What are the job description of a secretary?

If you are interested in a secretary job then you must know the job description of a secretary before even choosing that as your career.  

A secretary plays an essential role in an organisation by taking the responsibilities of various administrative and clerical tasks. 

Some of the essential job descriptions of a secretary are advising at the administrative level, managing the daily agenda, setting out the meetings and appointments, Receiving and answering the phone calls, sending mail, preparing regular reports,  establishing strong customer relationships, taking care of the frequent office supplies and maintaining them accordingly etc. 

As a Secretary in a company you are expected to have Multi tasking ability along with   possessing multi skills and ability like strong communication skill, ability to communicate through English language fluently and effectively,  displaying the professional attitude and behaviour in your each and every task, sound technical knowledge on computer of having strong computer typing skill and basic software  knowledge like ability to use MS Office  software effectively,  knowledge of social media sites, website, ability to communicate  over phone and email and without doubt excellent understanding of business world.

50+ Job description of a secretary in common

  1. Providing administrative support and advice in regular basis
  2. Assisting in organising the office and associating in order to make the work process better and easier
  3. Looking over each and every area of the business so that everything takes place in a timely manner
  4. Establishing strong and effective communication process in your workplace
  5. Preparing the records and updating them along with ensuing accuracy
  6. Regularly scheduling and making plan for the  upcoming meetings and appointment
  7. Monitoring all the clerical needs of the office
  8. Giving order and supplying of the shortage of the clerical needs
  9. Detecting each and every malfunctions of the office and resolving them appropriately
  10. Politely responding to the request and issues raised in office
  11. Replacing strong coordination with other departments in the office
  12. Ensuing that every task is compliance with the policy of the company
  13. Creating and  maintaining a trustable relationship with colleague and customers
  14. Taking care of the receptionist duties if it is needed
  15. Minimising the risk and managing the risk factors
  16. Providing advice to the authority without partiality
  17. Maintaining  the committee meeting to be held regularly in timely manner
  18. Preparing and presenting all the documents and papers to the meeting
  19. Providing advice on the procedures
  20. Providing full support to the the administrative system
  21. Being available to the  management body for any services or advice requirement
  22. Looking after the each and every activities of the office related to administrative and clerical
  23. Looking over all the necessary office groceries and equipments
  24. Packing the required items and mailing them  appropriately
  25. Providing best customer service and satisfaction
  26. Opening business accounts for customer if it is required
  27. In case of Bank deposit, a secretary need to make the Bank deposit
  28. If any visitor or guest come to office, the secretary need to take care  of the matter in the most respectable way
  29. Making coffee and other beverage if necessary
  30. Rechecking and verifying all the the paper, documents,  proposal and mail before sending them
  31. Taking care of the area of anniversary, condolences and congratulations of different people related to the office
  32. Maintaining the website of the company and regularly updating the information and keeping it safe and secure
  33. Keeping the regular backup of the website documents
  34. Preparing content for the website and other social media site
  35. If the office moved in new location, secretary need to help in every area of that
  36. If the business is about to launch a new service or product, secretary must also be aware about that
  37. Being in charge of  preparing and arranging all the board meetings
  38. Sharing ideas and providing full support to the administrative board
  39. Watching over each and every activities of the office so that it is compliance with the rule and regulation of the office and the government
  40.  Minuting all the shared thoughts and information in a board meeting
  41.  Taking the responsibility of maintaining the privacy of all the records and documents of the office and storing them security and keeping the regular backup of them
  42. Having a continuous goal of bringing brand reputation and the development in the organisation in order to establish a better brand name and maintain that brand name
  43. Looking after each and every document that are coming in or going out
  44. Protecting all the valuable data of the office
  45. Becoming an excellent organizer in the regular works of the office
  46. Maintaining a professional relationship with the client, customer and colleagues in the office
  47. Providing answer to the queries of any client or customer
  48. Assisting every juniors and staffs who need your help
  49. Regularly managing the calendar and scheduling the require appointments 
  50. Being a reliable assistant in every travel arrangement and other needed areas
  51. Responsible for typing and photocopy all the  needed documents
  52. Assisting in the area of expenses, billing and any others

Overall Job description of a secretary

As a company secretary you will be responsible to provide administrative support regularly. Taking incharge of taking care of shipping, account receivable and payable.

 As you work in the office there will be a need for varieties of documents and products, therefore you may need to receive or send documents and products according to the requirement.

In case of any arrangement of travel, you will be responsible for booking the travel dates and maintaining all the necessary steps.

Finance is part of each and every business. There will be financial issues and matters where the Secretary has to play a very important role, the secretary will be required to process and look over the credit card  matters and bank statements by regularly reconciling the bank statement.

As You receive a lot of phone calls and deliver information to them it is very important that you serve them rightly and maintain professional behaviour.

As there will be a lot of meetings taking place in the office, and it would be the responsibility of the secretary to schedule them on time and look after all the areas.

An office is made up of a lot of office supplies, so providing all the office supplies, lunch and other requirements is also the work of the secretary. You will be required to supply all the needed office requirements, groceries etc.

Customers are the backbone of each and every organisation, therefore maintaining a smooth and stable relationship with customers and providing high level customer satisfaction will always help you to become a better administrator or secretary.

If any visitors come to the office you will be responsible to greet them, provide all their needs and maintain your professional relationship.

As a lot of documents or data need to be sent from different areas or departments of the office, as a secretary you need to look after all those activities. You may need to proofread all those various emails and documents before sending so that no error takes place.

Most offices will have a website, so the secretary too must be able to maintain all the requirements in the website and take care of the basic technical areas.

 You also need to take care of the social media platforms and other online platforms, so that your organisation is represented in the most appealing  and effective way on the online platforms.

 It is very important that every work in the office is in compliance with the privacy policy of the company and the rule and regulation of the government, so regularly looking after all these things is an essential duty of a company secretary.

Document and data are very precious for any company or organisation, therefore keeping the proper record of documents and data, maintaining their privacy and keeping the regular update of them along with backups is a crucial responsibility of every company secretary.

Qualification needed to become a secretary

  • In order to become a secretary you are expected to have a PSC/ Diploma in Business management or company secretary degree.
  • You must also have a profound knowledge of business and finance.
  • Strong command on English language in speaking, understanding and writing.

Skills and experience needed to become a secretary

  • Proven Company Secretary experience as a secretary, assistant manager, back-office assistant, office assistant, virtual assistant or in another relevant administrative role
  • Profound  practical knowledge of back-office computer softwares (ERP software)
  • Possessing experience of minute taking in the real world professional world.
  • Holding experience in working with financial services or asset management.
  • Ability to work with accuracy and minimal errors.
  • Very good attention to details is essential
  • Must have good organisational skills
  • Strong time management skill
  • Excellent ability in multi-tasking
  • Outstanding verbal communication skill, especially in english language
  • Strong nonverbal and written communication skill
  • Excellent typing skill
  • Tremendous passion to work with complete dedication and honesty
  • Admirable proactive approach with a motivated desire to work with your best
  • Ability to manage the priorities and arranging them accordingly
  • Advising with a clear and professional manner
  • Adaptable to the changes like technical or any others
  • Ability to find the best communication style according to the stakeholders
  • Ability to work with a team with a team spirit and also individually if required
  • Must be comfortable to work under pressure 
  • Meeting deadlines along with best service
  • Good working knowledge of office software and equipment
  • Possessing a thorough knowledge of office management procedures
  • Ability to think creatively 
  • Critical thinker and a problem solver
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Ability to present your idea and thought effectively in a professional manner

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