What is communication skill? – Definition with Examples

What is communication skill - Communication Definition with Examples

You might have seen and experienced that excellent communication skill is required as an essential skill in almost every  industry for getting employment opportunities, but you need to understand first ‘What is Communicate Skill?’ in order to get excellency in it. 

Being actively involved in the education industry for a pretty long time of around 9 years, I gathered some real theoretical and practical knowledge on communication skills. So, in this article, you will get a clear understanding about ‘What is Communication Skill?’ with Examples. 

Communication skills are the abilities you learn and develop in order to  use them when sending and receiving different kinds of information to another individual or groups while sharing your ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, information about projects, presenting data about businesses etc. by effectively speaking, writing, listening, observing, presenting charts, graphs etc. 


  1. Communication skills meaning
  2. Communication skills examples
  3. Importance of communication skills
  4. Communication skills for resume
  5. Communication skills course
  6. Why is communication a skill?
  7. Why is communication an important skill?
  8. Communication skills in the workplace
  9. How to improve communication skills in the workplace
  10. Final Thoughts

Communication is part of every person right from a new born baby to every professional. A new born baby expresses his or her feeling of happiness or sorrow and need or satisfaction through cry or laugh. A student also communicates with teachers and other friends for better learning and preparation for the future professional career, a professional needs to communicate with the authority in the office, clients or other colleagues for the purpose of better productivity and result.

From taking to friends, family, shopkeeper, teacher, job recruiters everywhere you are communicating with others. Now how positive the result will be depends on the way we communicate and this manner of ability to communicate is called communication skill. 

1. Communication skills Definition or Meaning

Communication skills are the ability of individuals in conveying or sharing ideas, knowledge, feelings etc. in the personal life or commercial scenario in a very effective manner.

2. Communication skills examples

There are many different kinds of communication skills an individual must learn and develop for the purpose of being excellent in communication. 

Communication skill is a compulsory life skill everyone must possess in order to maintain a good and quality relationship with friends and family,  either for getting a job opportunity or promotion in the workplace. 

Here is a list of examples of communication skills:

  • Speaking fluently with clarity, quality volume and effectively
  • Ability to write quality content without errors
  • Listening attentively without interruption and absorbing the matter
  • Tailoring your verbal and non verbal communication with the audience
  • Delivering the information most effectively using appropriate channel
  • Presenting the knowledge and ideas confidently
  • Communicating with clarity without making the receiver confused
  • Having good command on English language (in most cases) or in the widely or commonly used languages according to the area and location
  • Having good understanding on non-verbal communication methods
  • Having good knowledge and ability to use the modern digital technologies like email, different softwares, social media platforms, electronics gadgets etc
  • Ability to adopt the current and effective communication channels
  • Keeping yourself up-to date with the advanced technologies
  • Maintaining friendly and humbleness in the process of communication

3. Importance of communication skills

There are many  importances of communication skills that can be listed.

Here are some importances of communication:

  • Communication skill enhances your self-esteem and confidence
  • Good communication skills impart better professional image in you
  • Job recruiters look for the employees with great communication skill
  • Strong communication skill add profit, value and positive effect  in the workplace or business
  • Communication skill is an essential need in the industries like advertising, sales and marketing etc.
  • It helps you to grow in your professional life in your workplace
  • Communication skills makes you capable of building good relationship with office authority and clients
  • Communication skills helps in better decision making
  • You become a better problem-solver using your communication skills
  • It makes you to communicate with concise speaking, clean and effective writing which helps your audience to understand you better
  • Productivity is increased in the business or organizations
  • Communication skill create smooth and clean workflow
  • You become more compelling and convincing person
  • Quality communication skill ensures the success in the communication
  • Enhancement of business relation takes place through good communication skill
  • You become a better earner using your communication skills
  • Communication skills plays an important role in joining the workforce
  • Better communication skill takes you to the position of leadership 
  • Effective communication skill makes you a successful entrepreneurs
  • It makes you a better and efficient socialized person
  • Good relation is established with your friends and family using communication skill
  • It helps you to maintain a friendly environment in your workplace
  • Your performance will be skyrocketed in family and workplace
  • Effective communication skills help you to deal with other people better and productive way
  • It also results the stressless work environment
  • Good communication skills help you to gain more respect from your office authority and colleagues
  • It increases the retention of customers and make them loyal
  • Excellent communication skill enhances reputation and value of a business and help to build brand 
  • It makes you to display appropriate body language which is professionally approved and praised

4. Communication skills for resume

As most of the job recruiters mention the candidates to have excellent communication skills, it is essential to understand and mention the communication skills wisely in your resume. 

