5+ Essential Role of parents in online classes – Parents involvement in online learning

Essential Role of parents in online classes - Parents involvement in online learning

Are you thinking of monitoring the e-learning of your kids? Or want to know if the online learning is wording for your kids?

If you are a parent who is thinking of the above factors then I have something to tell you. As a parent I understand  your concern about the progress of a kid’s study-from-home or online study.

Even as you see that the teachers are giving a lot of effort and energy for you kid’s study and trying their best to connect with your kid who is stuck at home, still your role in online learning of your kids is very essential. 

But if you do not have a clear understanding of monitoring your kids’ learning, then it can easily cause you to be anxious. You are thinking that if your kid is actually progressing in learning, here are some ways you can try:

You can monitor the online learning of your child by focusing on the outcomes, collecting feedback from the teacher, engaging your kid in the learning process, thinking about the assessment, and having regular conversation with the teacher.

1. Focus on the outcome

Instead of spending time monitoring the virtual medium like Zoom, be careful to monitor the outcome. The goals and standards for the class are to be measured at the end of the academic year to evaluate if your kid actually mastered the areas needed to be learnt. 

You can divide this goal in some different milestones and measure the progress periodically, if your kid is actually moving ahead. 

2.Get the Feedback

Parents may not be getting consistent  feedback on their kids’ learning. So, in order to keep up with your kid’s actual academic development you need to ask the teacher to provide you with complete details of the learning goals of your kid’s grade. It will help you to know how the teacher has planned to develop the child’s academic standard. It will also become a checklist for you to measure your child’s continuous progress step by step. Once you understand the expectation you can have from your kids, it will assist you in gaining better control of the entire online learning process of your child.

3. Engage your kids in learning

Now as you know what you should expect from your child, engage them in different creative ways to learn those areas more profoundly. Use different visual objects in your room to make the learning more interesting and effective. Talk to your kids about the expected areas and make sure that they are clearly conceptualised on what they are supposed to learn and do.  

4. Think about Assessment

It is not a new idea of assessing your kids’ learning. All the schools and institutes have been using different assessment processes like tests, worksheets etc for centuries. As your kids are learning from home, they are not to be assessed only through the test rather by analysing the actual learning of your kids in ability to demonstrate those learning and skills practically. This is now important because kids are now missing the regular direct feedback  from their teachers. Now parents play the essential role to provide the feedback to the teacher as the kid is physically present at home most of the time. 

5.Having regular conversation with the teacher

In order to closely monitor the online learning of your kids, you need to maintain a good relationship with the teacher and have regular conversation with the teacher regarding the current updates of learning. This will help everyone, the parents, students and teachers. To provide the ideal learning environment you and the teacher need to work together and share the ideas with each other. In this way your child will be able to overcome the challenges easily and learn the skills in a supportive environment. 

6. Make sure the computer is working fine

Before you hand over the computer system to your child, make sure that you test by running it, if it is working well. Occurring the technical issues during the study time can severely hamper the entire learning process of your child. Therefore make sure the system is working well and fine.

7. Test the internet 

Test the internet speed and quality. In case any internet issue is identified, it must be short before the study time. so make sure you test the internet  periodically on a regular basis.

8. Ensure the system is protected from accessing adult content

Keeping your system free  from accessing any adult content is essential for your child. Go through the settings of your system in order to make your computer protect and secure for your child.

What is the role of parents in online learning?

The primary role of parents in online learning is Safe and Secure learning environment , Where the child can learn the skills in an  interesting way. 

 It is also essential that parents are Cooperative with the teachers and willing to work together for imparting better academic value in the life of the child. 

How parents can be involved in education at home?

Parents can be involved in education at home in different ways  like spending time with your child during  studying,  ask questions  to measure their learning,  helping your child special in the areas they are feeling challenges,  using different creative ideas and visualising the elements of learning in the study room to make the the learning process much more effective and memorial. 

What is parental involvement education?

Parental involvement in education is all about the active participation of the  parent in the academic areas of their child.  It is essential for parents to be actively involved in the child’s education process to make your child’s learning effective and Powerful.

What is an example of parental involvement?

Some of the example of parental involvement are asking questions in order to make sure that your child has learnt well, Observing the child activities during the study time,  helping your child to learn the challenging areas in more easier and interesting way, Taking some short assessment to identify the learning progress  like taking a verbal quiz or written test. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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