Job description of Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician

Job description of Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician

Heating, Ventilation plumbing and air conditioning technician are also commonly known as HVAC technician.

A skilled and qualified HVAC technician is responsible for installing the heating, ventilation plumbing and air conditioning, refrigeration system. They provide the maintenance and repairing services in all those heating, ventilation, plumbing and air conditioning systems. 

They are basically responsible for temperature controlling systems of a building.

HVAC technicians  are skilled and qualified in handling the entire temperature control system of a building. But sometimes they can be specialised in just one area of greeting, ventilation plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Some of the job descriptions of Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician are Installing heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning systems, providing maintenance and repairing service. He also identifies each and every kind of mechanical or electrical issue and provides the solution  by repairing the faults. Understanding the maintenance risks, Cleaning the systems are also under the job description of a HVAC Technician. 

A HVAC Technician is also responsible for adjusting and repairing the broken parts of a system, providing service within the warranty period, delivering repair service in case of emergency, maintaining the records of all the maintenance related tasks.

He must be ready to provide service according to customer’s requirements, appropriate instruction and service standards. 

Some common name of HVAC Technicians:

Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technicians are also known as: 

  • HVAC Technician
  • HVAC Service Technician
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Service Technician
  • HVAC service provider 
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Technician
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning service Technician 

 Job description of Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician

The job description of a HVAC technician depends mostly on the types of industry they are working in, their position in the work and according to their skill and speciality. Even though the job description of Heating, Ventilation plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning technician may vary but they all play an essential role in maintaining the air quality, preserving and transportation of food and overall comfortability. 

Air conditioner and heating systems are used widely in almost every business and domestic places like homes, offices, hospitals, stores, schools, colleges, factories and multi-storied buildings to control the temperature for providing a healthy, comfortable and climate controlled environment.

Refrigerator systems are used for storing and preserving food, perishable items and medicines. It is also used for transportation of food, medicines etc. 

Ventilation and air conditioner are used for maintaining humidity and air quality in our homes. 

As an HVAC technician your job description will basically be like the followings:

  • Detecting the actual issues in the mechanical parts
  • Checking the leakage in the pipe or in joints
  • Testing the different electrical components
  • Finding the defective parts 
  • Replacing the defective components
  • Repairing the equipments if possible
  • Improving to provide the better performance in the HVAC systems
  • Changing, cleaning and refilling in case of necessity
  • Installing the systems, establishing connection 
  • Adjusting the humidistats or times etc.
  • Balancing the systems by adjusting the system controls
  • Establishing the connection with the fuel, water and other sources
  • Drilling in the offices or building to mount the HVAC systems
  • Preparing layout and design before the installation
  • Assembling and mounting  the HVAC systems
  • Positioning the systems 

Here are some of the job description of HVAC technician discussed in details:

Assembling and mounting  the HVAC systems

The HVAC systems are made up of several different components, therefore as a  Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician you need to assemble them perfectly before mounting. Once the assembling work is done then you need to mount them and position them in the best desirable way. 

Installation of HVAC  of system

In order to install the HVAC system the Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician must Do the clear specification of the location  of installation from the architect. and then the HVAC technician must perform some work to understand which system will be right and the best according to the requirement and situation. He needs to go through a layout and designing process before the installation. 

Once the installation is done, he must check the entire piping and connection systems to test if the connection to the ductwork or distribution system was perfect or not.  

In order to install a refrigerator system the HVAC technician is required to have the certification from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Assembling and Installation of the ductwork

The Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician is also responsible for assembling and installing the ductwork in order to distribute the cooled or heated air from the Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning systems. 

For doing this installation of ductwork, he needs to drill or cut the concrete or metal and connect the ducts to the HVAC unit. 

The HVAC technician may need to go through a lot of drilling and cutting work before installing and mounting the ductwork in the huge buildings.  

Providing regular Maintenance to the HVAC systems

Once you install a HVAC  system, it does not mean that you have completed all the work. As everything required regular maintenance to perform well or for performance enhancement, even the Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, refrigerator & Air Conditioning systems are required for regular maintenance. 

As a HVAC technician, you need to regularly go through the maintenance check to ensure the efficiency and performance of the systems. 

If the performance is below expectation then you need to find the possible reasons and fix them.

Basically, a Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician performs the maintenance service twice in a year to check the performance of the HVAC systems, you may need to go through a thorough testing and cleaning of the components, thermostat etc. 

But in case of any undesired functions or damage to the system parts, you need to provide the maintenance service as soon as possible. 

Replacing and Repairing the defective parts

As an HVAC technician you will be responsible to look after the entire system to identify the malfunctioning parts and repair or replace them for the desired performance. 

You should know that if there is any issue with any part of the Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, refrigerator & Air Conditioning system then you will be the person who will deal with them with careful investigation and provide resolution.

A typical work day of an HVAC technician

A  Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Technician is expected to be skilled and qualified in handling at least one or more of these heating and air quality controlling systems. An HVAC technician must be ready for traveling regularly for providing the service in the different homes, offices and buildings etc. 

As an HVAC technician you may work under an employer, in this case you will be instructed by your employer to travel to a certain customer’s location to either identify and resolve the issues or resolve the already identified issues. 

If you are working as a self-employed HVAC technician then you will directly be contracted by the customers. Your job will be to reach that customer’s location to identify all the issues and resolve them. They can be repairing leaking pipes, changing the damaged part, fixing the defective mechanical devices, adjusting the different equipment and providing better performance to the existing systems etc. 

HVAC and Plumbing Technician Role and Responsibilities:

  • Installing the ventilation and air conditioning, refrigerator units
  • Mounting the plumbing equipment
  • Assembling the duct and Heating, Ventilation Plumbing, refrigerator & Air Conditioning systems
  • Installing the ductwork
  • Proving regular maintenance to the ductwork and HVAC systems
  • Identifying the malfunctioning parts
  • Repairing or replacing the damaged components
  • Diagnosing the electrical issues and fixing them
  • Cleaning the fan or other mechanical parts 
  • Ensuring the best performance by improving the systems
  • Delivering emergency repair or replacement service
  • Making sure of efficient performance of electric consumption
  • Maintaining records of maintenance works
  • Proving service compliance with appliance standards, health and safety acts, service standard
  • Fulfilling the customer’s need and requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Answering the questions and clearing the doubt of customers

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