What are the basic computer skills needed for every job seeker?

What are the basic computer skills needed for every job seeker

You must know that certain basic computer skills needed in most of the industries to become a potential employee. So, if you are a student or seeking a job in both cases learning those basic computer skills will definitely benefit you greatly.

Day by day computers are becoming a part and parcel of almost every industry, especially if you are in technical fields, it is crucial that you gather strong knowledge and experience in computer skills.

Most common and needful computer skills are MS office (Ms Word, Excel, powerpoint), Gmail, Outlook, Teamviewer, Teams, Zoom, Google Drive

Some of the basic computer skills needed for almost every job seeker are comfortable with MS office, which includes MS word, excel, powerpoint, MS access etc, Ability to use Google Drive which includes Google’s doc, spreadsheet and presentation facilities, At least basic knowledge of html & css and how the websites works, WordPress, Fundamental understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing, Knowing how to design the images using software or Canva, Editing videos, Possessing average typing speed on computer etc.

9 Top Basic Computer Skills Needed  for Every Job Seeker


  1. MS office
  2. Gmail, Outlook, Teamviewer, Teams, Zoom, Google Drive
  3. HTML and CSS
  4. WordPress
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Designing images
  8. Video editing 
  9. Average typing speed

1. MS office

MS office or Microsoft Office is a collection of softwares or applications which are used in  office-related works. Each and every softwares or application of MS office is used for a unique purpose and offers a specific kind of service to its users.

Microsoft Word application is used to create documents like letters, research papers, or any other sort of writing purpose.

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create presentations to present information, facts and our thoughts in an attractive way.

Microsoft Excel is used for data entry and calculation, it is specially used in the business areas in order to keep a  record of numerical data. A lot of critical and repetitive tasks can be done easily by using formulas and functions in Microsoft  Excel.

Microsoft office is one of the most popular software packages used by numerous people in the world day-today’s life.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a great facility provided by Google. Google Drive provides a lot of facilities like creating a word document file, preparing a numerical data sheet and a presentation.  While we work on Google drive, the data is stored on Google’s server, therefore we can access the data from any system just  by being logged in through our email address.

Google docs which is a platform to create a word document file also offers us the facility of voice recording,  which means you can speak and the content will be written on the Google docs. 

Therefore you can create a variety of files without downloading any software into your system. You get amazing facilities with Type security from Google in Google Drive.

Learning to use the Google Drive will help you to do  your work easily and  efficiently.

3. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are used to create the web pages. Several web pages together make a website.

At present digital era, almost every business requires to have a website in order to expand their business using online facilities, it can be to sell products online, receiving order online, to provide information about the organisation for products online, or running Ad campaign in order to attract the new customers to the business website, the purpose can be many but the ultimate requirement is having a website.

 So, as the businesses create and maintain a website, the employee must know how to use this website.  In order to update data in the website or customise any previous data, it is very helpful to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

The good news is that HTML and CSS are very easy to learn, you can even learn them within one to two weeks if you spend four to five hours per day learning.

4. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, it is used to develop  and maintain the website easily. Using WordPress one can create a  beautiful and powerful website without learning or having any knowledge of computer programming.

There are plenty of plugins available in order to enhance the functionality of the website using WordPress.  A huge number of people have developed their website using WordPress.

If you will possess a good understanding of WordPress, it will help you to develop or manage any previous build website of your organisation, this will help you to stand out and be unique.

Moreover, as most of the websites are developed using WordPress, it is very essential that you learn to use WordPress. 

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is another essential computer skill that a job seeker must possess.  SEO is all about creating the content in the website that can be easily visible to the people who are searching the related terms on the search engines like Google or Bing.

Many businesses acquire a large number of customers through Search Engine Optimisation. Getting customers or visitors through Search Engine Optimisation is cheaper than running advertisements.

 Once a content can rank on the search engine page, it  carries the potential of bringing numerous visitors or customers to the business. 

This is the reason most of the businesses create websites and focus on Search Engine Optimisation in order to  draw the customers from the Google’s or Bing’s search engine page.

You can easily learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization just by spending some weeks learning SEO. 

6. Digital marketing

In simple words digital marketing is all about taking a product or service of a business to the potential customers using digital medium by running advertising campaigns or free methods.

Digital marketing is a big area which contains a variety of categories like content marketing, search engine  optimization, Facebook advertisement, Google search advertisement, Google display advertisement, email marketing, YouTube marketing, Quora marketing etc.

Digital marketing can be mainly divided into two groups, which are inbound marketing and outbound marketing. In inbound marketing the business uses different methods to pull the customers towards the business, whereas in outbound marketing the business tries to reach the potential customers using different methods and advertisements.

Marketing using digital media is much more easier, cost effective and can be target oriented, where you can target a specific group of people from a specific chosen area.  Through digital marketing the customers behaviour can be tracked and easily draw them towards a business. 

Therefore, at this present era of technology and digital media having a good understanding of digital marketing will surely help you to be a better employee.

7. Designing images

It is said that an image can speak a thousand words,  therefore if you know how to design an image in the appropriate manner which Can attract the People’s Eyes, it can be a  great computer skill to possess as a job seeker.

Having a strong understanding of designing and the platforms where you can design the images will help you to become an effective image creator.

You can  easily create  a beautiful image using Canva for Photoshop software, but in order to use them you need to know the tools. 

So, it is a wise decision to learn this and become a job seeker who is one step ahead then others.

8. Video editing

The current data says that the video consumption has rapidly increased due to the technological development of fast and easy internet availability. 

Many businesses creates video for advertising or  sharing about their products or services in an attractive visualized way,  if you can create and edit a video that is eye catchy and beneficial, then without doubt this computer skill of video editing will help you to become a better job seeker whom the employers would like to take in their industry. 

9. Average typing speed

Do you know that your typing speed is an important factor for being a job seeker. Most of the industry takes your typing speed test before they take you as an employee.

  So do not ignore the importance of typing speed, if your typing speed is not at an adequate level then it is a good decision that you practice it and increase your typing speed.

Holding a strong typing speed can also be considered as an essential computer skill that a job seeker must have.

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