What are the skills required for BPO jobs – (with Diagram)

What are the skills required for BPO jobs

If you are preparing for a BPO job, then it is very crucial that you know the skills required for BPO jobs

Every industry desire to hire the employee who will add the positive value to the work process, therefore possessing skills required for BPO jobs for better performance is always a wise decision. To provide a clear understanding of the list of skills actually required for BPO jobs, I have gone through a thorough research to deliver you the best possible answer.

15+ Best skills required for BPO jobs

  1. Possessing sufficient product or service knowledge about the organization
  2. Capability to resolve the problems of customers 
  3. Answering the queries of the clients or customers
  4. Having excellent Communication skills (verbal and written)
  5. Strong speaking skill with politeness
  6. Fundamental Computer knowledge (Microsoft office)
  7. Excellent typing speed
  8. Fluency in English language
  9. Keeping calm in pressure 
  10. Ability to meet the client’s expectations
  11. Being passionate about providing best-in-class service
  12. Having an attitude of flexibility 
  13. Ability to handle unusual requests or difficult customer interactions.
  14. Be a persuasive communicator without being pushy
  15. Ability to built a rapport
  16. Not assuming rather asking questions to the customer for better understanding of customer’s need
  17. Ensuring both customer and supplier satisfaction

As I myself worked with the BPO industry for a certain duration of time, I have accumulated the knowledge of becoming a successful BPO employee. In this article I am going to share my experience by helping you to know the skills you need for becoming a successful BPO employee. 

I can assure you that if you follow the skills shared below you will be able to perform well in your BPO job.

1. Product or service knowledge of your BPO industry

If you want to get the BPO job successfully then you must spend some time researching and gathering sufficient knowledge about the product or services of the BPO industry you are applying for. 

Even in order to provide the best service to the customers or clients you are actually required to have in-depth knowledge of the product or service of the BPO company you are working in. The more knowledge you have, the better service and customer satisfaction you can provide. 

2. Spirit of resolving problems of customers

Do you love to solve the problems of others? In order to become a better BPO employee you need to carry the spirit of resolving problems of your customers. You should know that people will come to you with several different types of problems, and it is your responsibility to help them to get rid of that problem.  People may also come to you for some guidance and your help, and you need to be genuine and humble enough in helping them.

3. Answering the queries 

 In many BPO jobs the customer or the client may come with several types of quarries, and they will expect the answer from you. So you must always be prepared to satisfy them with the appropriate answer.  Some queries may irritate you but you need to remain cool and calm while handling the queries and providing them with the right guidance.

4. Excellent verbal and written Communication skills

 The entire BPO job stands upon the communication skill. You need to communicate with your client verbally or through a written  medium, whatever the way it is, the bottom line is you need to communicate with your client.

 This is the reason developing your verbal and written communication skills will always help you to communicate with your client, as a result perform better service and achieve customer satisfaction. 

5. Speaking with politeness

You should always remember that as you provide service to the client in the BPO job, you are actually representing your company.  So if you behave rudely or unexpectedly it is ultimately going to harm your entire reputation of the company.  Your company may penalise you for this and you may ruin your career completely.  Therefore, in order to be a successful BPO employer, you should always remember that being polite and humble is the key to win the heart of the client and contribute a positive impression on your company.

6. Computer knowledge of Microsoft office

Having the computer knowledge of Microsoft Office which are MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint is almost essential in order to step into the BPO job.

 It doesn’t take much time to learn the basic MS Office knowledge.  If you do not have this knowledge then you can just spend a couple of weeks and learn the skills by watching YouTube videos.

 You also may need to have  knowledge of some specific softwares according to the industry.  In this case you need to know the industry you are applying for and what kind of software can be used in that industry. You can get this idea from their job description, therefore read the job description carefully and try to understand what kind of software they use in that industry. It will be a wise decision if you learn the use of the software before you step into that job.

7. Typing speed

 Most of the BPO companies will require you to have at least average typing speed.  If you are involved in the written communication process then typing speed will play a very important role.  Therefore, focus on your typing speed, practice at least half an hour a day in order to enhance your typing speed so that you will be easily selected for the BPO job you are applying for. 

There is a lot of softwares available to  increase your typing speed.  You can easily practice for a couple of weeks and enhance your typing speed if you are serious about it and spend time in it regularly.

