5+ Best ways to earn money to buy a laptop computer

how to get money to buy a laptop

It is true that for everyone buying a laptop is not an easy matter. You need to earn money to buy a laptop computer. 

There are several ways to earn money if you have a laptop or pc computer with internet connection, but that is another topic. In order to earn online, you actually need a laptop. But the problem is how will you buy a laptop. 

You can earn money to buy a laptop computer by saving, saving is considered as earning or by using your skills and working. In case you do not have any skill the other ways are working in a bpo or call center, work in a factory as a labor or non-skill post and find the local job in your area using your mobile phone. 

You can actually make a savings plan for buying a laptop. Plan the laptop you want to buy according to your usage and find the cost of that laptop. Now create a savings plan, divide the savings plan into the weekly and monthly segments. Make a plan that you will save a certain amount of money according to the cost of your laptop regularly. As you make the required savings, go for buying it.  But if you think it will not work for you then the next option is you need to literally go to earn money for buying the laptop computer. 

How to earn money to buy a laptop?

There are several ways you can earn money. If you have any skill like cooking, carpenter work, painting etc. then go for the related job and keep on earning unless you earn enough to buy a laptop. 

But what about if you don’t have any skill, can you still buy a laptop. Answer is yes. You can surely buy a laptop.

Here below are some ways you can easily earn money for buying a laptop, even if you have no skills. 

1. Work in a BPO or call center

There are plenty of BPO  or call center jobs available, they are available and will always be available. 

BPO stands for Business process outsourcing, which means a company or business outsources some of their business work to some other companies.

Let us understand this with an example, the telecom company Vodafone is providing telecom services. Now there are several types of activities in the entire business process. It becomes difficult for Vodafone to handle each and every area of the business. 

Therefore, they decide to outsource some of the business process like customer care service to some other company. 

The call center is basically a customer care service where the customer of a certain company calls for help or solving issues. There can also be that the company wants to call to its potential customers to make sales or convert them into customers. 

I personally think that call center jobs are fine for temporary but they are no way great for the long run. It is really difficult to take continuous calls and solve people’s problems or sell products or services by calling hour after hour. Because of this people actually do not work in the call centers for a longer time. As a result most call center companies takes employees for calling job frequently or continuously. Therefore, it is pretty easy to find a call center job in your area. 

Just google from your smartphone the call center or BPO jobs, you will most probably find dozens of jobs. 

Continue to work unless you gather enough money for buying a laptop computer. Once you buy a laptop and get an internet connection into it, several doors of possibilities open before you. 

2. Work in a factory

A factory comprises several types of jobs depending upon the industry. There are plenty of non-skill employees required for carrying out different activities in a factory. 

You may find some jobs that require no skills and apply for them. You may need to go through tough times while working in the factory, but do not forget that it is temporary. Make a saving plan as you work in the factory. Start gathering money for buying the laptop. As soon as you buy the laptop, you can quit your job in the factory. 

3. Work in a farm 

Farms are the source of our daily foods, therefore they are an essential place. They exist and will exist in spite of any technological changes. 

Most farms, especially the organic vegetable farms have their pick times, when the work loads increase immensely for certain months or a short period of time. You can easily take advantage of this. Apply to the farm and start working for them in their pick seasons, it helps them and you as well. 

4. Find car washing or cleaning jobs

There are many people who just do not have enough time for their car washing or cleaning jobs. You can just contact several people and inform them that you are ready to take the responsibilities of washing their cars and other cleaning works. In order to get the clients, you can advertise in your local newspaper or create handbills and distribute them in your local area. People will contact you if they require your service. 

You can also join the local facebook groups and make posts on your services or run facebook advertisements for a short period of time to let the local people know about services. It is very easy to run facebook ads. You can just watch some YouTube videos and learn to run facebook ads campaigns. It is even very cheap. You can set an amount for your daily ad campaign on Facebook. There is location targeting, demography targeting facilities available in Facebook advertisements to find the right people from right places, so that you do not waste money on running ads to reach the unnecessary people. 

5. Get babysitter job

Babies are present in many houses, but as in many cases parents need to go for work they require someone to look after their baby for a certain period of time. You can easily get this job by either applying for jobs or running ads. But make sure you love to spend time to baby, if you’re taking the responsibility of taking care of a baby then you must be responsible and sincere with your duties. 

6. Find the jobs in your local area

There are several ways you can find varieties of jobs in your local area. You can keep your eyes on the local news paper, Facebook ads or search in Google for a job in your local area.

There will certainly be many jobs available in different workplaces and businesses. You can find jobs in the restaurants, shops, offices, farms etc. 

What you need is just interest to find the job. You can also run Facebook advertisements and let people know that you are available for certain jobs, as I have shared earlier. 

Takeaways from ‘How to earn money to buy a laptop’:

There are several jobs that can be done even without any technical skill. Try to find out the job that fits you the best using your smartphone.

As you join the job and start working, make sure that you create a plan for saving the money for buying the laptop. Try your best to buy the laptop as soon as possible by reducing the other not so necessary expenses. 

If you are a college student then try to find a part time job, so that you can balance your study and job together. Try to find the jobs where the job timing will not hinder your education. As you do the part time job, start saving money from your earnings to buy the laptop computer, but remember to buy the laptop according to your usage. 

The cost of laptops varies according to its features and the requirements of features are dependable according to your work and usage. Therefore, make sure you know what is the primary purpose for buying the laptop. This purpose of buying will determine the features you need in your laptop and features of the laptop computer will determine the price of it. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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