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Facial Review Example

If you’ve just finished your facial and are pleased with the facial service, it’s time to leave a positive review for your facial experience.

Your words of praise for a good facial review have enormous power to encourage and motivate the facial expert to continue doing a great job in providing excellent facials.

Here is a list of the best facial review examples for you to copy and paste.

5 Best Facial Review Example to copy and paste – samples of good facial review – Skin care review examples

  1. I had an amazing facial experience. It was relaxing. They are professional and very kind. Love this place. Highly recommend to others.
  2. I like their friendly welcoming. The entire facial experience was pleasurable. Affordable price with excellent job. I will definitely use their service again and again.
  3. They did an amazing facial job, I am very pleased with their skill and professionalism. So far my experience. Decided to come again next time.
  4. I would 100% recommend the (name of the beauty salon) for facials. They are skillful, expert and friendly! Will recommend to my friends and family.
  5. (The name of the beautician) did an excellent facial job! She is friendly, professional, skillful and has great command of communication ability. I love her work and behaviour. Overall excellent person for your facial. 

35+ Best Facial Review Example – good review examples for beauty salon – sample review for spa

  1. Excellent facial experience that exceeded my expectations. Will definitely return.
  2. Cleanliness, professionalism, punctuality, quality, and value are all excellent.
  3. The ambiance was soothing. The price and experience were excellent!
  4. I’m having a truly wonderful, blissful time.
  5. The people who work here are true professionals.
  6. I really enjoyed my skincare service here. I resolved to return again and again. Two thumbs up!
  7. Excellent facial experience, reasonably priced services, and everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. They demonstrated their skillful ability in action.
  8. This is my first time getting a facial here. I am so pleased with the service.
  9. People with exceptional skills. Amazing attention to service detail. They are very nice people. I strongly recommend it to all of my family and friends.
  10. This is the JEWEL. They are highly skilled. You will undoubtedly notice a significant improvement.
  11. The service is excellent! I can tell that the people who work here are polite and experienced. They have the ability to identify problems quickly and produce real positive results.
  12. Staff is excellent. Extractions that are thorough. Simply come in and get things done. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. What you pay for is what you get.
  13. My experience was fantastic! She spent a lot of time with me. My skin is now radiant. It was fantastic here. I will definitely return for another facial!
  14. Overall, a fantastic experience that was well worth the price of a facial. 10/10
  15. Excellent experience! The staff was extremely pleasant and welcoming. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a facial with peace of mind!
  16. Wow! A truly good experience! I enjoyed every minute of it. The clinic is spotless, and the staff is courteous and professional. I appreciated how they explained everything they were doing while my facial was being performed.
  17. I had a fantastic time!!! They’re so sweet and nice. I truly value their sincerity! Excellent products and customer service.
  18. (Your attendant’s name) was fantastic! THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FACIALS! I wholeheartedly recommend it! I’m going to tell all my friends about it!
  19. I had a fantastic first impression here! I will certainly return and recommend it to others.
  20. I adore this location! My skin has improved dramatically! Strongly recommended!! They also have convenient parking.
  21. The best facial place I’ve ever visited!! I purchased a Membership and joined. They have been taking excellent care of my skin. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
  22. They are extremely friendly. The service was fantastic. I am very happy with the facial experience. Will recommend it to others.
  23. People are extremely professional and provide excellent service. I will tell my friends and family about it.
  24. This place was fantastic for an affordable yet effective facial. I will definitely return. So relaxed, and my skin is now glowing.
  25. I had a fantastic time! The staff is gentle and sweet. I would recommend this luxury establishment to anyone. Thank you everyone for excellent service.
  26. They were so nice and sweet, asking me nicely what my concerns were, what packages would work best for me, and what I needed to do after the treatment. It’s wonderful!!
  27. From start to finish, they provided excellent service and assistance.
  28. A fantastic location! They suggested treatment as per my skin type. I would definitely return!
  29. I absolutely adore their service! Very relaxing and friendly experience. This is the place to be for anyone who values good service.
  30. Staff is extremely professional! It was fantastic. The best location for my skin.
  31. Thank you for doing such wonderful work on my skin.
  32. The experience was fantastic, with a very calming atmosphere and skilled people.
  33. If you like me, prefer a quiet and relaxing setting for your facial, this is the place for you.
  34. I am overjoyed that I discovered this location. I enjoy getting facials here. Wonderful place with wonderful people!
  35. I’d been looking for a good skincare place and was delighted to discover this one.
  36. They were extremely helpful in explaining everything and helping me choose the best facial for me! I’ll be back next time.
  37. My facial experience has been fantastic. They are very professional, and I felt relaxed and at ease with them. They asked me a variety of questions in order to accurately classify my skin type and determine which products will benefit me. I will recommend this location to everyone in my family.
  38. During my facial, I was impressed with the care and attention I received. They are welcoming and impressive. I couldn’t wait to see the positive result.

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