40+ Best FREE Skill Development Courses for Students – List of online skill development courses

Skill Development Courses for Students

If you are a school or college student then this List of Online FREE handpicked Best Skill Development Courses for Students is the exact need for you. Let me tell you that your skill is the only possession that will help you to make money tomorrow. 

All those theoretical studies that you do at school or college will not give you a penny but every skill that you learn today will give you money tomorrow. 

Better skilled you are, the more money you will be able to make. At present it is not hard at all to learn the skills and get prepared for a job. 

Once you acquire a skill and become really skilled, there will be many ways to make money and have a quality living. 


Go through the below given LIST OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT COURSES FOR STUDENT and pick the best one fit with your interest and passion.

Note: Most students make the mistake of taking the skill learning not seriously during their study time and wait for the completion of their school or college study. But from my experience I have learnt that the best skill learning and developing time is your school or college student time. Because if you start learning the skill and developing that from your student time, it will greatly help you to make money easily as soon as you complete your regular formal studies. 

By learning skills you can do a job in a company or organisation and also work from home through freelancing. 

Remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

List of Online Skill Development Courses for Students

  1. Programming Courses
  2. Business Courses
  3. Finance and accounting courses
  4. IT and software courses
  5. Office Productivity Courses
  6. Search Engine Marketing Courses
  7. Photography Courses
  8. Video creation Courses
  9. Music Courses
  10. Health and Fitness Courses
  11. Freelancing Courses
  12. Online Business courses
  13. Blogging Courses
  14. E-commerce Courses
  15. SEO Courses
  16. Web Design and Development Courses
  17. App Development Courses
  18. Game Development Courses
  19. Database Design and Development Courses
  20. Project Management Courses
  21. Accounting and Bookkeeping Courses
  22. Investing and Trading Courses
  23. Graphic Design Courses
  24. Animation Courses
  25. Fashion Design Courses
  26. Interior Design Courses
  27. Architectural Design Courses
  28. Social Media Marketing Courses
  29. Public Relations Courses
  30. Video and Mobile Marketing Courses
  31. Content Marketing Courses
  32. Affiliate Marketing Courses
  33. Beauty and Makeup Courses
  34. Arts and Crafts Courses
  35. Home Improvement and Gardening Courses
  36. Pet Care and Training Courses
  37. Food and Beverage Courses
  38. Nutrition and Diet Course
  39. Martial Arts and Self Defence Courses
  40. Safety and First Aid Courses
  41. Dance Courses
  42. Language Learning Courses

1. Programming Courses

Without doubt programming is one of the best skills to learn and develop as you are a student now. Do not be confused with several programming languages, just start with any one, you will find the ways are created automatically for the next step. 

My advice will be to start with the Python programming language.

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2. Business Courses

If you are interested in business then there’s good news for you. I will provide you a list of online skill development courses related to business to start your journey toward a successful business.

3. Finance and accounting courses

Financial and accounting professionals look after the financial area and status of a company or an organisation. They are actively involved in collecting and analysing the financial data to detect the trends to forecast the exact need for future progress.

4. IT and software courses

The IT and Software industry is growing rapidly every year. The job vacancies are increasing day by day as the need for skilled people are in demand in this industry. If you are a well skilled person then you can easily make a handsome amount of money by being a part of this growing industry.

5. Office Productivity Courses

Office productivity refers to the broad types of software that are crucially needed for running a business. It includes creation of office documents, managing a huge list of data of numeric values and words, preparing presentations, email managing, managing the media related contents etc. 

Some of the essential software that is used commonly in most businesses are MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook. These all come under the Microsoft Office package.

There are also many other softwares used on a day to day basis for the smooth and productive result. 

6. Search Engine Marketing Courses

Search Engine plays a vital role in all of our lives. Most people use the search engine on a regular basis but they actually do not know that they are taking help from search engines almost everyday.

What people do most of the time when they want to know something unknown. People go and search on Google and get the answer from there. This Google is a search engine, which mainly takes the query of the user and starts searching the related data available on the servers to provide the best possible answer of the query. 

Because there are numerous people who go to the search engine for their needs every day, it became a wonderful earning zone for the marketers. 

There are hundreds of thousand businesses all around the world making their earnings from this Search Engine through marketing. You too can make money from this Search Engine just by learning the Search Engine Marketing skills.

7. Photography Courses

If Photography is your passion then you can easily turn this passion to a money making machine by improving your Photography skill and becoming an expert in the Photography industry. 

There are several ways you can make money by learning the Photography skills. You can charge your clients for your Photography works, you can also gather a plenty of great photos using your Photography skills and sell them online. There is huge demand for quality photos as they are needed in several industries like marketing, Blogging, website creation etc.

8. Video creation Courses

The demand of Video creation is at a high peak nowadays, as the Video consumption on Video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc are growing like crazy. 

More and more people are becoming a part of these video platforms to consume videos. These videos are consumed for several purposes like for education, entertainment, business, knowledge sharing etc. 

So, you can easily understand that learning the video creation skill will certainly help you make real money. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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