What are the skills required for mobile app development?

skills required for mobile app development

Who hasn’t used a mobile application? I think everyone has used and loves to use them, but do you know that you can develop mobile apps by possessing the skills required for mobile app development

Either you want to work from home and develop mobile apps for others through freelancing to get paid or become an excellent employee of an organization, you must know the skills required for mobile app development

You may think that developing mobile apps is rocket science but let me assure you that your little effort and determination for some hours regularly will help you to learn the skills required for mobile app development.

Some of the responsibilities of mobile app developers are developing the features that are new and efficient, creating user interfaces from wireframe models, Making sure that the performance is effective and best, user experience of the application is great and appreciable, finding out the bugs and fixing them and solving every problem with performance, scripting the codes that are readable, clean and testable.

Working jointly with back-end code developers and designers and other members involved in the process of mobile app development in the organization to provide well-architected and high-quality solutions in case you are working as an employee in an organization.

10+ Best skills required for mobile app development

In order to help you to know the exact skills required for mobile app development, I have gone through an in-depth research on the job profiles on popular job sites, so that you can get a clear understanding of the real demands of the real industries.

Here below is the list of skills required for mobile app development:

  1. Possessing excellent knowledge in JavaScript and latest frameworks in JavaScript such as Angular and React Native.
  2. Impressive theoretical and practical knowledge of mobile app development, from the beginning of the code to the accomplishing the entire process.
  3. Having profound understanding on Android and iOS Apple platforms.
  4. Developing and organizing all business logic on the apps.
  5. Imparting the UX/UI designing on the mobile application.
  6. Knowledge of custom RESTful APIs and other common APIs.
  7. Possessing knowledge of JSON format.
  8. Practical experience in analyzing and debugging codes in the mobile applications.
  9. Excellency in architectural patterns.
  10. Knowledge on Git Platform and Version Controls.
  11. Sound knowledge on push notifications.
  12. Knowledge on the guidelines of mobile app design and development on each and every platform and knowledge of their differences.
  13. Ability to integrate with AWS services

How to learn skills for mobile app development?

  • To learn Android app development you need to learn Core Java or Kotlin programming language and you will be able to start developing mobile apps for Android.
  • To learn iOS app development you need to learn Swift or objective C programming language.
  • To make a Hybrid app, which means one app will work both on iOS and Android, you need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and Ionic Framework with Cordova.

How to improve your mobile app development skills?

  • Go for certificate courses on mobile app development, this is one of the most easy and affordable ways to start learning app development. 
  • Connect with Social sites Related to mobile app development because many people share their Idea and experience on social media sites.
  • Update yourself-time to time.
  • Learn all new things in your field of technology.
  • Follow the blogging sites related to mobile app development, there you will get updated information in order to improve your skill.

Mobile app developer qualifications requirements by companies :

  1. Job role: Mobile Application Developer

Company Name : AllSTEM Connections, Company Location – Tampa, FL


  • Expert in mobile application development and multiple design techniques
  • Strong knowledge and experience in mobile tool set to design the app, develop it, test for better function, deploy, maintain and impart improvement in the software.
  • Excellent in Agile methodologies and able to work in at least one of the common frameworks
  • Possessing strong knowledge in at least one or more general purpose programming languages
  • Strong understanding in a portion of software engineering disciplines
  • Ability to demonstrates understanding of overall software skills including business analysis, development, testing and improvement
  • Knowledge of techniques such as:
  1. Continuous Integration
  2. Continuous Delivery
  3. Test Driven Development
  4. Cloud Development
  5. Application resiliency 
  6. security
  1. Job role: iOS Developer/Android Developer

Company Name: Collabera Inc. Company, Location Vienna, VA

iOS Developer:

  • Seeking for an iOS developer with good knowledge and hands on experience
  • Possessing Mobile development experience for native iOS applications using Swift programming
  • Practical Experience using Swift
  • Well experienced in object-oriented design and using design patterns
  • Comfortable with automated testing frameworks with XCTest and XCUITest
  • Ability to work in an Agile environment

Android Developer:

  • Seeking for developers with good hands-on Android development experience
  • Ability to design, develop and deliver awesome SDKs and apps to millions of users
  • Practical knowledge Kotlin // coroutines on Kotlin
  • Well experience with Java & Kotlin
  • Excellent practical knowledge in an Agile environment
  • Ability with hands on practical knowledge on  automated Android testing frameworks, both unit and instrumentation testing

Creating habit and  the environment for learning the skills for mobile app development:

In order to learn mobile app development the first thing that you need is a distraction free place and a habit of coding regularly.

Develop a habit of coding for mobile app development:

Now I want to share with you one of my ways of building a good habit because learning to code requires daily and constant effort.

If you could spend a hundred days and you spend one hour a day learning to code or coding something of your own then you are going to become so much better then when you do it in just one week and forget about it.

So the difference between the two scenarios is if you are able to build a habit and once you have a habit you do not need to think about it again and again, Just like you do not need to think about brushing your teeth every morning, like shall I brush my teeth today or not, right! because it became a habit to you in the same way when you make a habit of coding everyday or regularly you will learn it much more better and effective manner. 

But how  will you make the habit of coding for mobile app development? 

You can take a calendar and tick the date as you complete your coding. Once you practice it regularly, you will find that you are getting into the habit gradually.

Find a complete distraction free place for learning the skills for mobile app development:

Another one most important factor for learning to code for mobile app development is creating a completely distraction free place, even a little distraction like someone calling you for one minute or ringing the mobile, receiving messages in mobile, etc can cause a severe long run negative effect on your programming journey.

Therefore, it is very crucial that you find a place where you are not disturbed by any indoor or outdoor noise or sound. Even a very slow sound of noise or sound can attract your mind and cause distraction, which as a result creates a serious negative effect on your learning journey. 

Here are some tips to establish a skill learning environment for mobile app development:

  • Switch off your mobile or keep in silent mood
  • Let others know that you are unavailable to others during your learning time
  • Make your room soundproof, if there is noise issue
  • If you find day time is not suitable for learning than make your learning schedule during night
  • Set a goal for a day, week and month and stick to reach to your goal

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article and helping others to grow.

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