School Groundskeeper job description- Role and Responsibility of University Groundskeeper

School Groundskeeper job description

If you are planning to become a school groundskeeper then you should know the regular roles, duties, responsibilities and job description of a school groundskeeper. 

Here below is a wide range of valuable information I have gathered from different job profiles regarding school groundskeeper jobs for your clear understanding of school groundskeeper job descriptions.

School groundskeeper job Position Summary

The school Groundskeeper is primarily responsible for  landscaping or maintaining grounds of property. It can be done by using hand or power tools or equipment. 

School groundskeeper work typically consists of a variety of roles and responsibilities such as cleaning, sod laying, mowing, regular overseeing, trimming, edging, transplanting, planting, watering, weed managing, fertilising, digging, maintaining tools, taking care of pipelines, raking, irrigation, sweeping of parking lots and sidewalks, in case of cold region – snow and ice management, and sports field setup, regular maintenance etc. 

The roles and responsibilities of a school groundskeeper may vary depending on the necessities and the requirements of the employer. 

Below are some of the general roles and responsibilities of a school groundskeeper:

General Roles and Responsibilities of a school groundskeeper:

  1. Regularly trim the grass around walks.
  2. Mowing lawns and taking care of flower beds, trees and walls. 
  3. Pruning the shrubs and trees with care.
  4. Shaping the plants as per the direction given by the supervisor.
  5. Keeping eyes on the improvement of the plant growth.
  6. Removing the damaged leaves or dried flowers, branches using needful tools.
  7. Maintaining the area clean by removing the fallen leaves, flowers etc. 
  8. Lays out the decorative plants and flower beds
  9. Repairing the minor faults of the tools and equipment. 
  10. Sharpen the tools and maintain them regularly. 
  11. Following the direction given by the supervisor to plant, water the plants, use fertilisers and weed control chemicals. 
  12. Using hand tools and equipment to clear the walks and roads by removing snow.
  13. You may also need to use machines and vehicles to remove the ice or snow. 
  14. Keep the area weed free, spread salt
  15. Rakes and picks up litter to keep the area debris free.

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