8 Steps to become a model with no money – STEP BY STEP -Types & requirements

How to become a model with no money - STEP BY STEP -Types & requirements

Becoming a model is the dream of many youngsters, but what about knowing the way to become a model with no money. In order to become a successful model first of all you should know the Types of modelling and requirements. 

It may seem that to become a successful model you need a lot of money but after reading this article you will learn how to become a successful model with no money. Here I will discuss the step by step process to become a successful mode with having no money

Before we jump into the process of becoming a model, first of all let us know why modelling is an attractive profession and people are becoming crazy to become a successful model.

Why to become a successful model?

Becoming a model not only brings a flow of money into your pocket but with addition of that you get an opportunity to acquire fame and name from this profession. 

You can work with the modelling agencies to make money and you can also start your own online business by selling your own modelling fame in various way like selling the product images along with your photo (the way people see in  e-commerce website like in Amazon), or you can also become a business influencer by promoting others products and services. 

In short, a successful model does not need to look back, as a model you will find several doors of opportunity to make money and gain popularity.

Note: The great news is that you can actually become a successful model with no money.

5 main types of modelling

  1. Fashion Model

The Fashion Models are mostly seen in fashion related magazines, newspapers and books. Fashion designers hire the fashion models to display their beautiful designs in an astonishing way. 

  1. Commercial Model

Commercial models are seen mostly in E-commerce websites. When you visit the Amazon website, you see that there are many product images with a male or female person, that male or female person is a commercial model. 

  1. Runway Model

Runway models are seen on the catwalk. Cloth designers hire these runway models to showcase their clothing designs. As the clothes are mostly in different sizes for people of different heights, they hire runway models of different heights for displaying their design to the public. 

  1. Fitness Model 

Fitness models are found with fitness products, gym or any fitness related business. They often promote the products or services related to fitness. 

This is the reason fitness models are required to be fit and appealing.

  1. Promotional Model

Promotional Models are integrally engaged in the promotion of the different products and services. They basically help the businesses to sell their products and services. 

As the promotional models promote the business products and services, they are required to acquire strong knowledge on the products or services they are promoting. 

Requirements for a Model

To become a successful model, it is essential that you know all the requirements for a model at the early stage, or else you may face distress and distraction from your goal. 

Here below discussed some of the essential requirements for a model that you need to consider seriously.

  1. Technical Requirements for a Model:

Good quality DSLR camera (You can begin with a smartphone camera)

A smart phone

A Laptop

Good internet connection

Facebook account

Instagram account

YouTube account

  1. Personal requirements to become a model:

Learn about the different types of communication skills.

Develop strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Have an appealing and attractive appearance.

Be creative and artistic in your activities.

Be comfortable with outgoing and travelling.

Take special care of your hair, skin, face and other parts of your body. 

  1. Educational requirements for becoming a Model:

In order to be a successful model you are not essentially required to be highly educated or go through any training period. 

But it is good if you find a mentor and learn from that mentor or go through some training regarding modelling.  

As your profession requires a lot of communication work, therefore your language skill and communication skill will certainly help you a lot to become a successful model. 


How to become a model with no money?

First of all, you should know that becoming a successful model is a journey that you need to make. Now for making any journey you need to be prepared well with the required staff, that’s why just before I have discussed the requirements of a model. 

Once you are ready with all those, now you can proceed for the journey.

Step One: Spend at least one month in learning about the modelling

Spend at least one month learning from the other models. Read about their modelling journey, their way of work etc. 

Buy some magazine related to modelling, read the blogs of famous models, watch the youtube videos of the popular models. 

Note: Remember that you are not doing all these for entertainment but for active learning

Maintain a notebook and note all your learnings and important information regularly date wise. 

Step Two: Start applying all your learning practically

As you have gathered a lot of knowledge and information about modelling by this time, now it is the perfect time to apply them. 

Take your DSLR camera or smartphone and start taking photos of yourself with different clothes and products and upload them on your Facebook and Instagram account. 

Note: Remember no one was perfect at the beginning of the professional journey, so there is no need of being hesitated.

Create a YouTube channel and start sharing your works and experience. 

Step Three: Connect with the modelling community

It is essential that you become a part of a different modelling community, because that’s where you will find people of the same mind. 

Seek for the offline and online communities where the models are found. Continue to learn from their experience and also be an active participant in the modelling communities. 

It is pretty easy to find the online modelling communities on Facebook, Instagram, other social sites and forum sites. 

Note: Remember do not just be a consumer rather be a generous contributor too in those communities. 

Step Four: Create a Portfolio

Start developing a portfolio of all your modelling works. Create a website in your name for branding and upload all your modelling photos or videos in that, also embed the links of all your social sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. 

So that people easily see all your good works and get a clear picture of your passion and zeal for modelling.

Step Five: Participate in the modelling programs

Find the modelling programs that are taking place near your location and take part in the programs. 

As you attend the programs do not just be a passive participant, rather be an active participant by learning something new, getting to know the people and connecting with some more people, contributing something in the program.

Step Six: Find a mentor and follow all the positive area

Now as you already got to know many models, it is the time to find a mentor from those long lists of models. 

Find a model who is successful in modelling, get closer by building a positive relationship. Make that model your mentor,take guidance and follow the path of success.  

Step Seven: Continue to display your works in Social media 

Do not underestimate the power of social media. It has great potential to take you to the peak of success. 

Find the other models and try your best to perform better than them. Make your goal to occupy a special place in the social media sites.

Step Eight: Be constant and have patience

Patience is very essential for reaching the peak of success. Work constantly with patience and you will reach success. 

Always give your best and carry a positive attitude everyday. 

Remember these proverbs:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. — Chinese Proverb

“The stone is hard and the drop is small, but a hole is made by the constant fall.” — Spanish Proverb

“Constant rubbing of a rope will cut a stone.” — Swahili Proverb

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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