2+ Best Tree Groundsman job description SAMPLES / EXAMPLES / Template – Tree Trimmer / Tree Pruners / General Tree Care Groundsperson Job Descriptions

Tree Groundsman job description SAMPLES EXAMPLES Template - Tree Trimmer Tree Pruners General Tree Care Groundsperson

As a Tree Groundsman, You will be able to work outside and visit gorgeous properties in your neighbourhood. 

Tree Groundsman job description samples below will be very useful to you if you are interested in Tree Trimming / Tree Pruning / General Tree Caring Groundsperson Job.

Tree Groundsman job description SAMPLES / EXAMPLES / Template – 1

Are you not an arborist? That’s not an issue! We can teach you all you need to know about the tools and procedures you’ll need to complete the work safely and efficiently. What distinguishes Carr’s Tree Service from other companies? We provide a family atmosphere, a fun work environment, opportunities for personal development and professional advancement, and work that is constantly changing and demanding.

Key Responsibilities of Tree Groundsman job description

  • Adhere to all safety rules and regulations.
  • Capable of working as part of a group.
  • Participate in the crew’s pre-job briefing.
  • Brush and branches are being hauled and chipped.
  • Once you’ve been properly trained, you can work around power lines.
  • Clearing bush and removing trees using a chainsaw.
  • Pole-sawing.
  • Clearing electricity lines and right-of-ways with aerial buckets.
  • Stump grinding
  • Climbing trees while wearing suitable safety gear.
  • Transporting construction equipment to and from project sites
  • When speaking on behalf of Carr’s Tree Service, you must be professional and courteous.
  • As needed or assigned, performs additional related tasks.

Physical requirements for Tree Trimmer / Tree Pruners / General Tree Care Groundsperson Job :

  • Lift and carry up to 80 pounds on a regular basis.
  • Using spikes, belts, and ropes, climb trees for limbing or topping.
  • Carry, lift, push, pull, and drag tree limbs, branches, and brush to the brush chipper.
  • For up to 2 hours at a time, stand and walk.
  • Working near or under electrified high-voltage power lines
  • Working in a variety of climates: From 90°F to -25°F
  • Tolerate heights of up to 60 feet
  • Dust, pollen, smoke, noxious weeds, poison ivy, bees, and other insects are some of the conditions/areas in which you may have to work.

We are pleased to provide a wide range of tree services, including tree trimming, emergency tree removal, stump grinding, and more.

  • Trimming and removing trees
  • Hauling or Chipping Tree Cabling
  • Brush Mowing & Hydro Axing
  • Tree Cabling Inventory and Mapping Stump Grinding Vegetation Management GIS Inventory and Mapping
  • Utility Line Clearance Utility Safety Emergency Land Clearing for New Line Construction Herbicide application after tree removal

Our Core Values

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Safety
  • Service to Customers
  • Reliability
  • Work Effort
  • Dignity and respect


  • Competitive Wages Based on Experience, Path to Advancement Program at a Faith-Based Company
  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Insurance for your eyes
  • Short-Term Disability 401(k)
  • Paid Time Off for Life Insurance (PTO)


  • Desire to Learn
  • Driver licence (Required)
  • CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) (Preferred)

Tree Trimmer / Tree Pruners / General Tree Care / emergency tree removal / stump grinding  Groundsperson Jobs

Carr’s Tree Service was created by a father and his sons in Ottertail, Minnesota, in 1974. With offices in Ottertail, Alexandria, Rochester, St. Cloud, Mankato, and the North Metro, the tree service business has grown to serve the majority of Minnesota. We also work in Eastern North Dakota, Eastern South Dakota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin, in addition to Minnesota.

Visit Website to get jobs : Carr’s Tree Service

Tree Groundsman job description SAMPLES / EXAMPLES / Template – 2

Are you looking for a place to call home?

SavATree’s purpose is to use our love of nature and use it to preserve the outdoors of this country beautiful and growing. We work hard to ensure that our discerning customers have attractive, healthy, and well-cared-for green areas to enjoy through our complete tree, shrub, and lawn care. We’ve created new offices across the country in the previous thirty years, and we’re searching for people who want to join us.

The General Tree Care crew is the heart and soul of our company. These industrial athletes collaborate to provide high-quality tree care, assisting in the overall health and preservation of our clients’ landscapes.

You’ll be part of a team of dedicated, talented professionals that place a premium on safety and high-quality work, and you’ll be able to put your industry knowledge and abilities to work every day in the field.

We want everyone to be able to define and accomplish their own definition of success, which involves providing space and opportunities for each person to develop. We invest extensively in training and continuous education to ensure that everyone has the best chance of succeeding. We make it simple for you to reach out and receive assistance, even if it’s from across the nation.

We take pleasure in establishing an atmosphere in which each employee has the resources and chances to improve his or her career and establish themselves as a go-to subject matter expert. That’s why we often say that if you work here, you’ll thrive.

What a typical day looks like as a tree groundsman:

As a General Tree Care Groundsman, you will be part of a team that offers our clients with high-quality tree care. You’ll be involved in all elements of tree care, including trimming, removals, cable bracing, and other concepts. You’ll be able to safely operate any equipment and complete the job responsibilities assigned to you while also delivering exceptional customer service.

Requirements for Tree Groundsman job :

  • Demonstrated understanding of how to operate general tree care tools correctly.
  • Previous landscaping experience required, as well as the ability to demonstrate proper lifting techniques and procedures for hauling and stacking brush on a client’s property.
  • A basic understanding of common tree identification is advantageous.
  • Two to three fundamental knots, as well as the Weaver, Clove Hitch, and Gilhooligan Knots
  • Demonstrated understanding of correct pruning equipment, such as hand snips, pruners, pole saws, and so on.
  • A valid driver’s licence is required, with a CDL a plus.

Why you might enjoy working here as a tree groundsman: 

  • We provide extensive training and development opportunities and will assist you in continuing your education in the industry.
  • You’ll be working with some of the industry’s best-trained and-equipped teams, with a focus on quality and safety.
  • We provide competitive pay and benefits, including health and dental insurance, paid time off, a 401(K) savings plan, a flexible spending plan, and an equipment account.

General Tree Care Jobs : savatree

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