Billing executive job description- Sample Templates

Billing executive job description

A billing executive is  an important person in a business who handles the work of receiving money from the customers in exchange for some service or product, providing invoice and maintaining exact records of every transaction without any error. 

Some of the essential list of job descriptions of billing executives are: Receiving money from customers, handling the accounts, managing a lot of documents and paperwork, keeping track of finance or money received from the customers, creating invoices, regularly updating the records of received money. 

A billing executive is also responsible for handling a lot of calculations and financial information, computer softwares related to finance, creating the bills receivables and presenting.

He must be a reliable person to look after the income of the company and protect them. Receiving incoming payments, providing bills and maintaining records of them are some of the most regular work of a billing executive. In need he may also be responsible to handle several non-financial works. 

Billing executive job description

  • A billing executive is responsible for managing the account balances. He also looks after to handle the debts or other financial collection, calculate the bill receivable, purchased amount, discounts, total order amount, storing all those data for revenue calculation. 
  • A billing executive regularly contacts the customers either by email or telephonic calls and reminds them about their due payments. 
  • As a billing executive you need to be an accurate person to deal with all the financial data with extreme care, so that you input right data without error into the software of the accounting system to ensure the high level of accuracy in all the billing work.
  • You will be responsible to issue invoices and send them to the customers using email or other mediums. 
  • Once you receive any payment you need to prepare a bill and provide it to the customers.
  • As a billing executive you are required to update the account records regularly, make sure that new payments are recorded.
  • You will also be assigned to look after the balances and ensure that all the financial matters are maintained perfectly and handle the customer’s  information carefully while providing privacy.
  • You will be preparing the account statements for customers in case of demand or necessity.
  • You need to look after each and every area of several payment methods, as different people will pay the amount through using various payment methods like some may pay in cash while others use an online payment process. In case of online payment, you must be very vigilant to verify the credibility etc. 
  • If you find any fraud or suspicious activities then you should inform your higher authority or management as soon as possible in order to prevent any mishap.
  • Customers may ask several questions regarding their payment process or problems while paying the amount, in that case understanding their point of view and providing them excellent assistance with politeness and humble behaviour is essential to become a successful billing executive.
  • Sometimes customers may inform you about their issues and lodge complaints, if a customer lodge complaints, you need to deal with them carefully without losing the customer.

Responsibilities of a Billing executive in billing functions

As a billing executive you will be responsible for handling several aspects of billing functions of a business or organization. Even though your main responsibility will be preparing invoices, receiving payment, providing bills and maintaining the records, there are still many more tasks you actually need to handle regularly in your professional billing executive work. 

1. Preparing Invoicing

Invoice is most probably not a new matter to you. You may receive a lot of invoices periodically in your email. But have you ever thought about who generates all those invoicings and how you get them exactly in time.

Here is an essential role played by the billing executives. They regularly monitor your accounts and prepare the invoice on time, so that you get the service or product without any hindrance. Now you see how important a role a billing executive plays in an organization. 

2. Delivering the invoice

Once the billing executive prepares the invoice, the next important matter comes to deliver it to the customer using the email address or medium approved by the customer. For this you may need to look at the database of their contact details or the advanced financial softwares makes this work easier for you.

When you send the invoice to the customer, it not only helps them to pay their due payments but also reminds them of their due payments. Most of the time the customer forgets the date and time of payment, but when they see the invoice in their mail then they remember about the payment. 

Can you remember when was the last time you checked your email and by seeing the invoice was reminded of the payment.

3. Maintaining a high level of accuracy 

Handling the finance of a business is not a matter of fun or joke. It demands you to really be a professional person with attention to details,so that you do not make any mistakes in inputting the numbers. 

Your inaccuracy in inputting the wrong digit may not only bring bad reputation to the business but also put your job at risk. Therefore, as you handle the accounts and payments of the customers it is very essential that you review the data at least for a second time and ensure the high level of accuracy at your regular work. 

4. Providing quality work

Your work quality displays many sorts of details about yourself even if you do not tell them to others. The quality of your work says how professional you are, about the level of your seriousness, your experience and skills etc. 

If you are serious about your career in billing executive jobs then you are required to provide high quality work in your regular activities. 

5. Reviewing the invoices and bills

It is always a wise decision to review your work then deliver the wrong invoice or bills to the customer and regret it afterwards. Do not be lazy or careless to review each and every of the important documents. A little time spent reviewing the paperworks will save you from a lot of harassment and hassle along with a bad reputation.

6. Maintaining online billing system

As a billing executive you are the king of the kingdom of the entire billing system of the organization. As you send the invoice or receive the payment, you need to make sure that you input all that data into the billing system. So, that the data always remains updated in the billing system. This is a very essential area of your regular work, where you just can not be lazy at all. 

7. Maintaining customer’s database

The customer’s database is the treasure house of the entire business. As you know that no customer means no business. Therefore looking after and maintaining this customer’s database is also a very important job of being a billing executive. 

It is your responsibility to access the database and input the detailed data of the new customers and update the data of existing customers. 

8. Establishing excellent working relationship

How do you feel when someone misbehaves with you? Without doubt you feel hurt and an unseen gap takes place between both of you. In the same manner the attitude and behaviour of a billing executive can either build relationships or damage it severely

 As a billing executive you are required to build a very strong relationship with the customers and the other associate staff in the office. .  

9. Displaying timely and professional manner

Every work place will seek professional manners and timely service from you. If you want to become a successful billing executive then you must always be careful of your attitude and behaviour. Make sure that your manners are depicting professionalism. 

Understanding the value of time will make you a respectable person. Ensure that you always value others’ time and work in a timely manner. 

10. Rechecking account entries

As you handle the accounting entries in your regular work life, you must be careful of reviewing them to ensure that your accounting books are agreeing with each other. Avoid the temptation of being over confident of escaping the rechecking of your every account entries. A little mistake can cause a lot of trouble later and degrade your professional image.

11. Maintaining monthly completion of billing and other activities

As a billing executive, it is your job to perform all the month end close of books like completing all the invoicing and billing responsibilities on time and without error. 

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