In order to find out the communication skills that you need to mention in your resume, first of all you must give a deep drive in the job profile created and posted by the recruiter.

Here below are some of the examples of communication skills collected from the different job profiles to get an idea from:

Image Source: linkedin.com

5. Communication skills course

You can even learn the communication skills from free and paid courses. There are many online learning platforms to get the course from.

Here is my recommended free course on communication skills available on Udemy.

Check out the link below to visit the course and enroll for free. 

Free communication skills course in Udemy

This communication skill course is for Entrepreneurs, Aspiring entrepreneurs, Working professionals and Students etc.

6. Why is communication a skill?

People are not born with communication strategies. A new born baby communicates only through crying and laughing but gradually learns the ways to communicate.

Just like other skills like designing, driving are learnt, communication is also learnt, therefore communication is called a skill.

7. Why is communication an important skill?

Communication is considered as an important skill because how we communicate can make a lot of differences, good communication makes our lives comfortable, easy and progressive, whereas poor communication makes our lives miserable and down graded. 

Communication is part of human life as well as corporate life.

In order to be a better human and employer you must learn and develop the communication skills. 

8. Communication skills in the workplace

As you work in your workplace, you find that you are engaged in continuous communication with other people in your workplace or clients from far aways or nearby. 

You need to use the communication skill in offline mediums as well as online mediums.

With the rapid development of technology and online facilities, communication online is almost an essential part of every workplace. 

Work from home is also possible, communicating through the internet, softwares  and electronics gadgets.

It does not matter in what kind of workplace you are working in, communication is part of every workplace, therefore communication skills are mandatory needs for every workplace.

9. How to improve communication skills in the workplace

As other skills are learnt and improved, so is communication skill.

You can learn and improve communication skills through using some strategies. 

  • First recommendation is that having a spirit of learning and developing, if you think you are perfect then it is just impossible to learn and improve communication skills.
  • Observe the style and ways of communication from your seniors or other highly positioned person, and gain insight from your observation to apply in your life.
  • You can improve your communication skills through realistic practices
  • Let not the criticism about your way of communication from your friends, family, colleagues, and boss disturb you, rather take it as an opportunity to rectify and improve your communication skills. 
  • Read, listen, watch and learn about the methods and practices of excellent communication skills.
  • You can take some free or paid courses from the online learning platforms, especially from Udemy regarding communication skills.
  • Take the advantage of YouTube and gain knowledge about good communication skills.
  • Always be concerned regarding your audience and customize your way of communication accordingly. 
  • Collect feedback from others about your way of communication, was it making a positive impression or negative.
  • Be a continuous learner and keep on working on your communication skills.

10. Final Thoughts about ‘What is Communication Skills

Communication is an integral part of every human life, so having a clear understanding of ‘What is communication skill?’  will certainly keep you ahead of the average group of  people. 

  • Learning and developing communication skills makes your family and social life better and respectful.
  • Possessing strong communication skills makes your requirement process in the job industry easy and comfortable.
  • Job recruiters demand excellent communication skills, so mention the communication skills in your resume, that fit with your job profile.
  • As your communication skills increase, productivity means profits in the workplace or business, you gain more respect and opportunity of promotion and growth.
  • Overall, you will never regret learning and developing communication skills.
  • There is always hope for you to become an excellent communicator.
  • Remember there are plenty of opportunities and resources available over the offline and online mediums regarding ‘what is communication skill?’, so start developing the communication skills and make your life and career fruitful.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article for growing together and helping other to grow.

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