How to find work from home jobs? – (Best Tips with Examples)

work from home jobs

Work from home jobs are very popular nowadays, due to its many positive benefits, like, it reduces the expenses of the company and harassment of travelling of the worker.  

Availability of advanced technologies and growth of online work movement made the work from home jobs easy and popular. 

If you are willing to work from home and make a handsome income, then you need to go through a systemic process. You should know that there are numerous people working from home and making real money. But in order to earn real money and make a sustainable income, you need to go through a step by step process.

Let me share my experience. There was a time when I had spent hours searching on the internet about how to earn by working from home, I found a lot of rubbish and it took a little long time to understand the actual way to earn by working from home.

In this article, I am going to share some valuable information which will actually benefit you for life long. The process I am going to share with you, will make you a professional person who genuinely works from home to make the earning

In order to start earning, it may take one to six months depending on the career or job you choose. But remember this few months will make you a professional person, who will be earning real money, just by working at home


11 Steps to find work from home jobs:

  1. Assess yourself and find out the job that interest you
  2. Prepare a distraction free room for learning and working professionally
  3. Have a smoothly working computer with internet connection
  4. Know the skills you need for your desired job
  5. Learn the skills from online learning platforms
  6. Gain practical experience
  7. Record your work experience
  8. Prepare a portfolio site and upload all your skills and experience
  9. Search the jobs from job sites and freelancing site
  10. Approach the people and groups on social media sites 
  11. Go for online advertising

Some best tips to remember for work from home jobs:

  1. Be aware of scams
  2. Do not pay money to anyone for job
  3. Be away from ‘get rich quick’ ads
  4. Make a thorough research about the company
  5. Be prepared to face online interview
  6. Polish your skills regularly by practicing them

11 Steps to find work from home jobs

1. Assess yourself and find out the job that interest you

In the process of preparing yourself for working from home, the first thing that you need to do is take some time, be relaxed and assess yourself to find out the jobs that interest you. Now it may seem very easy but actually it is the most difficult and important step, this is the reason do not hurry in this step, rather take time and patiently find out your passion. 

In order to find your passion or interest, you may need to try or gain basic knowledge on different career options because unless you try it, you will not be able to track your interest. 

I wrote an another article ‘How to choose a right career’, in different website where I wrote in detail about choosing a right career, so if you are really serious then go ahead and read that article, I can assure you that it will benefit you richly to assess yourself and find the actual job that interest you. 

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2. Prepare a distraction free room for learning and working professionally

Both learning and working efficiently requires a distraction free place, distraction like noise, disturbance by family members or others, presence of kids etc makes immense contribution in poor productivity in learning and working. 

Once you have decided your career or the job, now is the time to be prepared for that. Almost every job requires some sort of skills, learning those skills make you eligible to perform that specific job perfectly with customer satisfaction. 

In order to learn those skills, the first requirement is preparing a distraction free room, where you will learn them and be prepared for a job.

Here are 7 best tips for preparing a distraction free environment:

  1. Create a routine, to focus and perform you best.
  2. Find the most quiet place
  3. Keep your mobile phone in silence or turn it off
  4. Do not touch your mobile during learning time
  5. Let the room and desk have least and necessary items 
  6. Inform your family members not to disturb you
  7. Make your room soundproof if possible

3. Have a smoothly working computer with internet connection

Do not forget you need a computer that works smoothly without hardware or software issues. A faulty computer system can seriously harm your entire learning experience.

Make sure you are having a good internet connection hooked with your computer system. A poor internet service can also create severe negative effects. 

So, before you start learning the skills, check the computer system and internet connection.

4. Know the skills you need for your desired job

You must have a clear understanding of all the skills you need for the job you are interested in. As an example, if you are passionate about app development, then you need to learn Java programming language, Android SDK, Android Studio, APIs, Databases, Material Design etc.

In order to learn about the required skills about your desired job, either you can google the term like, required skills for (your desired) job or go to the linkedIn or other job sites and find the required skills mentioned in the job profiles for your desired job. 

List down all the skills you need to learn, and create an action plan to learn them step by step. 

5. Learn the skills from online learning platforms

The next question you may have is where to learn those skills from. You can learn the skills in different ways either by learning online by taking a course or joining an institute and leaning them offline. 

But the most affordable and easier way is to learn them from online learning platforms, there are many great online learning sites available where you can buy a course or pay to access all the courses. 

Udemy, LinkedIn, Coursera are some of the examples of best online learning platforms. 

According to me is one of cheapest and best ways to learn skills by buying courses, it provides a bunch of facilities with its courses like 100% money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course, receiving all the updates for free etc. Udemy also offers its courses on sale for most of the time. 

6. Gain practical experience

Do not be satisfied with theoretical knowledge, know that skills without practical knowledge are useless. So, practice regularly and gain a strong practical experience on the skills you are learning. 

It will be a wise decision, if you provide free or cheaper service to others in order to gain practical experience. It will benefit you in two ways, one is you will gain experience and be confident to handle the job professionally and the other is these work experiences will become your portfolio to display your knowledge and skills to your clients to prove your ability and professionalism. 

7. Record your work experience

Remember to gather an acknowledgement for all your services during your stage. You can gather them in the form of appreciation, comments or review etc.

But keep in mind that keeping a record of all the experiences and appreciation statements given by the client during your learning will help you a lot to gain trust from actual paid clients when you will sell your service with actual price. 

All those work experiences will present you as a professional and trustable to prove your skill, knowledge and ability.

8. Prepare a portfolio site and upload all your skills and experience

Creating a website is not a big deal at present time, there are many ways you can create a simple portfolio website to upload all your skills and experiences to display to others. 

You can develop a website using WordPress just by watching some YouTube videos, or else create a blogger site on for free of cost. If you find these are difficult then, you can pay a little amount and hire a website developer to create a portfolio website for you. 

But I would always recommend you to develop it by yourself, it may seem hard but actually it is really easy to develop, you can develop a portfolio site even without zero programming knowledge by using CMS like WordPress.

9. Search the jobs from job sites and freelancing site

Now as you learnt all the skills required for the job, gathered some practical experiences on them, created a portfolio site and uploaded all your skills, knowledge and experiences on your portfolio site. 

The next step is to search the jobs from job sites or freelancing sites. There are several freelancing sites, where you can create an account and start finding the client to work from home and deliver the services. 

You can google the term ‘best freelancing site;  and gain huge knowledge to find the best one for you. You can also create accounts on several freelancing sites and maintain them simultaneously. Some of the examples of freelancing sites are Fiverr, Guru, upwork, people per hour etc. 

10. Approach the people and groups on social media sites

Do not limit yourself in only freelancing sites or job sites rather find all the possible ways to find the client to provide your service using different mediums like social media sites, forums, Facebook groups etc. 

Approach many people wisely in different platforms and try to direct them to your portfolio website to let them know that you are capable enough to help them to solve their problem. 

Once they are convinced that you are able to solve their problem and can be trusted then you get the job order. Now, work from your home and get paid.

11. Go for online advertising

You can take help of online advertising to find more customers. Online advertising is much cheaper compared to offline advertising, moreover you can run targeted advertising by defining the location, age group, their interest and gender etc, which helps you to reach to the almost exact person you want to reach to. 

You can run Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google search and display ads etc to find more customers by spending some amount.

But before you run the ads campaign either you learn the basics of digital marketing or take help from the digital marketer, in this way you will save a lot of money by running ad campaigns wisely. 

Do not forget you must have a website where you portray all your knowledge, skills and ability and draw the people from different platforms to your website through online advertising. Once they are convinced, they will give a job order to you and you will be able to work from home and make money. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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