15+ Ways To Gain Self Respect- (with Diagram)

How to gain self respect

Self respect is all about how you feel about yourself. Your confidence and behavior is directly or indirectly linked to self respect

Carrying low self respect can cause severe negative effects on your personal and career life. Your self respect makes you more lovable and respectable from others. 

Do you know that you can gain your self respect, just by following some simple ways? So if you are willing to gain self respect, then read on for the rest of the article and I believe you will find the keys to gaining self respect.

There was a time when I was suffering with the lack of self respect, so I know how it feels, but I assure you that by following the ways below you will definitely gain self respect

How to gain self respect – with 15+ steps

You can gain self respect by gaining more knowledge, knowing that you are special and uniquely created, let your life be pride free, know your creator, have a forgiving and loving spirit. 

Respect others and it will be back to you, find the opportunity to appreciate others, be humble and gentle.

Do no forget that honesty is the best policy, be trustworthy, be a responsible person, know that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect

Seek for a way of improving yourself rather than just bleming, let the continuous positive changes be a habit in your life

Try your best to associate with the positive minded people, Never compare yourself with others.

Do not seek for excuses rather apologize, Know that it is impossible to please everyone. 


19 Ways to improve self respect

  1. Acquire more and more knowledge, especially in your professional field
  2. Stop comparing with others and Know that you are unique and specially created
  3. Give special attention on appealing appearance and dressing
  4. Know that facing rejection, insults, criticisms is part of every human being
  5. Never look down at others and be proudy
  6. Know your creator to understand your value
  7. A forgiving and loving attitude will give you peace of mind
  8. Respect others as you want respect from others
  9. Say no to criticism but find a way to appreciate
  10. Be humble and honor others as valuable
  11. Be truly Honest and trustworthy
  12. Be a responsible person in every area of your life
  13. Know that nobody is perfect and we only strive for perfectness
  14. Stop looking down at yourself rather find the way of improvement
  15. Be steady in creating positive change in your life
  16. Associate with the positive minded people and be away from bad companion
  17. Do not allow your failure to steal self respect, know that everyone fails 
  18. Apologize if you hurt others rather than finding excuses
  19. No one can please everyone, so stop trying to please everyone

In order to achieve success in life self confidence plays an essential role in each and everyone’s life. You will find that every person who has reached the peak of success has at least one thing in common that is self respect. Self respect is a quality that we have to create and develop  within us by our own effort. But you must know nothing new or good will take place in you unless you take a massive action step for it. 

Here are some action plan that you can take in order to improve your self respect:

1. Gain more knowledge on your professional area

People with poor knowledge  in their professional field often live with fear as a result this fear starts stealing their self respect. Try your best to gain as much knowledge as possible in your professional area, so that  fear of lack of knowledge won’t touch you.

2. Know that you are unique and special

Many people try to compare themselves with others and as a result they start having a wrong understanding of their own value and uniqueness.  you should know that everyone is unique  and special in different ways.  you can see a simple demonstration in the look of the people.  Why do people look different ways? This gives a clear  indication that we are different from others.  So the time we try to compare ourselves with others and try to  match up ourselves with them, we create a mess and ruin our own unique life.

3. Improve your appearance and dressing sense

The way we appear does make a lot of sense.  our way of dressing, way of appearing before others, these all play a role in either gaining self-respect or ruining the self respect. Maintaining a professional or good looking appearance and having a good sense of proper dressing will always help you to get your self respect.

4. Practice facing rejection, insults, criticisms

 who have not faced rejection or insult at some point of their life, Even the famous scientist, philosopher and celebrities face these rejection, insult and criticism.

So, when you face this rejection or criticism, don’t allow it to bring you down, rather  make them the stepping stone to climb up and  display your potential to the world.

5. Let not the pride make room in your life

Do you know that  pride can deceive you so badly that you can even never imagine it? It is written in the Bible that Pride goes before destruction.  So if you let pride make room in your  life, then soon it will ruin your entire life, as a consequence you will lose your self respect. so always be careful of pride, let pride Never rule over you.

6. Know your creator to find peace in mind

Most people suffer from the lack of self respect because they do not know their Creator.  They have no idea of how precious and special they are in the eyes of their Creator.  The time you will know that a loving God was created in a matchless and amazing way you will start gaining the self respect within you.

