How to Overcome Fear in Life and Build Confidence

steps to destroy fear and build confidence

Fear in life is a universal problem, everyone wants to overcome fear in life and build confidence by destroying the fear. 

If you are a person, who is struggling with fear in life and lack of confidence, then you should know that you are not the only person. There are millions or rather billions of people, who struggle with the same issue and want to destroy the fear of life and build confidence.

Fear of life may occur in different ways to different individuals, so everyone’s fear point may not be the same, in most cases our weaknesses create fear but there can be many other matters that can create or trigger the fear in our lives.

I have gone through tremendous fear in my life, so I understand how terrible it can be and how it can create negative effects in our different aspects of lives. 

We can destroy fear by overcoming them in our lives and build confidence by following 13 simple steps. They are Scrutinizing and identifying the actual cause of fear, detecting the weaknesses and fixing them.

Accumulating more knowledge, keeping eyes on current affairs.

Increasing self respect, knowing that you are special and unique.

Developing verbal and nonverbal skills, being honest and trustworthy.

Accepting responsibility and fulfilling them.

Accepting mistakes rather than blaming others, associating with confident people and carrying a learning spirit.


14 Steps to Destroy Fear and Build Confidence

  1. Analyse and identify the actual reason of fear
  2. Find out the your weaknesses and fix them
  3. Acquire more knowledge 
  4. Know the current affairs
  5. Develop self respect
  6. Never forget you are unique and special
  7. Work on your verbal communication skills
  8. Improve your nonverbal communication skills
  9. Remember that honesty is the best policy
  10. Take responsibility and stop blaming
  11. Accept your mistakes
  12. Mingle with confident people
  13. Have a learning spirit
  14. Focus on your appearance specially dressing

1. Analyse and identify the root cause of fear

In most cases the lack of confidence is always associated with some sort of fear. And in this case if you really want to overcome the fear and build confidence,then the first thing that you need to do is sit down and analyse. Try to find out what are the factors that are leading to lack of confidence. List down all those fear factors. Once you identify the root cause of fear which is leading to lack of confidence.  Now is the best time to start working on them. Make a proper strategy to develop them one by one and be steady  to work upon them.

2. Work on your weaknesses and turn them to your strength

Drive deep down in yourself and try your best to figure out what are the weaknesses  keeping you down. Once you find them out , be mentally and physically prepared to turn those weaknesses to strength. Many times our weakness can hide at a much deeper level than we can assume, and the symptoms of weaknesses may seem the real problem to us. 

Let us understand this with an example, suppose my weakness is not keeping myself steady in learning a skill, as a result I will not learn the skill well and then I may think that I am not good enough to learn that skill. But actually my unsteady behavior is the cause of the problem or my actual weakness.

3. Research and acquire knowledge

Make a thorough research on the professional field you are working and acquire as much as  knowledge possible.  Having a profound knowledge on your professional field will always help you to become more confident and overcome the fear.

4. Be up-to-date with current affairs

Being up-to-date with the current affairs will always support you to be a confident person, while talking to colleagues in the office and friends and family members. Many times having an up to date knowledge of what is happening around you will help you to be a better professional person. 

5. Develop your self-respect

Your wrong understanding about yourself can tremendously decrease your self respect. In the other way if you know actually who you are then it will help you to develop your self respect. Suppose you made some mistake, you may think that you are the one in the world who does this kind of crazy thing, but if you will think carefully you will find that there are millions of people in the world who do  the same kind of  mistake and mess up the thing just like you.

 So always be careful of anything which is trying to steal your self respect. Remember that you need to work on your self respect and no one else can do that.  A person with self respect will always display confidence before others.

6. Remember you are unique and special

Many times, when you try to become like someone else, It may actually contradict your unique nature. Everyone is created differently, people think in different ways, our likes and dislikes can be different from each other.  So when we try to copy others we actually hurt our own unique nature, which causes a severe negative effect within us. As a result you may be  disturbed with fear and lose confidence.

7. Strengthen your verbal communication skills

Communication is  an essential part of every living being.  Everyday we communicate with different people in order to share our thoughts,  emotions and feelings etc. We also communicate in order to deliver some information or knowledge to someone else.

 Most of the time we make verbal communication which is to communicate with others through using some languages or words.  And this verbal communication plays an essential role in order to develop our confidence.

  Let us understand this with an example, suppose you are very poor at speaking English language, and at your office when you speak to people you make lot of grammatical error as a result if you are start getting disturbance in your mind that what people will think about you, and it triggers your confidence level to go down.

 So, you see that your weakness of verbal communication ability became a fear factor for decreasing your confidence level.

8. Improve in nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is the way of communicating with others without using any language, rather using your body language, tone of voice, eye contact, facial expression, appearance etc.

If you know how to communicate non-verbally well in different situations like while talking to colleagues and your boss in your workplace, sharing your thoughts and knowledge to a small or large audience, then without doubt it will help you to become a confident person.

9. Be honest in every situation

Never forget that honesty is the best policy.  When you take the  dishonest way it causes fear in you and fear will always lead to poor confidence.

So, how hard it is but always be honest in dealing with everything. When you are honest, you will see that there will be no fear to disturb you and you will be able to present yourself confidently in every situation.

10. Be responsible and stop blaming others

Blaming others and trying to get rid of the problem is always the work of an irresponsible person.  If you are an irresponsible person then it will make you a lot of mess. Eventually, all these mess will cause fear and fear will start stealing your confidence. 

11. Acknowledge your mistakes and wrong behavior

We all do wrong and create chaos, most of the time unintentionally. Nothing to worry about, but make sure you don’t repeat that same. As you do some wrong behavior or mistake, the best way to handle it is to acknowledge that you have done wrong and Apologize for it. 

12. Follow and learn from confident people

Mark the confident people around you and try to learn all the good stuff that helps them to be confident. Analysing others’ lives and learning the good and beneficial stuff which will boost your confidence level. Try your best to spend more time with confident people and identify their secrets of confidence, if you think those secrets can be applied to yourself then do it. 

13. Always carry a spirit of learning

One who thinks that he or she knows everything, and they do not need to learn from others are actually deceiving himself or herself. 

We can only grow if we will be a continuous learner by carrying a genuine learning spirit. Always make your best effort to show yourself humble and  learn from others.  when people will find that you have a spirit of learning, they will always help you more and more but the time they will find that you are pretending  to know everything, they will start avoiding you. Remember the more you learn, the better you become in displaying your confidence.

14. Display appealing appearance and dressing 

Our appearance and dressing play an essential role in building our confidence. when you appear inappropriately  before others, you yourself feel a disturbance within yourself, you feel there is something wrong with you and this disturbance within you will cause a lack of confidence. Therefore the way you maintain your hair, cleanliness and clothing all actually make an effort to improve your confidence and overcome the fear. 

Let us understand this with an example, suppose you wore a very ordinary common cloth and went to a very grand marriage party.  There you find that everyone is wearing a very special way of clothing and appearing in a very appealing way, where you came there without being well prepared to be suitable for the situation or place. You will start feeling a discomfort within yourself because you have a fear in your heart about what people are thinking about you, and this fear will lead to the lack of confidence and your confidence level will be hampered.

 Therefore, Make sure that your appearance is appealing and your dressing is  appropriate  according to the situation. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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