What are the skills needed for graphic design- (with Diagram)

What are the skills needed for graphic design

If designing is your passion then you can easily turn this passion into a profession by learning the skills needed for graphic designer.

Graphic and design both are integral parts of both offline and online worlds. So, by mastering the skills needed for graphic design you can actually prepare your future career for either working from home and delivering service to the people from any corner of the earth or work in a company and get paid as an employee.

25+ Top skills needed for Graphic Designer

  1. Degree or certification in graphic design 
  2. Excellent practical knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite programs, including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop
  3. Practical experience in graphic designing
  4. Possessing project management skills
  5. Proficiency in written and verbal skills
  6. Having a spirit of working as a team with a shared goal to achieve
  7. Having and maintaining a digital portfolio
  8. Ability to make graphics for web pages, social media, emails and other platforms
  9. Working together with creative and marketing team
  10.  Ability to display a wide range of creative styles
  11.  Excellent understanding of design element like color composition and other areas
  12. Capability to learn, adapt and apply advanced knowledge and skills quickly and effectively
  13. Attention to detail
  14. Carrying positive and open-minded attitude
  15. Ability to clearly communicate visually, using different tools and technologies
  16. Strong knowledge of print processes
  17. Ability to deliver quality designing quickly in a fast paced work environment
  18. Capable of handling multi-tasking
  19. Passion for imparting creativity and resulting magnificent pieces of designing
  20. Leadership ability or experience 
  21. Having strong organizational skills
  22. Excellent copywriting and proofreading skills
  23. Strong knowledge on different popular marketing platforms, channels, and best practices, including social, digital, and email marketing
  24. Must possess a  self-starter ability and mentality
  25. Ability to independently move projects forward
  26. Capability of prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines
  27. Having strong analytical skills to read and analyze the data or metrics and create powerful reports
  28. Lover of creativity

Becoming a graphic designer is a dream for many people who are passionate about designing.  but in order to become a successful graphic designer there are certain skills that you must possess.  you should know that only using varieties of software doesn’t make you a graphic designer.  Designing is an art and until unless you are passionate about it you can never become a successful graphic designer.

 So if you are thinking of becoming a graphic designer, first of all make sure that you are passionate about  designing.

Once you learn the skills that are needed for graphic designers, you can join an internship program in order to enhance your practical knowledge and experience.  you may earn less salary in the initial level of your career, but as you become an expert and experienced there will be immense possibilities before you where you will get a chance of earning a lot. 

 As a graphic designer you need to communicate visually, where you use your Creative Thinking in your mind and portray that thinking in the real world.  Therefore becoming a creative person is crucially important to become a successful graphic designer.

5 most important skills for graphic designer are:

There are many important skills that you need to acquire in order to become a successful graphic designer.  but here are some of the most important skills that  are essential for every graphic designer, which are Being creative while designing, understanding the style and appearance, learning the required softwares for designing, Learning the website designing and developing an excellent communication skill. 

1. Being Creative in the Design

Becoming a successful graphic designer means becoming an expert in creativity in design.  Obviously it is not so easy to come with the new fresh ideas with creative designing but in order to become a successful graphic designer you are required to create fresh and new ideas. The basic designing elements must be prepared in your mind before you start working with the software, therefore you understand that your mind plays an amazing and important role in becoming a graphic designer.

2. Understanding the Style and Appearance of a Design

The style and appearance plays an important role in designing.  The line height, space between the elements, font style, these all are essential parts of Designing.  Therefore, in order to become a good designer you need to have a good knowledge about this incomplete design.

understanding the right font, typography and colour according to the design is also important while you are designing.

3. Learning the Software for creating a Design

The actual visual designing work takes place on the computer screen. When you use software to design the amazing piece for your client.  Therefore learning to use the industry software is very important in order to fulfill your dream of becoming a  graphic designer.

 There are many designing software available among them, some of the most popular and well known graphic designing softwares are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. 

In order to become  an expert graphic designer you actually need to learn to use all the software perfectly. As you become more and more handy with the software the designing becomes easier for you.

 Remember that knowing the right tools for the right work always makes the work easier and effective.

4. Web Design

 The website plays the role of heart in the digital business area.  where almost every business  that wants to go online needs a website. 

 It can be from small business to large business, common need of static simple websites to complicated E-Commerce sites.

Businesses need a website in order to expand their territory on the online to reach maximum potential clients or customers.

 The good news is that in the present day’s designing website it is not too difficult. 

 As a graphic designer it is very essential that you know how to design the website, as the website plays an essential and vital role in every business.

 within a couple of weeks you can learn the HTML and CSS.  then you can start learning to use the CMS like WordPress, shopify, Wix etc.

Once you learn to use all these tools, now is the time to use your designing skill and  creating a Masterpiece that the world has never seen before.

5. Communication

Understanding the actual requirement of the client or the actual design the client is seeking can be difficult sometime. Because of this you need to be very strong in communication. because it is only through the communication that you will be able to understand the actual requirement and the need of your client.  If there is poor communication that takes place then the whole process can be in chaos. Therefore  possessing the strong verbal communication skill is another essential requirement to become a successful graphic designer. 

How to learn the skills needed for Graphic Designer?

There are several ways you can learn the skills needed for graphics designing. Some of them are:

  1. Get a degree from reputed university in designing, Marketing, Communications, Web Development, Business, or related field
  2. Learn from YouTube
  3. Go for certification course 
  4. Join for an internship after the certification or degree program

1. Get a degree from reputed university

If you want to become a professional graphic designer, it is  a wise decision that you go for a degree from a reputed University.  Having a degree will always help you to stand out from the crowd. 

2. Learn from YouTube

YouTube can become another great resource for learning graphic designing.  There are several channels where the expert graphic designers created several  designing videos and taught for free of cost.

 you can learn the use of designing software for free just by watching the YouTube  videos on graphic designing.

3. Go for certification course

There are so many online learning platforms available, where you can go for a certificate course on graphic designing.  Certificate courses are cheaper in price but provide quality learning experiences.

 If you have a low budget then without doubt you can go for certification courses on graphic designing on the online learning platforms like udemy.com, LinkedIn learning, skillshare etc. 

4. Join for an internship after the certification or degree program

Once you learn to use the software and the concepts of Designing.  Now it is the time to practice them  to become compatible with the softwares and the tools.

 In order to gain the hands-on practical experience you can always go for an internship program. As an intern  you may get very less salary or you may need to work without any payment, but in both ways it is beneficial for you.  because ultimately you are becoming better in graphic designing as you are learning it in the practical work  scenario in the industry.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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