7. Develop a forgiving and loving spirit

Forgiveness and loving behaviour can become a soothing balm for your peaceful life.  Do you know that when you do not forgive others or carry a grudge in your heart you actually suffer, which also makes an effect on your self respect.  On the other hand, when you forgive others and start loving others, you will find that there will be great positive energy being created inside you, which will eventually increase your self respect.

8. Respect others

The problem with most people is that they seek respect from others but they do not want to respect others.  If you seek to be respected by others then it is your solemn responsibility to respect everyone in spite of every difference they have.  The time you start respecting others in spite of every difference, you will find that it is increasing your self respect before others.

9. Find a way to appreciate

It is very easy to find a way to criticize  others, but the most difficult is to find a way to appreciate others.  When you deal with others, talk with others, make sure that you always find a way to appreciate others rather than criticizing them. If you continuously practice appreciating others, eventually you will find that it is coming back to you.  Remember what you sow so you reap.

10. Be humble

Always check your behaviour before others, do you have a rude or humble way of behavior.  Humbleness has amazing power to increase your self respect.  Do not think that when you are humble, it is your weakness rather always remember your humbleness is your strength. 

11. Be Honest and trustworthy

I always say to people that if you are an honest and really trustworthy person you are a successful man or woman.  Do you know it takes a long time to achieve trust from someone.  It is easy to gain money but it is too difficult to gain trust from someone.  So if someone can trust you and find  a clear honesty in you, then you can assure yourself that you are really a successful person.

12. Be a responsible person

Responsible people are always respected by others.  who likes a person with irresponsibility,  most probably you also do not like an irresponsible person.  If you do not like an irresponsible person, that means even others don’t like it.

From your home to your professional work place everywhere display your responsible behaviour.  Learn to be responsible.  Take responsibility and fulfill it,  and it will create a positive energy to gain self respect within you.

13. Know that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes

Many times people seek a perfect person.  But do you know that no one is perfect on this planet,  we can only strive towards perfection.  Everyone makes mistakes, it can be less or more. Everyone creates a mess in their lives, do not think that you are the one and only person who does this kind of thing, know that there are millions of people on this planet who are just like you create a mess and make a lot of mistakes.

14. Stop blaming yourself rather find the way to improve

Do you blame yourself or look down at yourself for certain areas of your life? If yes, Then it is time to change your way of dealing with yourself.  Blaming yourself will never solve a problem rather it will cause another problem of losing self respect.  but if you try to improve yourself then you will find that you are actually gaining self respect.

15. Focus on continuous positive change

Good things don’t happen to your life until and unless you take  action. Work continuously to bring positive changes in your life, great things don’t happen over the night time.  but as you continuously work on positive changes in your life you will find that you are actually gaining a lot of self-respect everyday. 

16. Associate with the positive minded people

Do you know that both positiveness and negativeness can be contagious?  which means if you make your association with positive minded people, eventually you will become a person of positive mind.  On the other hand, if you will make your association with a bunch of negative minded people, most probably you will end up with a negative mind.  A positive mind works as a booster for self respect.

17. Do not allow your failure to steal self respect

Failure can really steal your self respect, if you are not careful about it.  when you face failure do not allow it to steal your self respect rather take them as a lesson to learn and make them the stepping stone and move toward the success. I can remember one of my neighbours, whenever he used to make a mistake, he used to tell that I have learnt a lesson.  So let it be your goal regarding your failure, when you fail in something just know that it was not the right way and you got a lesson. 

18. Apologize rather than finding excuses

We all do mess and hurt others  in some way or other even though we may not want it.  The wise decision is this:  realising our wrong and being honest to apologize rather than finding excuses to prove yourself right, even if you know that you are not right. Do not forget that honesty is the best policy.  and as you apologize, it is not that you are weak rather it display that you have really  courage to  acknowledge the truth.

19. Know that you can never please everyone

 It is a severe mistake made by many people when they try to please everyone. It is never possible to please everyone.  Even if you stand for the right thing, you will still find that people are opposing you, they are going against you,  it happens, just remember it is nothing new.  If you look at  the history, even the great philosophers and scientists could not please everyone.  So stop trying your best to please everyone, just be honest, sincere, courageous and a responsible person.

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