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Hello everyone Today, I found myself doing something I never anticipated doing. I have planned to colour my hair. I have a grey area in the centre of my head and am in my mid-50s. It never bothered me much.

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It started out small but over time became larger and larger until, of course, you could see this grey was now everywhere. Because MY hair was nasty and I had heard that colouring it could damage your scalp, I had never considered dying MY hair.

It’s just never been a priority of mine, and I assumed you would do it in the salon if you did.

I’ve never done it, but the other day when browsing Facebook, I came across an advertisement for a product called Simpler that was created by a hair colouring firm and had a logo similar to that. It had excellent ratings.

It received favourable reviews. I visited the webpage. When I went to Google, I found comments from users praising the website. You were aware that using it would save you around 49.

We’ll go over how to use it and everything in a moment, by the way, but I’ve seen some YouTube videos and seen how other people have used it. felt fairly simple.

I reasoned that I would give it a try for myself if it were as simple and effective as they were demonstrating.

It arrived in a tiny bag. The crewas with multiple uses for your hair and beard are inside the bag. And a manual was provided. you are aware of how to use it.

Reusable gloves, cleaning wipes, and stain guard—which, in my opinion, is simply vaseline applied to the skin—were all present. If it gets on your skin, you can wipe it off thanks to the wiping surface.

You may simply comb it into your hair after getting sort of a combed; it had a good angle.

My initial action yesterday was to apply a small amount to the inside of my elbow. I let it sit for thirty minutes before wiping it off to make sure I wouldn’t have an adverse response.

I wanted to be sure that this had not happened because a buddy of mine had an adverse reaction to something else when he applied it to his beard—not to this—but to a different hair colour.

There are many hues of the medium brown colour that I bought. As a result, we advise a 20 minute leave-in period, which you can modify to go lighter or darker.

Because of the colour of my hair, I probably left it on for a full 30 minutes or more.

We’ve been cutting our own hair, and Gerald and I have been doing the same. Gerald has been cutting my hair, and it’s easier to just cut it with a number two all the way around and let it go. Hopefully, things are improving and we’ll start going back to the salon so that someone can actually cut my hair for real this time.

One of these bottles should be used four or five times, according to them.

I dressed in a stained shirt just in case. In actuality, it doesn’t smell particularly powerful. I might Not exactly; only a moment ago, I caught a scent of something. It wasn’t too horrible; I assumed that if it got on your skin, it would eventually come off; nevertheless, the hair is where it actually entirely died; to remove it, I will use a cleansing wipe.

Actually, that’s a cute tiny white sturdy thing. There was nothing on my clothing. Our main shower is made of travertine stone, and I didn’t want to risk getting any dye in the stone, so I’m going to go upstairs where we have a regular porcelain tub and use that to rinse it off. There is nothing on the counter or in the sink, so I’m just going to rinse it out with just warmed water. It’s been thirty minutes.

I recently took a shower. This is how it appeared after I rinsed it with warm water, allowed some brown stuffing to drain, and then cleaned it with shampoo and conditioner.

I find it to be  a nice product. I’m satisfied with it.

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