How to make resume for internship?

How to make resume and cover letter for internship

There are many individuals apply for internship to acquire industry based training, but in the process of applying one must know ‘How to make resume for internship?’.

Internship is a great option for a person who wants to learn a certain type of professional work from an industry environment for becoming a professional and entering into a real industry based job. 

So, if you are thinking of an internship then this article may benefit you to gain an overall understanding about ‘How to make resume for internship’?

In order to ‘make resume for internship’, first of all, you need to read the requirements of the recruiter and customize your resume to suit them. Provide your full name, contact details. Showcase all your academic achievements, certification, courses,  skills and experience that are related to the internship. Write a cover letter and attach the resume. 


  1. What’s the internship?
  2. What is a CV for internship and resume for internship?
  3. How do you write a resume for an internship?
  4. Format to make resume for internship
  5. How can I make my internship resume attractive for appealing to the recruiters.?
  6. How to write resume for internship with no experience?
  7. How do you write an internship objective?
  8. What skills do internships look for?
  9. What should I write in email when sending resume for internship?
  10. Sample Internship Cover Letter

1. What’s the internship?

Internship is a simply an industry based training period, which may be a duration of 3-6 months or even for one year. During this time, interns (people who are applying for work and being trained from the industry) will either receive a stipend or may need to work voluntarily.

The benefit that an intern gets is, he/she can get to know the industry’s work environment and develop the practical skills needed for handling that job role and become professional practically. Because the intern becomes familiar with the real world practical job environment in the real industry, it becomes easier to find a job after completing the internship period either joining the company or organization he/she took an internship from or joining another company or organization. 

2. What is a CV for internship and resume for internship?

CV or Curriculum Vitae for an internship is all about providing detailed information about your educational achievement and acquiring of skills written in a systematic order to let the intern recruiter get a broad and clear picture about you. A CV for internship is basically of more than 2 pages. 

Whereas, the resume for internship is a summary information about yourself to the intern recruiter, resume should be a length of 1-2 pages.

3. How do you write a resume for an internship?

You may think that writing a resume for an internship is difficult and complicated,  but actually if you follow some necessary simple steps properly you’ll find that  making a resume for an internship is pretty easy. 

I would recommend to you that before you start writing a resume for an internship,  think the way an intern recruiter will think, or think if you are  an intern recruiter and what kind of person you want to take into your Company or organization, You will find that the  whole process becomes easy.

Give a deep drive into the Requirement and responsibilities mentioned by the company or organisation for the intern, Before making your resume for internship:

You need to take this task really seriously, or else you will lose everything.Read slowly and carefully about the requirements and responsibilities mentioned, do not hurry, take your time to understand the mind of the intern recruiter.And now find out, do all those requirements can be fulfilled by you, If not then it is a time that you need to develop yourself, Take yourself up to the level where you can fulfill the requirements. 

In order to get a clear understanding about the requirements of the intern recruiter you can visit the LinkedIn website, Or even other job profile sites. Read about the requirements and check if you can fulfill all the requirements or not, if not then work on all those requirements.

It is simple common sense, if you can fulfill all those requirements then you are eligible for applying. Most of the people make  mistakes here,  they do not want to bother about the requirement, they think that  the qualities they possess must be the requirement of the industry.  it doesn’t go this way, The company or organisation doesn’t tailor their requirements according to your achievements and qualities, rather you need to tailor your achievement and qualities to meet the needs of the organisation or company.

Remember the strength of your resume for internship is not how beautiful you make it rather can you fulfill the requirements mentioned by the company or organisation or not.

Tailored your resume for internship According to your strength, achieved skill and quality:

Remember it will be damn craziness, If you copy the data from others resume. you are not a copy of somebody else nor your achievements and qualities. Everyone possesses some special quality and has unique strength. So you must tailor your resume for internship  according to your specific qualities, requirements and responsibilities mentioned by the company or organisation. 

Tailored your resume for internship to the specific organization:

Your resume for internship must be tailored to the specific company or organisation you are applying for,  do not be lazy to use the old or other resume for internship.

Make a thorough research about the organisation, find out as much as data you can gather from different resources in order to understand the requirements of the company or organisation and tune your resume for internship to the exact need and requirement .

Provide the information about your activities, skills and achievements  in reverse chronological order means most recent to least recent.

Write all the recent activities like the skills you achieved or others  at first and then move back to the least recent. 

Write the only informations that are related to the industry and internship:

Do not mention the information that has nothing to do with the industry for the internship, Mentioning all the unnecessary staff is just a waste of space and Creating negative effect on your resume for internship.

Avoid the Temptation of mentioning the skills or achievements you have done in different fields, which has nothing to do with the present industry and internship.

Provide your contact information in the internship resume:

You need to add your contact information first in your resume, This should include your name, your contact number, your email address, and any other relevant links, like to your LinkedIn profile or personal website.