8. Good command in English

You may need to use English in most BPO jobs. As most of the clients will communicate with you in English language.  So having a strong command on English language is essential for BPO jobs. 

You must be able to speak clearly and fluently in English, write in English without grammar errors, and understand the audience well. 

9. Handling tasks with calm in pressure

Difficulties and pressure occur in almost every work situation, and it is the same in the job at the BPO industry.  There will be a certain time you will feel so much pressure at work but at that time you should not be stressed and frustrated rather you must learn to keep yourself calm and handle the task wisely in the midst of every pressure.

10. Fulfill the client’s expectations

Clients will come to you with certain expectations and it is your role that you fulfill their expectation by providing them the right answer or services.  the better you can fulfill the client’s expectation, the more positive impact you will create in your  company.  So always make your goal to fulfill the client’s expectation, if you are unable to handle it you must take help from your senior, but make sure, in no way your customers will be back without meeting their expectation.

11. Provide best-in-class service

Ultimately your service speaks of how well prepared  and expert you are.  Your employer always will expect from you that you provide the best in class service to the client.  In order to provide the best service, you need to be energetic and well known of what you are actually doing. If you do not have sufficient product or service knowledge then it is not possible to provide the best-in-class service. The more clear knowledge you have on the product or service you are working upon, the better service you will be able to provide to your client.

12. Be flexible with time and technology

Technology will always be in changing mode, you can do nothing about it but what you can do is to be flexible with technological development and keep yourself updated with it.

 You may also need to be flexible with the time, because in the BPO job, you may need to work in some odd time, which you have not been habitual with.  you may need to work till late night or you may have the night shift to work for the entire night, in every situation you must be flexible and adopt the time schedule.

13. Be ready to face difficult customer interactions

one thing you must do is to always be prepared to face difficult customer interactions. Every customer will not be as you expect. Rather you may  find some really tough and difficult customers and it might be a very hard time to interact with them.  But you should always welcome this difficult customer interaction calmly.

 The more experience you accumulate in the job,  the better you will be able to handle this difficult customer interaction. Just be honest with yourself and if you are unable to handle the customers requirement then take help from your senior rather than making a mess. 

14. Persuasive communication 

How do you feel when someone really tries their best to sell something to you,  most of the time you don’t feel comfortable, right?  In the same manner when you try to sell something or impose something on your client or customer. They also don’t feel comfortable, rather they will try to get rid of you as soon as possible.

 The best solution is to be persuasive in your communication with the client you are handling. Develop your communication skills so that you can be persuasive enough to convince your client and sell the service or product through friendly communication rather than forcing them to buy.

15. Develop relationship and trust

Ability to build relationships and trust with your client will always help you to become an expert BPO employee. your confidence during your communication, behaviour and dealing process will expose your authenticity to your client and as a result it will either build the trust or break the trust. Once your  client is able to trust upon you you will be able to build a long term relationship easily.

Always focus on the rapport building, it is always encouraged and informed in every BPO industry that every employer must develop the skill of rapport building with the clients or customer.

16. Asking questions without assumption

It is very much possible that we can cause severe problems because of our wrong assumption.  If you really  do not want to face a chaotic situation then you must always ask questions to your client before you proceed to do something.  There can be misunderstanding or improper communication, so if you just assume something and do something wrong for your client then it will cause a serious problem for you. 

Therefore the best and safest way is to prompt your client in every step and confirm the decision of your client. 

17. Understand the customer’s need

Different customers may have different sorts of needs,  so understanding the exact needs of your customer and dealing accordingly will always help you to become a professional and expert BPO employee.  Understanding the customer’s exact needs will help you to provide the best service.  So before providing any service make sure that you understand what your customer actually needs.

18. Ensure customer satisfaction

The ultimate goal of your entire work process is to provide customer satisfaction.  Because a satisfied customer  is powerful enough to bring many more customers to you. In the same manner if the customer is not satisfied they can really harm your business. 

An unsatisfied customer is most likely to leave you and go to someone else for the service or product.  If your customer is satisfied then they will become a returning customer, as a result your retention rate of customers will increase which is beneficial for the business of your company. If your  employer is benefited, then eventually you will be benefited too.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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