What are the skills required for content writer?

Best content writer skills needed for excellent content writing

Content is considered as the king of online and offline both worlds, therefore, it is obvious that learning the skills required for content writer will open a variety of opportunities before you.

From creating websites, blogs or working for others, there are literally several ways to earn money either by working from your comfort zone which can be your home or in an office. 

40+ Best content writer skills needed for excellent content writing

  1. Possessing degree in Communications, Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field.
  2. Practical working knowledge of content management systems, especially WordPress
  3. Experienced in using Microsoft Office applications
  4. Strong writing and editing skills
  5. Capable to work in a fast-paced work environment
  6. Ability to handle multiple projects concurrently with maximum productivity
  7. Willing to work as a team
  8. Strong time-management skills
  9. Ability to work under strict deadlines 
  10. capability to work quickly and accurately 
  11. Impressive interpersonal and communication skills
  12. A portfolio of article publishing works
  13. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  14. Ability to make a quality research and absorb content related to the industry
  15. Ability to make social Media Marketing is a plus
  16. Strong writing and editing skills in English language
  17. Developing original content
  18. Ability to conduct research before and during the writing process
  19. Working with the other people and fulfilling the single goal
  20. Working with responsibility 
  21. Capability to create a content marketing strategy
  22. Ability to think creatively and write simple, concise and accurate article
  23. Possessing strong ability in English Spelling, grammar, reading, writing
  24. Preparing SEO optimized content
  25. Ability to deliver high-quality content across multiple digital channels
  26. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  27. High attention to detail
  28. Capability in writing a variety of content types 
  29. Ability in writing detailed in-depth articles 
  30. Great presentation skills
  31. Ability to enhance the ideas and write effectively
  32. Good knowledge of Social Media Marketing, SEO tools and digital platforms
  33. Ability to multitask maintaining quality
  34. Developing contents that are eye catchy and valuable
  35. Ability to work independently or as a part of a team
  36. Possessing good sense of using appropriate image in the article
  37. Having good knowledge of content writing tools
  38. Practical working knowledge of Google docs, sheets etc.
  39. Basic image editing ability
  40. Holding strong SEO knowledge is plus
  41. Having a spirit of learning
  42. Keeping updated with the advanced technologies

Being a content writer with years of experience by running more than three blogs and writing content for others, I have gathered pretty much experience to help you know what are the skills required for becoming a professional and skillful writer.

Here are skills that you will require in order to excel in content writing field:

1. You should love to research and study:

The most important factor to become a professional content writer, you need to research and study a lot in order to gather tons of information.

You must go through a thorough research about the product or service you are going to write.

In the content writing industry research plays an essential role. If you want to come up with the best content for your reader or the client, it is necessary that you clearly understand what your reader will be interested in or your client is asking about.  So being clear about the topic is the first step before you start writing.  In order to create appealing and interesting content along with informative content you need to really go through a thorough research process.  Making research and gathering valuable information is a skill which is developed as you continue to practice it.  As you research you will find lots of new ideas and information to import in your writing.

In order to write the content with a smooth flow, you need to gather insights from different resources by doing a thorough research.

2. You must be a creative thinker:

The next essential thing is, you have to think a lot.  you just cannot get the information from somewhere and paste it in your content, you need to use your mind creatively and think intensely in order to present the information in a unique and Fresh manner. 

3. Learn the SEO Skills:

In order to make your content successfully represented in the Google or other search engine’s search result, SEO is the one and only factor that is directly responsible. When you create content with a clear knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, it makes sure that your content will make better performance in the search engine page.  Optimised content will eventually be viewed a lot  organically to the people searching related terms in Google or other search engines.  As a result you will gain a lot of readers.

Without doubt online businesses are booming, but it can only take place when you reach your potential readers by optimising your content. 

In order to well optimise your content, you must enrich it with the right keywords or keyword phrases  that people are actually searching for.  If you understand the motives of readers and the keywords they are using to find the content, and import those keywords in your  writing, then without doubt your content will perform well.

The client specially looks for SEO driven content, so if you  learn how to optimise your content for Search Engine  then  it will make you a successful and professional content writer

4. Learn Digital Marketing Skill:

When a product or service is promoted online using digital media, it is called digital marketing. Content marketing is an Integral part of digital marketing. Having a clear understanding of digital marketing will always help a content writer to extend their territory online and become a better content writer.

 Almost every business wants to extend their reach in the digital world, So they use content marketing.  There are different kinds of marketing strategies like outbound marketing and inbound marketing.  But in every kind of marketing, content  plays the role of king.  People seek for content and businesses provide that to them as a result they get their potential customer. 

5. Understand the client’s requirement:

You can only become a successful content marketer, if you clearly understand the client’s requirements. It is not important what you want rather what the client wants.  Your content will become appealing and interesting to the client only if it meets his or her exact requirements.

6. Value Time:

If you want to be a professional content writer then you must learn to value time.  No client will be interested in you if you do not maintain the deadline. It must be your regular habit to complete your task in time and submit it to the client.  Timely submission of your content will develop a strong relationship with your client as a result you will perform well in your earning. 

7. Excellent Communication skill:

If you want to write content for others, then you need to communicate with the client in order to understand the exact requirement.  Now for this your communication skill will play an important role.  If you are strong in communication then  it will be an amazing plus point to gain the trust from  your client.

