. Excellent service and a nice atmosphere.
  38. They provide a huge variety of treatments, such as blowouts, colour, and haircuts.
  39. Excellent location for haircuts, be sure to get great style.
  40. Excellent location for haircuts, but make sure you get a beautiful look.
  41. I strongly advise using them to trim, style, and colour your hair.

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