Bus Life Adventure – Skoolie Bus Conversions | Make money on road

Bus Life Adventure - Skoolie Bus Conversions Make money on road

This article is for you, If you are thinking about bus life adventure or converting a school bus into “skoolie”. which is a school bus conversion into a tiny living house on wheels to live without restriction and travel as you desire. 

Online earning has set people free from the bondage of 9-5 jobs. Now as there are many ways to earn from online, you are no more restricted to the boundary of a location. 

If you are planning to make your every day special by being on the road and traveling, being in a house on wheels, then there are certain areas that you must consider before making your leap. 

How to create a mobile income source to make  income on the road?

The first area that you must be concerned about is your income source. This is the reason before anything else, I want to talk about it. You need real money in order to make your living. But as you start living with bus life adventure by traveling from place to place, it will be very difficult to continue with any 9-5 job. Moreover very few people who really enjoy this pattern of 9-5 job life. 

 with the advantage of the internet, more and more people are leaving this 9 to 5 job and switching to the online earning. There is real joy in earning online and being financially free, I can tell this as I am earning online.

There are actually several ways to earn money online  while you are travelling or enjoying the bus life adventure.

Try to make more than one source of online income, in that case if you earn even very less amounts from each source, still together it will be enough for your expenses.

Below are basically two types of the mobile income sources that you can make on the road while actively engaged in bus life adventure.

  1. Active income sources
  2. Passive income sources 

Without doubt between these two the passive income source is much better than the active income source. But establishing a passive income source requires a lot of time and effort. it is just like a tree that you plant, continuously nurture it by providing food and water and after a certain period of time you will expect the fruit from it. 

 whereas an active income source is where you do not need to wait for much longer, whether you can just start earning in a couple of days.

Let me explain what I actually mean:

Active income sources for Bus life adventure

Establishing an active income source is much easier then establishing a passive income source.

 In order to create some active income source, you just need to learn some skills and sell them as a service through freelancing websites. 

 Below are some of the ways you can  make active income:

1. Learn website designing to earn for the bus life adventure

If you spend a couple of weeks with dedication and determination then you can easily learn website designing. Gone are the days when every website was created using coding, but now there are many great content management systems like WordPress, jumla, Magento, shopify etc.  through which an amazing and powerful website can be created without even writing a single line of code.

 I would specially recommend you to learn the WordPress, shopify and wix platforms.  There are plenty of web designing job opportunities in these three web development platforms.

Once you learn the skill you can just sell your service on various freelancing websites like fiverr, Upwork, Guru etc. 

2. Write content for other’s website and blogs

There is a great demand for content writing, content is considered king for the website and blogs.  Almost every business that wants to attract the customers from Google search engine or different mediums, creates a lot of  content to attract the visitors on their websites.

What you need to do is research  on a topic and write unique and high quality content. you can easily sell the service on freelancing websites.  There is great demand for digital content and without doubt there will be a great demand for it in the days to come as More and more businesses are moving online.

3. Proofreading the content

As there is a job for writing content, in the similar way there is also a job for proofreading the content. If you are a native English speaker, then it is a golden opportunity for you to become a proofreading  professional. 

If you just go and visit some freelancing websites like fiverr or Upwork, You will easily find that there are many people selling the proofreading services. 

 What you need to do is simply read the content, correct the errors and make it better. 

4. Sale voice over service

There are many businesses and YouTube content creators, who actually  seek the voice over service. Therefore, as you are travelling, you can easily record the voice over and sell them through freelancing websites.

What you need to do is simply create an account in a freelancing website and start selling your voice over service. I would recommend you to visit a freelance website  and search for voice over service, you will clearly understand what I mean by selling your voice over service. It has great potential to support you financially as your on bus life adventure.

5. Video editing service

It takes only a couple of days to learn video editing.  you can just take  an online course on video editing  and learn the skill.  once you are confident with the skill  you can even sell this video editing service on freelancing websites in order to enjoy the bus live adventure. 

There are numerous youtubers who have no time for spending hours of time on video editing rather they want to outsource this editing part on freelancing websites. 

Therefore besides your bus life adventure editing videos and selling the service is a great way to make your earring on the road. 

Passive income sources for Bus life adventure

Creating a passive income source takes a pretty long time, but trust me it is worth enough to work hard and create this passive income source.

