What is Communication? – Its Importance and Categories

What is Communication- Importance and Categories of communication

You might have heard about  the word communication several times, but not yet cleared about ‘What is Communication?’, its categories and the importance of communication.

As I am in continuous communication with different age groups of peoples from students to the teacher and management as I am involved in the teaching industry for around 9 years, I believe I can provide you a clear understanding about ‘What is Communication?’ and its categories and importance. 

In simple words, communication is sending or receiving the information through speaking, writing or using other sorts of medium.  

You were conscious or not but you do communicate with people everyday, as you begin the day, you communicate with people face to face or through electronics gadgets like mobile or computer. You use different mediums of communication like email, facebook, whatsapp, Instagram etc. 

Every day you may check your emails and social media accounts, read the message sent to you and then you reply to them, what are you actually doing, you are communicating with people. 

In every work situation either in office or work from home, you need to communicate with people, as a successful communication helps you in many ways, a poor communication also enough power to bring disaster in your work environment or in your personal life. This is the you need to learn to communicate well. 


  1. What is communication definition or meaning
  2. What is communication and explain
  3. Categories of communication
  4. What is communication skills
  5. What does non communication mean?
  6. What is communication process
  7. Importance of communication
  8. What is communication in English
  9. What are the benefits of communication?
  10. What are the powers of communication?
  11. What are types of communication?
  12. What are the barriers of communication?
  13. What is communication channel or media
  14. Communication development
  15. Final Thought

1. What is communication definition or meaning

Communication is sharing our thoughts, ideas and feelings with other individuals or groups of people either by face to face or using some offline or online medium. 

The word communication means ‘To share’, where information is shared in day-today life or in a professional work environment. 

2. What is communication and explain

Let us understand ‘What is Communication?’ through some examples. 

You got up from the bed and read an email sent from your workplace, you read the message, understood the point and replied back as needed, what you did, you were making communication.

You need to buy some certain types of clothes, so  you went to the market and asked the shopkeeper about that and the shopkeeper understood your need and gave you the cloth you were seeking for. What was happening between you and the shopkeeper, it was communication.  

As we saw, good communication solves our problem, but you should also know that a bad or poor communication can create problems. 

Take an example, you speak and korean language and very poor in English language, and you are in London, you went to buy cloth from a shop where people speaks only English, in this scenario you language will become a big barrier in the process of communication, you will face a lot of problem to share your need to the shopkeeper.

So, in this case the business means the shop and the buyer both suffered due to communication issues.

3. Categories of communication

Communication can be categorized in some different sections, such as:

  • Spoken or Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Non-verbal other form of communication
  • Communication through visualization

There can be another categories of communication, such as:

  • Face to Face communication
  • Offline communication
  • Online communication

4. What is communication skills

Communication skills are being able to communicate through speaking, listening, writing and using modern advanced technology. 

The recruiters in the industry demand the person with strong ability in speaking, especially in fluent English language as it is used for communicating internationally, even in countries with multi official languages. 

Excellent capabilities in writing is also seeked for. As you may need to communicate through email writing or through other softwares. 

Listening carefully and communicating flawlessly without error  through speaking or writing is almost a compulsory requirement in every organisation.

Developing communication skills  makes you a quality professional person, to handle the job smoothly and effectively  in the job industries or in the business world.

Communication skills also develop the better personality in you to present your thoughts and ideas in the right manner with success.

5. What does non communication mean?

Non communication means being unable to communicate with others with thoughts, ideas or Knowledge  either due to the communication barrier or incapability.

Non communication which is also known as the lack of communication, It results in poor performance and low productivity in the business and Organisation.

This is the reason every organization or businesses try their best to avoid this non communication and establish strong communication.

6. What is communication process

Basically the communication process takes place through four simple steps,  they are:

  • The sender sends the message
  • Message is conveyed through appropriate channel
  • The receiver receive the message
  • Feedback is provided in order to confirm the misunderstanding or communication error 

7. Importance of communication

Communication plays a very important role in the personal life, businesses or in organizations either for productivity or degrading productivity. 

Communicating improperly or poorly can cause damage to your self respect and dignity in your personal life and Negative effect on the business place which can result in poor productivity. 

The importance of communication are:

  • Lack of communication or poor communication produces incapability in expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions.
  • Chances of misunderstanding increases.
  • Messages can be misunderstood.
  • Productivity is hampered due to bad communication.
  • You may face issues with dignity, embarrassment and self humiliation.

8. What is communication in English

As languages are the main channel for communication, it is important that we understand the value of language. Especially, English is used all over the world as the channel to deliver thoughts, ideas and knowledge. 

This is the reason, communication in English is considered almost mandatory in many industries, especially where you need to communicate with the people of a Multilanguage group.

9. What are the benefits of communication?

Communication helps us to convey information to other individuals or groups of people. Through communication we understand the need and requirement or the problem of the other party and we deliver the solution.

Communication makes us able to connect with the people and live a social and normal life.

10. What are the powers of communication?

Communication holds tremendous power as it can cause progress or damage, difficulties or comfortability, accessibility or inaccessibility etc. 

In the professional world ability to communicate well is considered as the power and skill. 

11. What are types of communication?

Communications are basically of four types, they are: 

  • Verbal communication or spoken communication using certain languages.
  • Non-verbal Communications which are made through body languages or gestures.
  • Written Communications using email service, software or over the social media platforms
  • Communication through visualization using graphs, charts, images and maps

12. What are the barriers of communication?

There are many factors can become the barriers of communication, some of them are:

  • Physical and physiological inability
  • Issue with proficiency in a language
  • Emotional and cultural noise differences
  • Lack of concentration or interest
  • Technical issues with internet connection or electronic devices
  • Overload of information
  • Spelling or grammatical issues
  • Noise or distractions

13. What is communication channel or media

Communication can be made using different channels or media, such as:

  • Verbal languages
  • Written words
  • Images or infographic
  • Charts or graphs
  • Maps
  • Video content
  •  Audio content
  • Email service
  • Softwares
  • Social media platforms
  • Websites
  • Apps or applications

14. Communication development

Learning the communication skills and developing them is always preferred and required. The good news is that it is possible to develop communication skills. We all learn and develop the skills, Communication is also an excellent skill which is  demanded in every industry and businesses.

Having self dedication and desire to learn and develop communication skills can work like a magic in your life in the process of development of communication skills.

15. Final Thought

  • Communication is simply a process of conveying or delivering information related to idea, thought, knowledge or emotions from one person to another person and one place to another place using some appropriate channel. 
  • Communication takes place through four steps,  sending the message,  message goes through a channel, receiver receives the message and feedback is given and received. 
  • Communication is made through different channels like verbally which means through using languages, Non-verbally, through written process,  by using graphs, charts,  images,  infographics, maps,  software,  social media platforms, websites, using audio platforms and video platforms. 
  • Barriers in communication can  degrade productivity.
  • Learning and developing communication skills opens many doors of opportunity for us in the workplace and businesses.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article for growing together and helping other to grow.

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