5+ Real Problem solving examples in everyday life – How to solve Problem

Problem solving examples in everyday life - How to solve Problem

Are you facing problems in your life? Infact who does not? In this article I will Share with you some real problem solving examples that you can apply in your everyday life. By understanding this example, you will learn to solve the problems in a much easier manner.

Problems can arise everywhere, you cannot stop this. What you can do is just be relaxed and calm and follow a strategic process to find out what is the actual problem, remember not to be confused with the symptom do not think that the symptoms are the problem rather go deep down and find out what is the actual cause of the symptom once you to eliminate the cause you will find that the symptom is no more, this is the best way you can solve the problem.

13 Steps or guidelines to solve problem:

  1. Do not avoid the problem rather solve it, avoiding the problem will only cause another problem.
  2. Symptoms are not the problem,  try to find out the cause that is creating the symptoms.
  3.  Analyse the problem to find out the actual cause of the problem.
  4.  Make your goal to eradicate the cause of the problem.
  5. Do not follow a single pattern of problem solving everywhere.
  6. Be creative and innovative
  7. Gather knowledge from others
  8. Spend time in research
  9. Develop at least three solution plans
  10. Understand the risk factor mean how risky it will be when you enforce a certain plan
  11. Enforce the best plan
  12. Monitor and analyze the result 
  13. If the plan is not working effectively, than try another plan

Examples of Problem solving in everyday life

  1. Suffering from mosquito-borne disease
  2. Not seeing growth in business
  3. Unable to decide career
  4. Suffering with sleeplessness
  5. Children are going astray
  6. Unhealthy kids

1. Suffering from mosquito-borne disease

Suppose someone is suffering from mosquito-borne disease at your home. The victim may suffer severely from fever. Now initially, people think that fever is the problem, they try their best to bring down the body temperature. 

You should know that fever is not the actual problem.

But when the fever comes repeatedly, then you understand that the fever is not the actual problem, there is something which is causing the problem. 

So, the patient is taken to the doctor for treatment. Doctors prescribe some tests to be performed in order to find out the actual cause of the fever. Suppose the test reveals that the victim got malaria. Now you think that malaria is the actual problem.

Malaria is also not the actual problem.

The actual problem is mosquitoes, if the mosquito will stop breeding or biting you then people will not suffer from malaria.

You to solve the problem by eradicating the cause which in this case may be:

  • Make sure you protect yourself from mosquito bites by using an insecticide-treated mosquito net.​​
  • Keep the room doors and windows closed properly or use a net to ensure that mosquitoes are not able to enter your house.
  • Check frequently if  water is accumulated in coolers, small pits, tyres etc. These are suitable habitats and breeding grounds for mosquitoes to grow.

Once you take these precautions, mosquitoes will not bite you, so you will not get malaria and as a result no fever and suffering.

So now you understand that in this scenario breeding of mosquitoes is the actual cause of the problem and the fever was just a symptom, it was not the actual problem. 

You can apply these same principalities in different areas of your problem to find out the actual cause of the problem. 

2. Not seeing growth in business

Many businesses suffer because of the lack of growth. suppose you are having a business and you are observing that your business is not growing for the last few months. Now what will you do to solve this problem?

 The first thing that you need to do is to understand that having no growth in business is not the actual problem, it is the symptom of some problem which is lying deep down in the root.

You may need to analyze every possible factor and do research in order to understand if you are following some wrong methods in business which are causing you to lose. If you see that you are following the right method but still you are not progressing in business, then you may need to analyse your workforce if they are really qualified enough and adding value to your business. 

It may take time to analyse every factors and find out the actual root of the problem, In this scenario you found that the employees you have chosen are not working well, may be some of the employees are dishonest with their work  and other rude and unfriendly to the customers which is causing severe effect on retention of the customer and eventually you are losing the customer, as a result your business is not seeing any growth.

 So what will you do in this case?

 you actually need to seek for better employees , who will actually add value to your business by providing better customer service. 

Once your customer service is fixed then the customer retention will grow,and as a result you will see your business start to grow again. 

In this scenario, the lack of growth in business was a symptom of poor customer service, which was caused by some rude and bad employees.

 So, rude and bad employees are the actual root cause of the problem.

3. Unable to decide career

Choosing the right Career can be a  tough task for some people, but if You will know how to understand your  passion and interest then it will become easier to decide a career.

 why most people get confused about deciding a career because they actually do not find out their actual professional interests and mix them up with hobbies. 

In order to gain a clear understanding about how to decide a career, you can read this article on How to choose a right career” .

Before deciding about a career, take time and think for a while what are the things that are creating confusion in your mind while you are trying to decide a career,which is right for you.  Analyse your thought process and note down all the important factors,  Such as you might be confused with too many  career options and unable to decide which one to pick. 

Once you understand that the actual problem in deciding the career is getting confused and with too many options, then you should know that it is the best time to go for a thorough research on your interested  career options. 

Spend time on research and try to find out the most details you can gather about  each and every career option,Try to imagine yourself involved in that career and how would you feel.

 the more information you gather about careers, you will have a much clear vision to follow the right one.

 Once you get that sufficient information about all the career options that interest you, now is the time to experience them  by being in that environment.  try to find out the opportunity to be in the  place of your career. 

Once you become sure of your decision, now go ahead.

4. Suffering with sleeplessness

Suffering with sleeplessness is one of the common problems many people face. while you are suffering with sleeplessness, do not get stressed rather try to understand what is the actual problem behind this sleeplessness.

 go through a analysing process,take time and sit quietly and note down all the possible reasons that can cause the sleeplessness, 

It can happen due to over resting where  you are not tired enough or you did not use your body for enough work. Sleeplessness can also occur due to too much thinking and getting over stress in your mind.

If you find that you are not tired enough to sleep at night, then you must start working hard during the day time,  so that you will feel exhausted during the night and you will have a good sleep.

 Another case if you find the tired and are still unable to sleep,  because you think a lot and due to this overthinking your mind is unable to have rest. Then it is a time that you need to refresh your mind, go for a short tour, spend time with your family or some close people, forget about every pressure and just try to give your mind peace.

It may take 3 to 5 days in order to break the old habit and pick up a new habit, so be ready to stick to your process for a couple of days.

5. Children are going astray

If you find that your children are going astray,  then without doubt it is a serious problem.

 Try to observe your children carefully for a certain period and try to figure out what are the reasons leading your children to astray. Try to note down all the possible reasons.

 The reasons can be your child is gitting close friendship with some bad companion. Bad companion has a tremendous power to corrupt the character. 

Try to import the right spiritual lesson into the life of your children and guide them to the right spiritual path.

While I was studying in  theology college, I have noticed that there are some of the students who were actually extremely corrupted, due to which their parents send them to theology college in order to spend a quiet longer time in the right spiritual environment, and I have seen the change in their lives. 

6. Unhealthy kids

 If you find that your kids are healthy,  you need to understand that being unhealthy is not the actual problem. Rather  the factors that are making your kids unhealthy need to be considered.

 you may consult a doctor in order to get the guidance in order to improve the health of the child. You can also go for research on the internet and gather information from different health related blog sites. list them down and apply them on your kids.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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