Republic day speech in English: Sample Speech

Republic day speech in english 2021 Sample Speech

Republic day speech in English 2021: In India, 26th January is celebrated as Republic Day. It is a grand day of celebration for every Indian regardless of religion, language group and social differences.

This day is observed with great joy and a spirit of celebration. Every Indian feels proud of this day, as the constitution of India came into force on this day. 

26th January speech in English for students and teacher-2021

Republic Day Speech 2021 –  Speech on Republic Day for Students, Children and Teacher in English – Long Speech

Good Morning and happy Republic day to everyone present here in this auspicious occasion of Republic day. 

As we all are celebrating this beautiful day 26th January with immense pride in our heart for our beautiful country, allow me to present some powerful and interesting facts about the Republic day. 

Today we are celebrating the 72nd Republic day in our country India. Every citizen of India from every corner of the country is celebrating this day with great joy through various activities.

As we celebrate the 26 th January, let us look back on the history of this day. 

India achieved freedom from British on 15th August, 1947, but even though we were free, we were still in chaos due to the absence of constitution. 

The Constitution is a body of fundamental principles or rules according to which a country is acknowledged to be governed.

India was going through a lot of consultation and revisions, Dr B.R Ambedkar was responsible for drafting the Indian Constitution, a group of advisors helped him in this. They all worked hard to present the draft of the Constitution. At last on 26th January 1950, The Indian Constitution became effectively in force. 

As the Constitution of India came into force, every Indian got the right to choose their own representative to govern the country. India became a Republic country where the supreme power is held by the people of the country and their elected representatives. The right was shifted to every citizen of India. 

In spite of all the differences, we Indian stand together united and elect our representatives to govern over our country to lead our country towards prosperity and tremendous growth. 

‘Republic Day’ signifies the supreme power of citizens, the power to participate in choosing the representative of our country. 

Even though the people of the entire country celebrate this day from different parts of the country, the grand celebration takes place in New Delhi, the capital of India. 

On this day at the Rajpath in New Delhi in the presence of the President of India, the people of India from different parts of India and different countries gather together with a spirit of celebration with great enthusiasm. 

 The President hosts the national flag and encourages every citizen of our country with the words of encouragement. 

On this day, every citizen of India remembers the heroes of our country, those stood bravely for the sake of freedom of this country. They suffered and were martyred and now we enjoy the freedom.

So, as we celebrate the Republic Day, let us remember their sacrifice for this country to offer to this day. 

As a responsible citizen of India, it becomes our utter responsibility to stand against every evil, corruption and wrong doings in our country as the brave martyrs of the country stood. 

On this special day of celebration, Let us make a promise to carry out the vision of the free fighter and martyr by always making an effort for the prosperity of our beautiful country India.

Only celebration of one day does not make our country a better nation rather a continuous and dedicated love for the nation can. We can present our love for our country by doing our works and duties with honesty and sincerity. 

So, on this day let us take a fresh determined step towards creating a better India by being a better person in our job, study and responsibilities towards our society and nation. 

Let us carry out this mission with sincere, honest and pure harmony and equality with a spirit of nationalism.

I am so thankful to all of you, for your patience to listen to me, and allowing me to speak before you.

Jay Hind, Jay Bharat.

Republic day speech in English 2021- Short Speech

Good Morning to all my respected teachers, elders and dear friends, brother and sister.

I would like to convey my hearty thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share some words on Republic Day before you all on this beautiful day of celebration. 

As we are celebrating the 72nd Republic day in 2021, it reminds us of our rich historical heritage.

On this day in 1950, our constitution came into force and we all got power to choose our own representative to lead our country. 

Our mother land this beautiful country became a Republic state, where the supreme power is held by the citizens of our country and our elected representatives. We got right and power to lead our country by our decision. 

But this power brings a lot of responsibility to us to take care of our motherland, our precious country and always seek prosperity and growth for taking our country to higher levels of dignity and respect.

Dr B.R Ambedkar made a great contribution in preparing the constitution. Our brave freedom fighters and patriots sacrificed their lives in hope of this day. They hoped and we can see this day.

This day of special occasion also encourages us to take the step of courage like our martyrs against the evils and corruption in our society and with sincere and honesty loving our country through our daily action and duty rather than by just a few words.

We can only love our country and show our gratitude towards the brave souls sacrificed for the freedom of this country by doing our study, work and responsibility with sincerity and pure honesty. 

Happy Republic Day to all of you.

Jay Hind…. Jai Bharat 

Republic day speech in English 2021 for students, Kids, children and Teachers

 India will celebrate its 72nd republic day in a few days on 26th of January. India will spot the fist revolution against the British Government. Then only after a few days India accepted their constitution in 1950 after achieving independence from British Rulers. 

Republic day is not like an occasion in India but the whole country celebrates republic day with joy and happiness with no discrimination on the cast, creed and religion. India is tied in tri-colors to express that India is a nation where “Unity in Diversity” is celebrated. And it is also celebrated with lots of preparation in the remembrance of the historic moments when the constitution came into force for the people in the country.

Republic Means that for the country development, Growth and Progress we have the right to choose our political leader who can do this all work for our country and as the citizen of We too are accountable for its Development, Growth and progress.

The Demands of Purn Swaraj was achieved by the Indian National Congress (INC) and the youths and it also reminds us how we struggled for this. We got the freedom from the British rulers from some high Ideology and thoughts such as Non – Violence, Collaboration, Non – Discrimination, etc.  and it was declared in 1930 by the Indian National Congress.

Our Constitution of India Reminds we about the religious principles established in the constitution of India. And it was the day of National Pride for us. Showing An Impressive Military on the Republic day Parade Reminds us that the safety of our territorial power and the result of Various Sacrifices.

The Democratic Government system is when the special moment occurs and that changed the government of India to act as the governing Law and regulation of India.

People will show their respect towards the freedom fighters and they will also recognize the activity which will be done by the Indian Military at Rajkot, New Delhi. The Prime Minister and Chief Ministers will host the flag of India to show their respect toward the constitution makers and the freedom fighter. Republic Day is a Government Holiday.

On this Valuable Event so many cultural events will take place such as Flag Hosting and it will be held across India. And Particularly the Republic Day Celebration will be held splendidly in the school and Colleges.

Republic Day reminds us about the sacrifices done by our great freedom fighter for the freedom of India. And we also remember their effort and hard word for setting our country free from the British rulers. For the features related to our Education and growth, Development of economy, Abolishment of Scarcity and various other issues.

Some of the great Freedom fighters like: – Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and Raja Ram Mohan Roy have aimed and did hard work against British rule to get freedom for India.

Today we are living in the Democratic Country which is known as India. We got this Democracy from our great freedom fighters who gave their efforts and dedicated their Life to make the Country Democratic.

The country in which we live is Known as India and we have the Freedom and Rights to view our Expression and thoughts upon the country, Development and in other things.  And this right or freedom is given by our great freedom fighters.

We got ultimate authority from our great freedom fighters to choose our representative to judge the country or to run the country in the right way where we elect representatives in the form of President, Prime minister and Chief Minister etc.

While living in India and Being and Indian we will never forget their sacrifices towards our country. Therefore they did not do this work for themselves but they did this work for the future generations so that the future generation will live without any struggle.

As an Indian we should always remember them on our Special occasions and we should salute them. Because they did a great job for the future generation. Nowadays we live freely In India Because of them because if they didn’t Fought for our freedom then now also we would be slaves of British Rule.

So always proud to be an Indian and Feel proud that you are Indian. And Always Love your country and respect your country as well.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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