Best 10 skills to learn for college students during pandemic, lockdown, quarantine

Best 10 skills to learn for college students during covid, corona, pandemic, lockdown, quarantine

While many people are so much disturbed during pandemics, lockdown and quarantine, you can turn it into a blessing by learning some valuable skills as a school student or college student. 

In this article, you are going to learn 10 skills that everyone needs to learn to become a successful person. 

Let me tell you my own experience. I personally have turned this pandemic time, lockdown and quarantine situation into a great opportunity by learning a bunch of skills.

I was working as a teacher in a private school, but as the Covid started to spread the school was under lockdown for years. What I did is that I started to learn WordPress development, SEO, Content writing, Digital marketing etc during this pandemic time.

As a result now I can actually earn real money by using those skills. I bought a laptop during the Covid 19 and now I have earned much more money than I spent for the laptop.

skills to learn during lockdown for college students

10 skills to learn during Covid pandemic, lockdown, quarantine or while alone

Here below are a list of skills that will surely be beneficial for your entire career and personal life. 

Note: I challenge you that you will never regret learning these skills. Learn these skills as a school student or college student during lockdown or quarantine as we are facing pandemic time and you will be greatly beneficial in the days to come.

1. Communication skill

In order to understand what communication skill is and why you should learn this skill, First of all  let us break this into 2 parts and Understand them one by one. 

Communication is all about expressing your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and feelings to other people. 

Skill is simply doing something effectively and appropriately. 

Therefore communication skill is  the ability e to express your  thoughts, ideas, knowledge and feelings with other people in an appropriate and effective manner.

 As we all need to communicate with  the people at our home, people of our  neighbours, people in our office etc, we all need to  learn and develop these communication skills in order to perform well in our personal life and professional life. 

If you are interested in learning and developing this communication skill, then you can go through the articles below and acquire a thorough and clear understanding and knowledge of communication skill.

Note: In order to be a successful person in both your personal and professional lives, you are required to learn and develop communication skills.

2. Social media marketing

Social media refers to the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  where people basically  socially connect with each other.

Where marketing is all about promoting a business, product or services to enhance the selling.

Therefore social media marketing is promoting a product, service or business using the social media  websites  or platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. through advertisement.

In social media marketing you actually connect with new audiences or your potential customers and minimise your expenses  by advertising Using the social media platforms.

Post varieties of content on various different social media networks or websites.

In order to become an expert social media marketer you actually need to be an expert on Facebook Ads Managing, implementing the Facebook Pixel and different advanced tracking functions and strategies.

Creating a sales funnel, retargeting the customers and making the conversion are all an integral part of social media marketing.

Note: Learning the social media marketing skill will help you to create and establish your own online  or offline business, to either earn full time or part time.

3. Personal Finance

Personal finance is  managing your finances or money in the best possible way, where you learn how to save and invest your money, Budgeting, repairing retirement planning, insurance planning etc. 

 you also learn to analyse and significantly reduce all your unnecessary personal expenses and increase your net worth significantly.  

In personal finance you also learn to save money in several ways and develop a small savings habit which can impact a greater positive change in your life.

Note: Learning the personal finance skill will make you a better person in handling your finance or money.  Remember that saving money from unnecessary expenses is earning money.

4. Management skill

In simple language, Management skills are the abilities to manage the personal and official tasks in the best possible way to enhance the quality and productivity.

Some of the most important management skills are:

  • Planning
  • establishing strong and effective communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Performing the tasks according to the priority
  • Crisis management
  • Leadership ability
  • Remaining motivated and motivating
  • Time management

Note: Management skills make your life easy and smooth. It also saves you from overwork pressure and depression. It is an essential skill that you should learn for leading your personal life smoothly and professional life in a balanced way. 

5. Online Business

Learn about the online businesses, skills and other areas needed to start an online business. 

As more and more people are going online, there are immense opportunities to start an online business and earn real money from your home.  

Some of the online business that you can start are:

  • Creating an E-commerce Website and selling goods online
  • Drop Shipping
  • Online teaching
  • Blogging
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Starting a Youtube channel
  • Product Review on Blog and YouTube
  • Capturing different photos and Selling them online
  • Social media influencing
  • Podcasting
  • Giving voiceover
  • Social media managing
  • Promoting Youtube channels
  • Optimising website and Youtube videos
  • WordPress and Wix Developing 
  • Website managing
  • Shopify developing
  • Selling Services online (Ex. Content writing, graphic designing, banner designing, log designing etc)

Note: There are many more opportunities to do online and earn money. You just need to learn some skills and start selling those skills or products online.

6. Passive Income

Passive income is a way of income where you do not work actively regularly to earn money, rather you actually earn money even while sleeping or spending the vacation time at sea beach. 

As an example, suppose you worked so hard for one year and created one hundred YouTube videos with great contents. Once they start to give you money, you will be paid even while sleeping or on vacation for months. This type of earning is called Passive income.

So, learning about this passive income and working on this during the pandemic, lockdown time or quarantine time is a great decision.

There are several way you can generate passive income, some of them are:

  • Become a business partner and Invest in other’s business
  • Invest money in real estate
  • Create online course and sell online
  • Take photos and sell them online
  • Rent your car
  • Start blogging and earn from adsense
  • Write an eBook and sell on your website
  • Promote other’s product or services on your blog website and get commission
  • Promote other’s product or services on your Youtube channel and get commission
  • Create an app
  • Start a YouTube channel and earn from Adsense
  • Buy a property and give it for rent
  • Create a website and Sell handmade products online
  • Record audio books and sell online
  • Invest money in the stock market

Note: Plan for creating at least one passive income source at the beginning and then gradually create multiple passive income sources.

7. Digital marketing and SEO

Digital marketing is marketing a product or service using various digital platforms like website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Google search ads, Google display ads etc.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which is optimising the text, video or audio contents according to the requirements of Search Engine. 

Learning these Digital marketing or SEO skills will open several doors of opportunities of online and passive income business and earning. 

Note: Once you learn this digital marketing or SEO, you will easily be able to earn online actively and passively in both ways.

8. Shopify and Wix

Shopify and Wix are Content management systems for website development. In simple language, you will be able to create and manage a website easily on these platforms.

As day by day more and more people are becoming a part of the digital platforms, there is huge demand for website designing. Therefore learning the Shopify and Wix platforms will not only help you to create websites for others but also you will be able to create your own website and start an online business. 

Note: Learning these skills are very easy. You can even learn them within a week of time, just by watching Youtube videos.

9. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Content management system, which means there are numerous people who use this platform to create and manage their website. 

There are numerous free plugins and themes available on wordpress platform, which can be used to create a truly powerful and great functional and designed website even without paying any money to the programmer. 

Note: You do not need to learn coding or programming to become a WordPress developer. You can easily learn this platform by spending 2-3 weeks of time. 

10. Canva

Canva is a very powerful website for designing photos, infographics and creating videos etc. 

As people love images and videos and the digital platforms are filled with images and videos, it is a wise idea to learn the photo and video creation on Canva website. 

Note: Canva provides plenty of free services to design great looking images, infographics, banners etc. So, learning this platform and becoming skilled in image editing and video editing will help you a lot at present and in the days to come.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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