Functions and responsibilities of marketing manager

Functions and responsibilities of marketing manager

 The functions and  responsibilities of a marketing manager may vary according to the industry or business they are working in.  But there are some common grounds where every marketing manager of every industry shares a common set of functions and responsibility.

The main function and responsibility of a marketing manager is managing the entire marketing areas of the business.  Now what is actually marketing all about, marketing is simply taking your product or service and presenting them to the potential customers.  Marketing can be done basically into  two ways :  online marketing and offline marketing.

 A manager is in charge to manage each and every area of these marketing, in order to create new customers by selling the product or services and providing the best product and services possible to the existing customer so that the customer retention rate increases.

Some of the essential functions and responsibilities of every marketing manager in spite of any industry are:

  1. Understanding who are your actual potential customer 
  2. Thoroughly going through competitor research to understand what your competitors are doing
  3. Clearly understanding the actual requirement and need of the customer
  4. Preparing the project on service or product that need to be provided to the potential customer
  5. Pricing the product or service appropriately with understanding the market value
  6. Preparing plan, strategy and goal to promote your service or product by marketing them
  7. Setting your marketing budget and planning according to that
  8. Making the decision that are customer focused
  9. Promoting your product or service through offline or online every platforms
  10. Establishing a brand of your organisation
  11. Measuring the performance and identifying the improvement 
  12. Preparing the marketing reports
  13. Focusing on the customer retention rate to be enhanced
  14. Creating more and more new customers and providing best product or service to the existing one in order to increase the customer retention rate

What does a marketing manager do on a daily basis?

Marketing manager works himself and he also leads a group of associates in order to accomplish the day today’s work of reaching the new customers with the product or service of the business and providing excellent customer service in order to retain the existing customer. 

The marketing manager develops a strategy for marketing the product or service to the potential customers using varieties of platforms and processes. Looking after all the advertising campaigns and monitoring them regularly by utilising the analytics and performance is also a day to day work of a manager.

 Overall, a marketing manager is responsible to manage the marketing area of a business on a daily basis by looking after the associated people working under the marketing manager, handling all the marketing campaigns and softwares for the purpose of collecting data, analysing them and preparing reports etc.

Job Description of a marketing manager

As a Marketing Manager, you will play an essential leadership role throughout the business. Working as a marketing manager means being more than just a marketer, it means becoming a person who will be able to lead the entire business towards growth and development. You will  be leading a group of Associate marketers,  develop marketing strategy, create contents,development work process and brand strategy, identify the potential consumer, and find out the customer insights  to prepare and execute the marketing plans that will ultimately build a brand by bringing continuous growth and ultimate future success.

 A large organisation or company may also have several marketing managers focusing on different areas of the marketing, As example a company can have SEO marketing manager, Social media marketing manager, content marketing manager and event marketing manager etc. These marketing managers are responsible for a certain area of marketing  and responsible to bring maximum growth in that area they are working. 

45+ Functions and responsibilities of a marketing manager :