Once you work hard for around 6 months or a year and establish a passive income source, it will continue to give you fruit month after month.  It is just like a tree that requires minimal maintenance and in return it will give you an abundance of fruit, if you actually work wisely.

 Below are some of the great ways to create a passive income source:

1. Create a YouTube channel and upload your experience

YouTube is booming, more and more people are Consuming the YouTube videos.  YouTube visitors are increasing worldwide. Therefore there is a great  opportunity to create a YouTube channel and upload each and every one of your experiences as you travel around. 

 The experiences that you think are not so valuable are actually very precious for a fresher person who wants to know that.

Create some really informative and useful YouTube videos and continue to upload them on your YouTube channel.  but before that I would like to suggest that you go for  an online course on YouTube  and  learn about the aspects of the YouTube to understand how they work. It is a wise decision that you learn and then you start working on YouTube rather than creating chaos and wasting your time.

2. Create a blog website and write content

You believe it or not, each and every one of your experiences is a precious gift for someone who is fresher in the field. Therefore as you make your journey, take time to convert your knowledge and experience of the journey into written content, so that it will be helpful for others who are following your footstep. 

 Now as you create this content on a blog website, There will be  people who will be seeking this content.  

As you do right keyword research, and create content on those keywords,  you will be getting visitors to your website.  Now as you get visitors, there are several ways to monetize your website and make it a passive earning source. 

You can apply for Google AdSense service, where Google will be showing related ads on your website, and you will be paid according to the impression and click rate. 

 You can also promote different products or services on your websites and get some commission from there. 

3. Sell photos and short videos on your website

I will only suggest you to have a good quality camera so that you can record all the beautiful movements in the form of photos or short videos.  It will be a great way to earn a lot of extra money if you gather a lot of quality photos and videos as you travel in different places.

As you gather a lot of photos and videos, start selling them on your website.

There will always be a need and demand for photos and short videos for business, education, YouTube creators, blog writers etc. 

You can also sell them on others image selling websites and make money. 

4. Create eBooks and sell them

There is also an immense opportunity to sell your knowledge and experience in the form of ebooks. Convert your knowledge and experience into the ebooks and sell them on your website. 

Many people love to buy eBooks and learn the stuff, in order to learn from your experience. 

5. Earn on road from affiliate marketing beside bus life adventure

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make passive income. In affiliate marketing, you just promote the products that you used or think that they are great for others, as people buy the product or service from your affiliate link, you get some commission. 

This affiliate link can easily be embedded in your blogs or YouTube videos, as people click on the link, they will be redirected to the product or service page and be able to make their purchase. Once they make a purchase you will earn real money as commission.

How to start doing research for a bus life adventure?

There are several ways you can make your research for starting a bus life adventure. You can easily accumulate a lot of ideas and knowledge from blog websites, forum websites, facebook groups, YouTube channels related to bus life adventure.

You can visit different blog sites that are specially sharing the knowledge and experience related to bus life adventure. You will be able to learn a lot from other people’s experience.

Forum sites are another great place to do your research. You can also post questions, in case you want to know something. Learn from the experienced people, so that you do not repeat the mistakes that they have committed. 

Facebook groups can be another destination for going through the research process. Try to get in touch with some experienced people and  gain knowledge from their experience. 

There are also many YouTube channels of the people who are already in the destination that you are aiming for. They share a lot of tips, guides, experience on YouTube videos which can become very precious for you as you are going through a research stage. 

Skoolie Conversion Cost

The cost of school bus conversion may differ according to the condition of the bus, mileage, electrical, welding, plumbing works and any other related skilled labor and also who is going to perform all the needed work.

Skoolie conversion cost will drastically reduce If you or your family member are going to take care of all the major works rather than hiring professionals.

In most cases the average cost of a school bus conversion to a tiny house may be around $10,000 to $50,000.

It is always the best idea to go through research and make a plan. Poor research and planning can really cause a lot of trouble for you. Therefore be wise and gather sufficient knowledge about the required budget and your financial situation before taking any major decision. 

Tips for Bus life adventure

  • Create a detailed budget for Skoolie Conversion.
  • Create several Skoolie design drawings.
  • Figure out the budget and draw the plan accordingly.
  • Layout the skoolie floor plan before purchasing the items.
  • Rent a Skoolie for a couple of weeks and live in it to experience before you actually take the decision of buying the school bus.
  • Visit and get ideas from tiny house shows.
  • Carry a high quality camera for recording all the beautiful movements.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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