Oral Communication – Meaning, Advantages and disadvantages

Oral Communication

Oral communication is the most used, popular and effective means for communication in family discussion, meetings, conferences, presentations, gatherings, group discussions, public speech, interviews, face-to-face talks, telephonic talks, video conference etc.

It has several advantages and disadvantages, in this article you will learn about the meaning, advantages and disadvantages of oral communication. 


  1. Meaning of oral communication
  2. Uses of oral communication 
  3. Advantages of Oral Communication
  4. Disadvantages of Oral Communication

1. Meaning of oral communication / oral communication definition

Oral communication is communicating by exchanging the thoughts, ideas, information, knowledge, feeling and emotions with each other through mouth using words or languages. It can be made either by face to face direct communication or using telephonic devices, internet connection, software etc. 

Oral communication takes place between two individuals, among a small group of people or large group of people.

2. Uses of oral communication

  1. Face to face meeting among staff and business leaders
  2. Conversation among junior, senior, leader, manager, CEO in a workplace
  3. Conversing with clients in a business place
  4. Trainings in office or business place
  5. Informing the products or services to others
  6. Customer service
  7. Presentation of business report
  8. Oral discussions
  9. Sharing thoughts, ideas and knowledge
  10. Telephone calls
  11. informal chatting with your friends and colleagues
  12. Public speeches or lectures
  13. Talking in conferences
  14. Conversing through Tele-conferences or video conferences
  15. Face to face, audio or video Interviews
  16. Communication with your family members
  17. Converse in school, college, online learning portals or educational institute
  18. Communication through preaching or giving sermon
  19. Conversion in court during judgement
  20. Talk between physician and patient
  21. Public speech by political leaders
  22. Conversation between shopkeeper and the buyer
  23. Talk between two families, couples and others in marriage ceremony

3.  Advantages of Oral Communication

  1. Intent is expressed more effectively
  2. Oral communication is accomplished fast and instantly
  3. Possibility of errors and mistakes are minimal
  4. Less barriers or problem in communication 
  5. Faster feedback opportunity
  6. Emotions can be expressed easily
  7. Nonverbal communication is made 
  8. Nonverbal communication cues of audience is detected
  9. Result can be measured instantly
  10. The tone of voice makes the oral communication more productive
  11. Personal contact is made which develop relationship
  12. Desire and energy of teamwork increases
  13. Best for sharing private or confidential information
  14. Correction of errors is done immediately
  15. Create Motivation
  16. Decisions is taken quickly without any delay
  17. Time saving thus saves money and efforts
  18. Great for problem resolution (the conflicts, disputes and many issues/differences can be put to an end by talking them over)

4.  Disadvantages of Oral Communication

  1. No record maintained in oral communication in most cases
  2. It has no legal validity
  3. Lack of accountability in oral communication
  4. Very less reference value
  5. Can be forgotten easily
  6. Not suitable for long distance communication due to the possibilities of many barriers
  7. Not sufficient for business communication
  8. Most oral communication are informal
  9. Oral communication are less organized in most cases
  10. It carries less authenticity
  11. Not possible to make oral communication every time
  12. It is not a good option for informing a very short message
  13. Not suitable to inform a regular activities in a workplace
  14. The receiver must be attentive or else message can be misunderstood
  15. Every individuals need to be present at the same time, which can be difficult

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