3+ BEST Apartment Complex Housekeeper Job Description SAMPLE EXAMPLES – Janitor  Job Description

Janitor-Apartment Complex Housekeeper

The Janitor or housekeeper oversees the apartment complex’s overall housekeeping services under the direction of the Community Manager or Service Manager. This staff maintains the clubhouse and office, as well as preparing unoccupied apartments for future inhabitants in a “sparkling clean” appearance. The Housekeeper makes the initial impression on every potential resident who tours the home, hence this position is crucial.

Observes federal, state, and municipal rules, norms, and regulations when performing daily cleaning and laundry activities. Assures that the facility is kept clean, safe, and comfortable for the residents, and that an adequate amount of linen is available at all times to suit their needs.

SAMPLE EXAMPLE 1: Apartment Complex Housekeeper Job Description

Responsibilities of Apartment Complex Housekeeper

  • This role will be in charge of cleaning and maintaining all public interior areas, including community rooms, hallways, stairways, elevators, public toilets, lobbies, and office spaces, as well as vacuuming carpeting and mopping floors.
  • Sweeps and clears entryways on a daily basis.
  • Other surfaces are dusted, washed, and sanitised according to the schedule.
  • Cleans and disinfects public restrooms, door handles, desks, and other surfaces.
  • Other cleaning responsibilities are assigned according to the schedule.
  • Refills all dispensers with paper towel, tissue, toilet paper, and hand soap.
  • Recycling canisters that have been emptied
  • Maintenance of shared places is minimal.
  • Reports any safety or health problems to the Maintenance Supervisor, as well as the presence of animals, vermin, or insects, as well as the need for cleaning supplies, equipment repairs, and building repairs (e.g. water leaks, light bulbs)
  • As needed, snow removal and lawn care upkeep
  • Other responsibilities as assigned

This position is also in charge of preparing unoccupied flats for new residents to move in. For objects that require repair, maintenance, or safety problems, it is intended that issues be reported to the Maintenance Supervisor (vermin, damaged flooring, etc.)

Candidates must be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience in order to be considered for this position:

  • 2 years’ experience in grounds and/or housekeeping
  • 2 years of experience providing direct customer service to residents or other clientele
  • Working in and around an apartment complex requires professionalism with employees and tenants.

Additional skills/knowledge – Apartment Complex Housekeeper

  • Computer abilities for filling out and logging work orders
  • Excellent written and oral communication abilities
  • Fair Housing and industry training have recently been completed.

Workplace Expectations – Apartment Complex Housekeeper

  • Initiative and resourcefulness with a zealous spirit
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Remover of obstacles
  • Result-oriented
  • Accountable

Characteristics Physical – Apartment Complex Housekeeper

  • The position necessitates 100 percent physical activity, including the safe operation of heavy lawn care equipment, hand tools, vacuuming, mopping, bending, lifting, and climbing stairs, among other things.
  • A valid driver’s licence is required, as well as the ability to insure business vehicles.
  • With or without corrective lenses, normal eyesight.
  • With or without a hearing aid, normal hearing.
  • Lifting a minimum of 50 pounds on a daily basis

SAMPLE EXAMPLE 2 : Janitor  Job Description in Apartment Complex


Maintain a professional tone and appearance in dealings with residents, family members, visitors, coworkers, supervisors, and others by displaying tact, respect, courtesy, and patience. Must be able to maintain rigorous honesty, secrecy, and integrity, as well as be calm and have good work habits. Must be able to communicate in English by speaking, reading, writing, and following verbal and written instructions. Be able to work independently or with minimal supervision to complete assignments on time, successfully, and efficiently while adhering to established standards and deadlines.


High school diploma or equivalent is required. Knowledge of cleaning and laundry chemicals, as well as laundry and housekeeping equipment is required. At least one year of similar job experience at a senior community, health care facility, residential apartment complex, or hotel.


General cleaning chemicals and equipment, such as upright vacuums, brooms and mops, dusters, laundry washing machines, ironer, and dryer, will be utilised to fulfil the basic responsibilities of the work. To ensure safety during use, thorough training will be offered to familiarise candidates with all equipment and chemicals used in compliance with material safety directives.


