What is Nonverbal Communication- (with Diagram)

Nonverbal Communication

The truth is that almost everyday everyone of us communicate through non verbal communication But unfortunately many  people do not understand properly ‘What is nonverbal communication’ And how to be an excellent non verbal communicator, in order to develop the self esteem and respect among the people group.  

Having a strong understanding of nonverbal communication, will not only present you as a better professional in your workplace but also a person with respect and dignity among the friends and family. 

Nonverbal communication is communicating with an individual or a group of people through body language, eye contact, facial expression, aspects of voice, maintaining formal or informal space from people, posture and gestures. 

In this article, I will present an overall understanding and knowledge of nonverbal communication that I have gather from my lifelong journey, being a part of the corporate world, social work and charity environment, and at present in the education sector for more than 8 years, I have learnt a lot about the nonverbal communication.

Here I will deliver all the best ways to present yourself nonverbally in the corporate and social environment, without making the mistakes I have made to learn the lesson. 

Remember developing effective nonverbal communication begins with a good understanding of ‘What is nonverbal communication’. 


  1. What is non verbal communication?
  2. Nonverbal Communication Definition or Meaning
  3. types of nonverbal communication
  4. nonverbal communication examples
  5. importance of nonverbal communication
  6. Nonverbal Communication characteristics
  7. Nonverbal Communication Body language
  8. Final Thoughts on Nonverbal communication

1. What is non verbal communication?

Nonverbal communication is a process of sending or receiving information without using words or or writing  rather through body languages, eye contact, facial expression, speed of speaking, tone of voice,  gestures and posters. 

Without doubt,  nonverbal communication is an essential part of every human. most of the time people communicate nonverbally without understanding the methods of effective nonverbal communication. 

A poor non verbal communication can bring a lot of damage in an individual’s life,  it can be in social life or professional life,  in the other way having a good understanding of nonverbal communication and applying the best methods of nonverbal Communications make one’’s life  respectful and successful. 

Remember the way you stand, sit, look, display your facial expression, talk everything are observed and measured by the person you are communicating to. You may not take all these seriously but it makes a real and serious impact in your personal, social and professional life. 

2. Nonverbal Communication Definition or Meaning

The meaning of nonverbal communication is communicating through nonverbal ways where words are not used but we communicate using our facial expression, body language, style of talking etc. 

All these nonverbal expressions reveal our professionalism and attitudes to the people before us.

3. Types of nonverbal communication

 Nonverbal communications are of many types, Let us understand them one by one.

Body language: 

You may be delivering very important information to a person sitting before you,  but if you  display a poor body language, it can easily bring a severe negative effect on the information you are delivering.

As an example, suppose you are before your interviewer  and answering them very smartly  and in an intelligent manner,  but if your body language is not at the professional level, it is clearly understood that  you lack non verbal communication,  which creates a negative effect on the business directly or indirectly. This may concern your interviewer and you may lose the opportunity to work there. 

Some of the ways to improve body language:

  • Nod your head to make sure that you are listening and agree with the person you are communicating to.
  • Nothing wrong with hand movement but excessive use of hand movement can distract the communication. 
  • Standing or sitting straight and mannerfully is a basic need.
  • Don’t shake your body so much, it creates distraction and proves unprofessionalism. 

Eye Contact: 

While you are talking to others, maintain eye contacts in the same manner when you listen to others you must make eye contact. 

Having eye contact proves that you are interested in listening and serious in what you are talking about. 

Looking around different things makes the speaker feel that you are not interested in listening, which can even be humiliating to the speaker. 

Some of the ways to improve eye contact:

  • Be attentive in listening and prove it by quality eye contact. 
  • While someone is talking to you, don’t look at different directions.
  • Establish eye contact before you start talking to others
  • Turn away your eyes slowly from the speaker
  • Look at the eye not at other parts of the body

Facial Expression:  

It is said that our face is like a mirror where our emotions are reflected. 