Display the information about your your academic achievement and  acquired skill:

Your academic achievement and acquired skills are  precious in your resume for an internship. Mention all the related skills in the systematic and device manner. 

Showcase your experience in the resume for internship:

Showcase a brief yet comprehensive summary of your work experiences that are most relevant to the job you are applying to. If you don’t have any work experience, you can put some volunteer work like helping your friends, family or neighbor with your skills. 

It is important that you gather at least some experience before you apply for an internship,  this can be simply working for free for someone just to enhance your skill or working for very low price for someone just to  create your experience. Mention all those experiences in your resume in order to add strength into it .

4. Format to make resume for internship

Here is a format you can follow to make resume for internship:

  • Full name (Write your full name to the middle)
  • Temporary address & Permanent address (left hand side below name)
  • Phone number & Email address (locate it at the right hand side below name)
  • Career objective (Here your mention your career objectives)
  • Educational Details in reverse order (Institution, University, Year of Passing, Percentage/SPI & CPI in tabular form)
  • Achievements (mention the awards you received)
  • Co-curricular activities (all the co-curricular activities like previous internships details, information about projects, workshops attended)
  • Extra-curricular activities (taking part in social work, charity or competitions etc)
  • Skills (mention all the acquired technical skills, certifications and courses, language skills)
  • Hobbies and Interests (in very short)
  • Personal Details: provide your DOB and Nationality
  • Declaration signed by you (I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to my knowledge…)

Here are some other sample of resume format for internship


5. How can I make my internship resume attractive for appealing to the recruiters?

In order to make your resume stand out, you must make it attractive and appealing to impress the recruiters. Here are some good practices to follow in order to pour out glamour into your creation. 

  • Add your picture : make sure the picture is with enough light, good quality and  professional in look. 
  • Make your resume clear and concise: Your resume should be easy to read and scan through. Use bold and italics to highlight important information in the resume.
  • Use the text font wisely: Use of good text font makes the text comfortable and smooth to the eyes, as a result enhances readability.  
  • Use the color smartly: use of color can bring beauty to your resume or else damage the professionalism severely, if it is not used wisely. 
  • Mention volunteer work done by you in the past. 
  • Prove your enthusiasm: Prove your interest and zeal  in the specific field you are applying for, through providing some real life examples.
  • Mention your phone number and email id in the contact information.
  • Display your creativity through practical action.
  • Mention the activities where you were proved to be punctual and a good manager of time. 
  • Showcase all your practical works related to the internship.

6. How to write resume for internship with no experience?

If you did not acquire any experience yet, in this scenario mention all the activities where you applied your skills and knowledge. I would recommend that before you apply for an internship, at least do some practical work on the skills and knowledge either in your own work or in helping your friends, family or neighbor. If you have done that then mention all your good works, it can substitute your experience and prove that you are serious about the field.

7. How do you write an internship objective?

  • Before you write the internship objectives, you must read the job description and responsibilities carefully. 
  • Find out the matters that give real value to the employers.
  • Write your resume objectives tuned with that.
  • Make sure the skills and qualities you have according to the job description are highlighted to drag the attention of the recruiter. 
  • Promise that you will make a positive contribution to the organization by your sincere work. 
  • Use the keywords that suit with the position and work you are applying for.

8. What skills do internships look for?

You will get a clear understanding of the skills your recruiter is seeking for from the job description, requirements and responsibility provided by the company or organization.

The recruiter will look for the skills that are related to the job. So learn the related skills and gain the practical experience by working on them either for yourself or for others.

9. What should I write in email when sending resume for internship?

Writing a good quality email to the recruiter while sending your resume for internship is very important. You must follow some good practice to make your email impressive and attractive.

  • Go through the research and be sure of the role you are applying for, write about the exact role of internship you are applying for. 
  • Tell some words on why you are really interested to apply for the internship in that organization.
  • Write about why you think you are best fit for the role.
  • State the value you will add to the organization or how they will be benefited from you. 
  • Write about your expectation of gain from the internship.
  • Describe your key skills, relevant knowledge, expertise and education that will benefit the employer.
  • Attach the updated and customized resume for the specific internship to your email.
  • Use an appropriate greeting in your email. If you are not sure of how to greet, use “Dear [First Name] [Last Name].”
  • Keep your email short and tidy.


10. Sample Internship Cover Letter

Here is a sample of the internship cover letter to get ideas from, read them and customize your own cover letter for the internship. 


Key Takeaways to make resume for internship:

  • Go through a thorough research about the organization or company you are applying for. 
  • Read the job description and requirements very carefully to understand the mind of the recruiter.
  • Do not try to copy paste from other’s resumes.
  • Customize your resume for internship according to the requirement and responsibility mentioned by the recruiter. 
  • Mention the skills and experiences that are valuable for the role you are applying for. 
  • Add your mobile no. and email id in your resume.
  • Showcase your academic achievements, certifications and completed courses.
  • Highlight your skill and experience part to make them eye catchy. 

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