6 Samples of General Accountant Job Description for Resume

Accountant Job Description for Resume

If you are a lover of numbers and willing to go for a career where numbers play the major role then you must check out the samples of general accountant job description for resume below to get an overall understanding of expectation of job recruiters from you. 

I have done a thorough research on accountant job description and presented my research in this article, so that you do not need to waste time on this, rather get a complete and clear knowledge from one place. 

In order to provide the actual information, I have gathered the real information from actual recruiters from different industries.

1. Accountant Job Description of Designing industry for Resume


  1. Ability to manage all accounting transactions
  2. You should be to handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings
  3. You will be responsible to reconcile accounts payable and receivable
  4. Make sure of timely bank payments
  5. Calculating the taxes and prepare tax returns
  6. Maintaining the balance sheets and preparing profit/loss statements
  7. Presenting report on the company’s financial status
  8. Incharge to audit financial transactions and documents
  9. Taking care of financial policies and regulations
  10. Any other duties as required by the authority

You will get tremendous opportunities for growing in your career as an accountant. We are seeking  a passionate, reliable and talented person.

2. Accountant Job Description of Construction industry for Resume


  • Looking over the phone mailbox messages and emails received in company website
  • Maintain the proper financial record
  • Taking care of the Office Computerized Phone System.
  • You need to order office supplies
  • Taking in charge of renew of Motor Carrier Permit
  • Answering incoming calls over the telephones
  • vehicle registration renewals and preparing for the needful actions
  • Monitor and verify that the data are up-to dated on server


  • Taking care of Ledger/Entries
  • Preparing the Cash Flow Report
  • Assisting on tax return
  • Presenting business property taxes reports
  • Maintaining the depreciation entries
  • In charge of Utilization Reports
  • Annual Heavy Vehicle Use Tax return 
  • Presenting financial statements
  • Reconciling the Accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Journal Entries

3. Accountant Job Description of fintechs industry for Resume

As an accountant you will be joining an international and popular fast-paced blockchain.

Here you will find a fintech team with experienced industry leaders where your all round growth is promised.

You will be working at the forefront of an inspiring and dynamic new sector in business to business (B2B) finance with digital assets.

You will become an essential and integrated part of our friendly, knowledge-sharing and growing entrepreneurial culture with a flat hierarchy.

You will be handling and taking care of a role that lets you learn deeply, and gives you responsibility and independence in your entire job areas.

Key responsibilities as a fintech accountant:

  • You will be responsible for bookkeeping of the general ledger and all the sub ledgers of our all Group entities.
  • Taking care of “Accounts Payable” and “Accounts Receivable”.
  •  Performing regular reconciliations.
  • Maintaining I/C calculations, bookings, reconciliations and other necessary stuff.
  • Make sure that every transaction made in the ERP is well documented.
  • Creating and maintaining payment runs.
  • Helping in preparing monthly and yearly closings.
  • Identifying every possibility of making improvement.
  • Addressing opportunities to introduce betterment in the processes and ERP usage.
  • Being responsible for preparation of the data for VAT returns.
  • Performing any other needed tasks and duties as assigned by the authority. 

What we expect you to bring as an accountant:

  • Personality of quickly bouncing back and recovering in spite of every difficulty. 
  • Flexibilities in changes and quickly adoptive.
  • Being a hands-on individual, who is not afraid of taking on challenges and strong enough to handle them in the most efficient manner.
  • Having at least some experience in working in a start-up.
  • Possessing sufficient education on accountancy and commercial apprenticeship.
  • Having a minimum 5 -7 years of relevant accounting experience and proving with record.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English is must
  • Strong non-verbal communication skills.
  • Bringing Advanced Microsoft Excel skill.
  • Thorough knowledge of the fintech industry.
  • Being a proactive individual with a spirit of collaborative approach to work as a team with attention to detail.
  • A self starter person with immense motivation and ability to be a source of inspiration for others. 
  • Must be honest to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Presenting advanced skills of Microsoft Dynamics (Navision).

4. Accountant Job Description of Advertising Network industry for Resume

Job Description of the accountant:

As a successful accountant candidate you will be fulfilling the role of a leader in the accounting practices,  preparing financial planning, developing strategy for financing and managing the budget function. This is a full time job and you may be required to work as a remote worker from your home.  you are also expected to ensure all the accounting procedures and reporting. 

Responsibilities of the accountant:

You will be acting as the company accountant who will be measuring the financial and performance of the operation of the entire organisation.

