How to get job and needed education, qualifications or experience

How to get job and needed education, qualifications or experience

Everyone needs a job but all do not know actually how to get the job and what are it’s required education, qualifications and experience. I have experience of working in various industries from small to large organizations and even in international charity organizations, therefore I believe I can help you to get the right answer and guide you in an appropriate way. 

I have worked in the regular office and also from home by providing remote service. Therefore, in this article I will provide you with my experience and especially how you can get a job easily and earn for yourself and your family. 

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • How to prepare to get job
  • Where to learn the skills for getting jobs
  • An example of using your passion to get a job
  • How to get job in a company or organization
  • Education and qualification needed to get company job
  • How to gain experience for office jobs
  • How to do remote job from home
  • Education and qualifications for remorse jobs
  • How to gain experience for working from home

How to prepare to get job

Getting a job is really easy, rather I will say finding a really quality job is also easy, if you know the process. It took a long time for me to understand and learn about this process of getting a quality job. 

First of all you should know that every good job requires some sort of learnt and practiced skills along with experience. 

There is always a temptation to get a job quickly but quick jobs are not great for the long run. If you want to make the job your permanent career then I would always tell you to learn the skills.  

Harder to learn the skill means better earning. As most people seek for easy way and do not want to learn hard skills by spending a lot of time and effort, you will find less competition in those kinds of jobs. 

Now you may say that in the software engineering industry there is also competition, yes there is competition everywhere but a better skilled and experienced person will always stand out among the crowd. 

Where to learn the skills for getting jobs

There are many e-learning platforms to learn a variety of skills. Some of them are, skillshare, linkedIn learning, coursera, udacity etc. You just need to google the best e-learning platforms. 

Among them all, my favourite is, it is the one of best places to learn the skills for free and with a very affordable price. The price of courses are very affordable and comes with a lot of facilities and you also get a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. Udemy also provides a lot of free courses, which will provide you basic level of skills 

Remember you will never regret learning skills. 

Make your goal of learning at least 3-5 skills and master them, which can give you a real job. 

Analyse your passion and desire, then convert that passion into profession.

You will enjoy great pleasure if your job becomes your passion and interest. 

An example of using your passion to get a job

Let us understand this with an example, suppose you really love to draw and design, which means designing is your passion and interest, you will not feel bored in doing that. Rather everyday will become a fresh era of feeding your interest and desire.

Now this passion can easily be converted into a profession. There are several professions where you are required to design as your job.  You can become a web designer, graphic designer, Logo designer, drawing teacher, animator etc. In all these jobs, you need to design as your professional work. Now you can just go through some free courses to learn the basic level of designing skills and go for some paid courses from e-learning platforms for learning the advanced level of skill. You can learn this from, there are plenty of courses available, which are created by the professional and these courses are capable enough to provide you a quality job.

So, you see that passion can become a profession, what you need to do is just analyse your passion and try to find out the way you can convert it into a profession. 

How to get job in a company or organization

If you want to get a job in a company or organization then the first step is to decide what kind of job you like to do. 

Once you decide on a job, the second step is to understand what are the skills needed for getting that job. 

In order to learn about the skills needed for that job, you can just visit some job websites and search for that job (LinkedIn is one of the best job platforms). You will find that the companies are demanding some sort of skills there. Note down all those skills, and start learning them either from online e-learning platforms by buying some good courses or from offline institutes etc. 

Once you learn those demanding skills, you become capable of getting that job. 

Education and qualification needed to get company job

Requirements of education and qualification vary according to jobs. Therefore, you need to first decide the job you are interested in and then follow the precious task of going to some job website (recommended site is and search for that job. You will find that the company has already mentioned about the required education and qualification. 

Now your responsibility is to acquire that education in order to get that job. 

How to gain experience for office jobs

Another important factor for getting a job is experience, as most of the jobs require good experience. 

There is an easy and great way to gain experience that is just to go for an internship. Once you learnt all those necessary skills and acquired the education or qualification, now just go for an internship program. 

There are several companies and organizations that take interns for a certain period of time like for one month, three months, six months or one year.

You just need to google internship programs and then your job. As an example, if you have learnt the graphic designing skills and want to become a professional graphic designer then search in google, internship program for graphic designer in ( your location).

Internship is simply an on job training program or working for an organization for the purpose of gaining industry level experience. During this on job training or internship time, you might be paid very less money or sometimes no payment but still it is worth enough to go through this internship program, as it will provide you great value to get the job. Once you complete their time period successfully, they will provide you with a certificate of experience. Which will be a great achievement to get a real job now. 

How to do remote job from home

If you want to work from your home remotely and provide service either to a company or to individuals all around the world through freelancing then you need to follow the same steps as I mentioned above. 

  • First of all visit some freelancing websites and see the types of job services provided. (example of freelancing sites:, etc.). Just google best freelancing websites. Fiverr is recommended for the beginner freelancer. 
  • Determine the job you want to do.
  • Know the skills needed for providing that job service from job websites ( is recommended).
  • Learn the skills from e-learning platforms ( is recommended)
  • Create gigs in the freelancing sites and start selling your service or contact companies that provide remote jobs and apply to them. You can google – remote job companies, remote job websites etc. to find the companies that provide remote jobs.

Education and qualifications for remorse jobs

In order to work as a freelancer, you are not required to have a lot of academic degrees but you must know the skills needed for performing that specific job. For learning the skills e-learning platforms are just great. Buy some good courses and learn the skills from your home. 

How to gain experience for working from home

The next important matter is gaining experience. In order to gain experience for your skills and jobs to work from home either for individuals or companies, you can do a list of things. 

  • Find some people who need your service ( can be from your neighbourhood or among friends and family) and provide service to them for free or at a very low price. 
  • Collect Testimonial from them
  • Create a website and display their Testimonies
  • You can also connect with some facebook pages and create an image where it is written that you are providing free service at present, if anyone wants they can contact you.  
  • Provide at 5-10 free service or very cheap priced service to be confident enough and gain testimonies. So that you can prove to the real clients later that you actually know what you are talking about. 

Now as you know a lot about how to get a job and education, qualification or experience needed for them, apply this knowledge into real life, I can assure you that you will never be without a job again. 

You can certainly ask me for any doubt or help in the comment section or through email (in contact us page). I will do my best to help you.


Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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