  1. Developing the marketing plans and programs, execute in them and manage them continuously.
  2. Reaching to the potential customers using print, online platforms and any other possible channels
  3. Creating landing pages, maintaining the website and social media sites and other  varieties of online platforms
  4. Creating valuable and unique content for the different media
  5. Performing varieties of task regarding marketing in your regular daily basis
  6. Establishing strong and trustworthy customer relationship
  7. Working on new and special projects and preparing goal for reaching to the success
  8. Must be  effectively organising all the marketing campaigns and activities related to marketing
  9. Running   several projects and balancing them in the most efficient manner
  10. Preparing  the marketing report 
  11. Regularly monitoring and analysing the marketing process and finding out the customer insights
  12. Assessing the  entire business environment
  13. Making effective competitor research and finding the the valuable information about your competitor
  14. Creating strategy to understand who are the actual customers you need to target to
  15. Understanding the market trends
  16. Focusing on establishing a brand
  17. Regularly working on  gathering the customers insight by doing lot of research and ensuring that right actions are taken
  18. Developing and executing the strategy of brand building, promoting and advertising the product or service
  19. Creating new product or service that are innovative and will help in establishing a brand development and growth
  20. Managing the each and every area of the business related to marketing
  21. Analysing the business result, budgeting and  the presenting the financial forecasting and reporting
  22. Continuously working on sales strategy and communication to bring the most development
  23. Using your creativity and testing the new marketing ideas for the purpose of experimentation
  24. Regularly planning and developing the strategy for using the multiple channels to reach to the most appropriate and potential customers
  25. Taking advantage of each and every powerful platforms for establishing effective marketing
  26. Understanding  the actual business goal and driving towards it
  27. Always focusing on the more conversion to create better business environment
  28. Associating with the existing marketing team and the developing the most effective traffic driving strategy
  29. Executing your best effort to drive the traffic from varieties of channels
  30. Working on large scale production and marketing them
  31. Collecting and developing data to identify the opportunities in the market
  32. Regularly optimising the efficiency of your marketing strategy, plan and imparting  steady and regular growth into the marketing
  33. Regularly exploring and testing all the the best possible offline and online channels
  34. Directing the marketing team to accomplish planning and strategy with their best effort
  35. Developing the budget plan and managing regularly
  36. Providing the ultimate leadership on marketing strategy and performance
  37. Looking after the content development and publishing the content on website and social media platforms
  38. Handling the multiple projects at the same time with the most efficiency
  39. Using multiple marketing strategy to acquire new customers from different sources
  40. Developing concepts, creating designs and executing all the offline and online marketing strategies to extend the business territory
  41. Developing and testing the multi channel marketing plan to drive most customer possible
  42. Focusing on each and every area of the marketing like inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing,  marketing through SEO,  video marketing etc.
  43. Conducting a thorough and in depth analysis of your project plan and its effectiveness to continuously improve their efficiency and maintain the maximum ROI
  44. Making use of all the analytics and metrics to take right decision
  45. Ensure to provide the best customer experience and meeting the business goal
  46. Use the existing data of marketing to impart better growth to the business

Basic Qualifications to handle the Functions and responsibilities of marketing manager

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing
  • Mast be a Self-starter person to excel in a fast-paced and fluid business environment
  • Passionate to learn the new marketing tools and softwares and use them for better performance
  • Knowledge of  competitor researching and developing the project accordingly
  • Possessing the strong understanding of different marketing channels and programs like search engine advertising, display advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing etc. 
  • Excellent practical knowledge on Excel software
  • Knowledge of basic HTML and XML

Experience and skills needed to handle the Functions and responsibilities of marketing manager

  1. Experience in marketing, account management
  2. Experience in brand management 
  3. Quality experience of creating and executing high quality marketing campaigns
  4. Proficiency in using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint software
  5. Ability to present excellent project management skill
  6. Delivering your best effort in a fast paced and developing working environment
  7. Very excellent presentation skill
  8. Outstanding analytical skill
  9. Strong verbal communication skill
  10. Good non verbal and written communication skill
  11. Profound understanding of financial statements and accounting principles
  12. Real world experience in people management, leading a team with high performance
  13. Solid knowledge of using different tools for marketing
  14. Experience in developing contents and publishing them in different platforms
  15. Experience in working with CMS or content management system like WordPress
  16. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, photoshop software and other designing tools
  17. Ability to engage and influence a team of people and demonstrate your best
  18. Ability to think creatively and strategically along with sound business knowledge
  19. Profound understanding of analytics tools to find the useful data source for bringing growth into the future marketing plan
  20. Willingness to take challenge and make greater impact
  21. Must be a dynamic and critical thinking person
  22. Ability to detect the actual problem and  the solving the raised issues
  23. Profound practical experience on data driven decision and presenting positive result
  24. Execute each and every plan and strategy with attention to detail
  25. Ability to plan, prioritise and manage multiple projects at the same time with the best  efficiency 
  26. Planning and designing the online campaign, email marketing strategy and push notifications
  27. Ability to perform multi task with most efficient manner
  28. Ability to lead a team and using the potential of the team members in the best productive way
  29. Profound understanding of digital marketing channels, e-commerce platforms and the working process
  30. Ability to successfully using the customer insights, data and utilising them to develop the marketing program
  31. Designing high engagement campaign
  32. Possessing an outstanding understanding of traffic driving mechanisms like search, affiliate, email, SEO etc.
  33. Actively engaging experience on the marketing channels and ensuring the the best in class customer experience

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