None are required. Continuous safety training, training, and seminars relevant to the activities of the Environmental Services department are strongly encouraged.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties – Janitor in Apartment Complex

  • Baseboard cleaning, wet or damp mopping, sweeping, dusting, window washing, vacuuming, carpet spot cleaning, general cleaning, bath rooms, kitchen, and arranging lightweight furniture and/or equipment are among the routine cleaning and repetitive tasks performed alone or with others in resident apartments/homes.
  • Irons tablecloths and napkins for dining services and washes and folds linens and residents’ personal apparel.
  • Signs out and in and follows the key control policy to ensure the security and privacy of the residents.
  • Prior to conducting resident-requested changes from regularly planned service procedures, obtains supervisor approval.
  • Notifies Supervisor immediately of any changes in resident behaviour that may necessitate senior staff intervention.
  • Vacuums, light bulbs, towel and tissue holders, safety bars, windows, faucets, hardware, appliances, linens, and other missing, unserviceable, or damaged fixtures and equipment are reported to the supervisor for proper action.
  • Any concerns about resident or employee health or safety should be reported to the supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Maintains prescribed timetable and does not divert without prior clearance from the supervisor.
  • When not assigned to an apartment cleaning schedule, assists in cleaning common areas of the complex.
  • To improve efficacy and efficiency for the benefit of Village inhabitants, reports any downtime to the Supervisor.
  • Regards private employment, soliciting, socialising, and collecting gifts/tips from residents, follows all Resident Relations and Air Force Village policies.
  • Attends all obligatory in-service training programmes including working with elderly residents at the Health Care Center.

INTERNAL CONTROL: Responsible for ensuring that operations are effective and efficient, assets are secured, and applicable laws, rules, policies, and procedures are followed within the scope of the position. This role will be in charge of confidential resident information, which must be handled with care.


Work is done in a climate-controlled environment with only minor to moderate exposure to the elements while travelling between work locations/buildings on foot or by golf cart, after properly trained, and when cleaning balconies and patios. Personal protection equipment (PPE) will be worn when needed to reduce exposure to health risks, and training will be provided on how to use it. Walking, standing, crouching, bending, kneeling, squatting, reaching, twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling, and lifting up to 20 pounds are all required everyday activities. The incumbent must be able to transport 40-pound laundry and housekeeping carts between buildings and assignments.

Despite the possibility of infectious disease, there are few environmental concerns. In the local area, mild cleaning agents, waxes, and soaps are employed. Mild insecticides are used on a regular basis to keep bugs at bay.


Regular work hours range Monday through Friday, and weekends and holidays may be required. Extra hours may be required for special projects or assignments, such as evenings, weekends, and holidays.


The designated uniform must be worn and kept clean and in good working order. At all times, name tags must be worn. Shoes that are close-toed and slip-resistant must be worn. When working with certain hazardous substances, personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and safety eyewear is required.


Determined by qualifications and experience, with the goal of being competitive in the market.

The preceding statements are intended to explain the kind and scope of work performed by the person(s) allocated to this post. They aren’t meant to be a comprehensive list of all duties, responsibilities, and abilities needed. Management maintains the right to change, add, or eliminate responsibilities as needed, as well as assign new responsibilities.

SAMPLE EXAMPLE 3 : Duties and responsibilities of housekeeping attendant  in Apartment Complex


  • Must be familiar with the aesthetics of the building and its overall cleanliness. Ability to work independently as well as a willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Communication skills are required.

Experience and Education

  • Previous housekeeping or janitorial experience is required.
  • A professional demeanour is required, as is a nice, clean, and well-groomed appearance.
  • The housekeeper’s most important quality is her attention to detail.
  • Working well with residents, supervisors, staff, and vendors is a must.

Responsibilities: of housekeeping attendant  in Apartment Complex

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of any vacant apartments is your responsibility.
  • All equipment entrusted to his/her care must be cared for and maintained on a timely basis.
  • Maintains cleaning supplies and seeks reordering from the Community Manager or Service Manager on a timely basis. He/she ensures that these resources are used properly and that pilferage by residents or other staff is avoided.
  • Maintain adequate stock levels while staying within budget constraints, organise all MSDS documents, and label chemicals properly.
  • You must have a valid driver’s licence when conducting errands for the property.

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