Modern Periodic Table with Names of Elements and Symbols list with Atomic Mass

Periodic Table with Names of Elements and Symbols

What is the periodic table? Why do we arrange elements?

All the things in the world are made up of incredibly tiny particles called Atoms. There are 92 different kinds of Atoms. Most of the things are made up of more than one kind of  Atom. 

An element is a substance made up of only one kind of Atom.

Scientists are working hard to find more elements, and their discovery is tabulated to provide us a summary of every kind of element that  is found in this Universe. 

You might have seen that staff at your home are organized in a certain order, as example, the utensils are organized in an order in the kitchen, or books, clothes, names in the attendance register etc. they all are organized in a certain type of order.\

In the same manner, elements in chemistry are organized in a certain order in a very special and important table called the periodic table.

The chemists in the early days did not know a lot about elements as we know at present,  so they arranged elements based on the properties they knew about the elements like density, atomic mass, color, hardness, conductivity.

The modern periodic table is the final settlement classified on the magical atomic number. This is the table we are using at the present day to tabulate the elements.

The periodic table holds the concise information and is a condensed catalogue of all sorts of elements found in this universe,  which are 118 in number,

Finding these elements was one of the greatest achievements of the human race. There can be many more elements but so far scientists have information about 118 of them. 

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