Analysing and monitoring budget and all the monthly operations.

Helping with the preparation of financial reports for the organisation.

Assisting in creating financial Outlook,  financial forecast and analysing the financial forecast.

You must ensure that your budgetary reporting  is in compliance with the state and federal requirements.

You will be coordinating the financial Audit and deliver the recommendations for all sorts of improvement that need to be done.

 You need to provide the annual budget information, monitor the expenditure, implement all the rectification in order to meet the budget requirement of the company.

Design and maintain the accounting processes in order to accomplish the requirement in the accounting.

 Your job is also included with journal entries, maintaining general ledger, preparing  billing, required collection, taking care of the bank reconciliation, helping in annual budget process creating and developing the financial forecast and model.

Ensure that your work is in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

Prepare a balance sheet, presenting the data of profit and loss, consolidated statement, cash flow and schedules.

Repairing a comparison between actual result and budget projection and  projecting the summary.

 you must be able to analyse the financial report and be able to contribute your effort to improve the financial condition.  you also may need to revise the accounting policies and practices and other financial processes in order to impart development.

Required Experience and Qualifications for accountant:

You are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance. 

Masters Degree in Finance, Accounting or Business and Accounting experience will be considered as plus.

At least having 2 years of experience in any kind of financial accounting position.

Strong knowledge on accounting, finance, budgeting and other all finance related works.

You should have enough knowledge of Federal and state rule and regulation regarding the financial area.

You must be able to monitor and analyse the financial reports and data in order to bring continuous growth.

Practical knowledge on short or long term financial budgeting and forecasting  and analysing the profitability.

Must be able to work in a team with sincerity and responsibility. 

Having excellent interpersonal communication skills is essential. 

5. Accountant Job Description of healthcare industry for Resume

We are seeking a committed and caring person who wants to work as an accountant, where you are passionate about creating a positive effect on our Healthcare industry. You must be a person who is dedicated to bringing welfare to others by their sincere job.  We want you to use your knowledge and expertise for caring and moral service. 

As an accountant in our Healthcare industry, You are expected to display your consistent and kind behaviour along with excellent communication skills that will display your commitment towards the customer service. You also need to demonstrate a professional manner in your day to day activity, by following each and every policy of the company, the required process and be responsible for all the accounting functions like financial reporting and every support. 

What You Will Do as an accountant:

  • As an accountant in our Healthcare industry you are required to maintain multiple general ledger and be responsible for processing AP invoices, checking the request in a timely manner with ensuring accuracy.
  • You will be responsible for preparing monthly journal entries as required and close the monthly fiscal period accurately. 
  • prepare monthly reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts, accruals for all payable during month end, operating budgets and performance projections.
  • Provide information related to external and internal audits

What qualifications you may need for accountant role:

  • Bachelor’s Degree  in Accounting or Business Degree preferred
  • Previous Accounting experience is essential for this job
  • Having experience in Healthcare industry is preferred

6. Accountant Job Description of Dairy & Foodstuff  industry for Resume

Purpose of the job as accountant:

  • Process Accounting
  • Invoice verification
  • collecting cash from sales staff
  • Taking care and maintaining the bank transactions.
  • Maintain the records for accounting.
  • Keeping in mind the  financial policies and procedures.
  • Checking if payments and administration are correct.
  • Assisting in Business by providing sales analysis.
  • Maintaining the spend and control.
  • Handling the collection update and Inventory aging.
  • Maintenance of General ledger entries.
  • Taking care of internal finance procedures so that no inaccuracy takes place in accounting statements.
  • Ensuring  assistance in audit with journal entry, Bank Reconciliation and Cash in Transit and Petty Cash.

Accountant Job Requirements:

Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration or Finance.

Diploma or courses in any relevant field is welcomed.

Expected to have minimum 3 years experience in Accounting.

Excellent Computer practical skill with Microsoft Office programs  like Excel, PowerPoint, Word.

Being comfortable with reporting and administration systems like QAD/ MFG Pro.

Proficient in English in spoken, reading and writing.

Key Competencies to be a successful accountant:

  • Administrative skills precise and accurate
  • Excellent and effective communication skills: verbal communication, non-verbal communication, drafting, reporting and presenting.
  • Work independently
  • Work under pressure
  • Handle deadlines
  • Strong work ethic to perform the job with integrity and honesty
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Willingness to learn and motivated person

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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