8. Hook your reader at the beginning of the content:

As you start writing the content your first goal must be to hook your leader, by providing them catchy, attractive and informative information which is actually beneficial for your reader.

 Remember if you did not hook your reader at the beginning of your article then the rest of your article won’t make any sense to the reader, because if the reader doesn’t find the  actual information he or she is searching for at the beginning of the content then they will not even go for reading the rest of the information.

9. Establish the trust by providing your credential:

As you start writing the content, you must focus on building a relationship or trust with the reader by providing them your  credential, which can be providing your qualification, your background, experience or  anything that can build trust to prove that you actually know what you are talking about or you have real experience which you are sharing in this article. It makes the reader mentally comfortable and prepared to read the entire content and gather the information that is actually needed to the content consumer. 

Try your best to establish this trust within the first or the second paragraph of your content.

10. Frame your sentences in the most impactful manner:

A sentence can be written in multiple ways.  Being a content writer it is your job to frame your sentence in the most attractive and powerful way that will be loved by your reader.

11. Keep in mind the age group you are writing for:

 It is very important that you understand to whom you are writing your contact, because different age groups require different types of writing in order to be most   effective.  suppose you are writing the content for children, the writing style for children must be much different from the content that you are writing for old people.

 Therefore, when you are writing the content remember to whom you are writing the content and customise your writing style according to that age group.

12. Use Visual media to make your content  eye catchy:

It is said that a picture can speak thousands of words. If you can use the images  and  videos wisely in your content, which is related to your content, it adds the capability of enhancing your content quality by becoming eye catchy and interesting. 

13. Use the right colour, font and size of your texts:

The colour, font and size of your text can speak a lot about your professionalism and personality.

Understanding your reader and using the appropriate colour and font is very essential in order to make your content appealing and professional. Using too much colour, irrelevant font and size of text can greatly affect negatively in building trust with the reader.

14. Provide original and quality content:

 In order to become a successful content writer you must always aim for providing original and the quality content to your reader. Because if you do not provide original content or use plagiarized content from someone else’s writing then Google’s algorithm will soon catch you  and penalize you by throwing your content away from the search engine page. 

If you  do not provide quality content then the Reader will immediately leave your content and go for someone else’s one.

 You see that the duplicate content and the bad quality content has enough power to destroy your total effort of writing.

To become a successful content creator you need to produce authentic and unique pieces of content. Content that is unmatched in quality will always be in demand. People are searching for content that is fresh and appealing along with high-quality. It is the utter responsibility of a content writer to create authentic and eye-cathey content that can lure the people. 

15. Provide a juicy content enriched with high quality text, image and video content:

Make sure your content is enriched with high quality images, video embed and informative text which will make your content juicy to the reader. Try to use some infographics, graphs, and your research proof according to the content requirement. 

16. Avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or unnecessary jargon:

As you write your content you must always focus on grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or use of unnecessary jargons. All these can cause severe effects on your professionalism and authenticity of writing.

17. Be a good learner and always upgrade yourself:

Having a spirit of learning and upgrading yourself regularly will always present you as a professional and successful content writer. 

Always learn from  other professional content writers and upgrade yourself with the technology, so that you will be able to provide the best and unique content to your reader with less effort but much effectiveness. 

18. Be ready to take the feedback:

 If you want to be a content writer for the long run,  then it will be a wise decision for you to always collect feedback on your writing style and quality.  Because the more feedback you gather from others, the more you will be able to improve yourself and become a better and successful content writer.

Different types of content writing:

There are many types of content writing. Here are some examples to give you an idea.

  • Writing for the website pages like Home, About, Service, Contact
  • Technical writing
  • Blog writing
  • Article writing for products or services 
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Posts
  • Emails

9 important tips for writing quality content are:-

  1. Stick to the topic and make your subheadings relevant to the topic.
  2. Don’t go off-topic by writing irrelevant things.
  3. You must have gathered enough information before writing.
  4. Always provide high-quality content.
  5. Research and study from different resources but do not copy paste.
  6. Create unique and fresh content.
  7. Learn about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. 
  8. Use your targeted keywords, key phrases in your content. 
  9. By creating SEO optimized content you are making your content to be popped up in the search engine result of Google or other search engines, which will provide you more views as a result more readers will read your content. 


The competition in the content creation field has grown greatly compared with years before. So, in order to be ahead of the crowd, you are required to acquire the needed skills discussed above. To become an expert in content writing you need to be disciplined and follow the tips discussed above.

If you are willing to become a professional content writer then it is necessary that you love writing and have a real passion for creating unique content. Create content that has enough potential to grab the attention of the reader. As the reader reads your content they should be able to learn something from your content.

As you write the content, always remember to tailor your words according to the requirement of the  reader or client. 

As a Content writer you have  the freedom of working part time or full time according to your time.  you can work part time through freelancing services or even for full time as an employee of a company.  

Almost all the businesses that want to expand and grow are going online and they need content writers to create valuable and useful content for them to reach to the readers. 

Therefore, there will always be the need for content writers but proving yourself an expert content creator will take time to learn the skills and polish them well. 

You can always work from your home remotely and provide the service over online to your clients in most cases. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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