30+Top hair stylist qualifications – Senior hair stylist qualifications

hair stylist qualifications

Love to do hair styling? Then you should learn all the hair stylist qualifications that you must possess in order to become a successful hair stylist, hairdresser, hair colorist or barber.

Hair stylist qualifications

Go through the list of hair stylist qualifications and acquire them one by one, they will help you to become a successful hair stylist, hairdresser, hair colorist or barber.

  1. Licence: Having a current cosmetology licence in the state you are applying.
  2. Results: Should be a result oriented person. 
  3. Solve real problems: Must solve the real problem of the customers.
  4. Creative: Be creative to make smart decisions. 
  5. Excellent customer service: You should be able to provide excellent customer service to enhance the customer retention rate.
  6. Execute your work efficiently and effectively: As you work, it must be delivered efficiently and effectively rather than just doing it. Moreover, do your work with love and passion.
  7. Inspires strong performance: your performance must be inspiring. It should always be appreciated. Customers should be able to feel satisfied and happy with your service.
  8. Ownership: Have an ownership mentality, it will take you much higher than you can imagine. 
  9. Cooperate: Build  a cooperative attitude, it is loved by everyone. 
  10. Build positive, inclusive and respectful relationships: Better you will be able to develop your relationship with the customer the more you will be growing in your business.
  11. Take accountability for your actions and outcomes: It is a wonderful quality when you take accountability for all your actions and honestly acknowledge your mistakes to rectify them.
  12. Intensity: Be proactive to find the creative ways to help and improve the customer experience.
  13. Show confidence and courage: Your level of confidence and courage speaks a lot about your personality and expertise. Therefore, always be confident and courageous.
  14. Take every action with energy and urgency:  It is not only about the actions that you take rather how energetic the way you take action is really an important matter to consider. Understand the urgency and work accordingly.
  15. Develop friendships and meaningful relationships : You should be able to develop a friendship with the customers to create a bond of trust and reliability.
  16. Industry-leading education: Gather industry-leading education for enhancing your expertise.
  17. A zeal to maximise your skill and creativity: Having skill and creativity is not enough. You should be eager to maximise your skills and abilities to take them to the next level.
  18. Passionate for an exciting and rewarding career: Having a passionate desire to acquire an exciting and rewarding career in hair style, hairdressing, colouring etc.
  19. Exposure to various chemicals and fragrances: Being a hairstylist, you are to be exposed to different types of chemicals and fragrances used in various elements comfortably.
  20. Available for flexible schedule: You need to be flexible with the different time schedule, as you may need to be available during the weekend or evening etc.
  21. Performing administrative tasks: Ability to perform different types of administrative and technical tasks like billing, making transactions, or any other needed computerised work is needed.
  22. Physical fitness: A hair stylist needs to be physically fit and able to stand for a long time.
  23. Making repetitive movement: Ability to make continuous repetitive movement of your hand, fingers, wrist etc.
  24. Reaching above shoulder level: Physically fit to reach above shoulder level again and again to reach and grasp.
  25. Light housekeeping duties: Should be able to perform light housekeeping activities and be comfortable with those.
  26. Understanding the guest’s needs and wants: You must be able to understand the guest’s needs and wants to deal with them accordingly to provide the best service possible. 
  27. Willingness to learn: A desire to learn more and become better in hair styling is crucially essencial.
  28. Having a cheerful, loving, and compassionate attitude: Your attitude and manner must be loving and compassionate. You should carry a cheerful and happy facial expression.
  29. Work as a team: Ability to work as a team and always be willing to help others in need.
  30. communication skills: Should have strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills to create and maintain an industry level and professional communication with the guests.
  31. Hairstyling social media portfolios: Should maintain hair styling portfolios on social media website and in a personal website

Minimal Qualifications for hair stylist

  • Must have cosmetology or barber licence as required by state/provincial regulations
  • Comfortable with flexible schedule, can be evenings and weekends
  • Provide excellent guest service
  • Detecting the guest’s needs and provide best quality help and consultations 
  • Performing tasks requested in an energetic, effective, efficient and professional manner
  • Looking after the administrative
  • Abilities to perform light housekeeping duties
  • Physical fitness
  • Ability to stand sustained periods of time as per need
  • Lifting up to 10 pounds or 25 pounds frequently
  • Ability to do continuous repetitive movement with hand
  • Reaching above shoulder level frequently
  • Comfortable with exposure to various chemicals and fragrances 
  • Observe guest’s hair carefully and provide the best possible solution
  • Having no issue with close vision, colour vision and adjust focus
  • Communicate with guests in a professional manner

Requirements for hair stylist

  • Active Cosmetology licence
  • Willing to train with senior stylist
  • Ability in working with elderly clients
  • Able to work in a high paced environment
  • Carry cheerful, friendly, loving, and compassionate manner
  • Must be a team player and willing to help other co-stylist in needed
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skill 
  • Customer service skills 
  • Hairstyling social media portfolios

Senior hair stylist qualifications

  1. You should be willing to contribute to the overall success of the salon and enforce and maintain the required values and ethos.
  2. You must be a fully qualified hair stylist or hairdresser (min NQF Level 3) 
  3. Possess a minimum of 3 years experience 
  4. Should be Skilled in Cutting, Colouring, Highlights, Blow Dries, Hair Up, Hair Straightening, Perms and introduce new services
  5. Experience in cutting children’s hair is advantageous
  6. Creativity to develop new techniques and bring in new ideas
  7. Ability to demonstrate excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skill
  8. Excellent Spoken and Written English
  9. Display Professionalism
  10. Strong interpersonal skills
  11. Timekeeping person
  12. You must have a positive and friendly attitude
  13. Must be motivated to bring in new clients
  14. Build and maintain your column
  15. Ability to provide full consultation and care with clients
  16. Cutting, coloring and styling to a high standard
  17. Ability to build new clientele
  18. Referring clients for all treatments
  19. Recommending the right products and increasing sales to bring growth in the overall business
  20. Quality to be a role model in the salon and act as an ambassador 

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