We all communicate some sort of feeling and emotions through our facial expression. Even a child shows a smiley or cheerful face when happy and frowny face while unhappy or emotionally disturbed. 

Some of the universal facial expressions for repealing emotions are Anger, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise and disgust etc.). People of almost every culture display these sorts of facial expressions.

Ability to read the facial expression can help you a lot in nonverbal communication.

Some of the ways to improve Facial Expression:

  • Keep your jaw, teeth, lips and tongue in relux state.
  • Have a smiley face while talking about casual things.
  • Maintain seriousness in your facial expression when explaining something serious.
  • Do not carry your frown face to your workplace. Remember everyone likes a happy face.

Aspects of Voice:

Talking with a quality sound and speed makes your voice heard and understood by everyone. If you have a habit of talking too fast, make sure you are working on speed of delivery. Talking with too fast and very loud or very slow sound can affect your nonverbal communication severely.

Some of the ways to improve aspects of voice:

  • Speak with a quality speed, so that other people can understand your words clearly. Remember no one likes to tell you to repeat what you have said. 
  • Understand the place you are at, you must talk in a gentle and smooth manner, especially in workplace.
  • Speak with a sound that can be heard by the person listening to you.

Closeness or space and distance or proxemics communication : 

Using a certain personal space and conversational distance during communication is different according to cultures and locations, this is called Proxemics communication. 

One must understand the personal space maintained in an industry in order to perform well nonverbal communication skills. 

Proxemics communication is considered a part of nonverbal communication.

Some of the ways to improve proxemics communication skill:

  • Don’t occupy other’s personal space.
  • Learn about the cultural differences and behalf accordingly
  • Follow the following rule:

Source: study.com

4. Nonverbal communication examples

Some of the examples of nonverbal communication are:

  • Do not shake your hands and legs during the conversation or communication.
  • Maintain eye contact but not continuous
  • Shift your eyes to everyone whom you are talking to.
  • Carry smiling and cheerful face
  • Do not smile when the matter is serious
  • Avoid touching face, nose, eyes or hair during communication
  • Avoid interrupting others
  • Shake your head to show your interest in listening
  • Do not be distracted by looking arounds several times
  • Keep yourself calm and relaxed even in pressure

5. Importance of nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication has tremendous importance in communication. A poor nonverbal communication causes severe effects on your professional life, especially during the recruitment process and in promotion. 

Some of the importance of nonverbal communication are:

  • Strong nonverbal communication strengthens your impression before others
  • Your interaction with other become much more productive
  •  Good nonverbal communication improves your self esteem and respect

6. Nonverbal Communication characteristics

Here are a list of nonverbal communication characteristics to consider:

  • Postures
  • Gestures
  • Eye contact
  • Tone of voice
  • Body movement
  • Speed of speech
  • Smiling or frown face
  • Keeping your tongue, teeth and lips in the relaxed position

7. Nonverbal Communication Body language

Here is a list of ways you should maintain your body language for better nonverbal communication:

  • Nod your head or make head movement
  • Be wise and careful in your hand movement
  • Maintain a professional posture
  • Do not invade personal space of others
  • Do not lean or sit and stand with leaning state

8. Final Thoughts on ‘What is Nonverbal Communication’

Nonverbal communication is all about expressing your ideas, thought and knowledge through sound body movement, gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, eye contact, posture without using language.

  • Nonverbal communication displays our professionalism and mature behavior before others, hence it is an essential and integral part of the communication. 
  • In order to be a successful professional you must develop the nonverbal communication skills. 
  • Your nonverbal communication skills are observed and measured by your employer and the authority.
  • Your job opportunities and promotions rely on your nonverbal communication skills.
  • It is possible to learn and develop the nonverbal communication skills.
  • Accept criticism and rectify your faults, learn from your past mistakes.
  • Observe the communication methods of high positioned employers and learn the techniques.  
  • Take the advantages of digital medium to learn more about nonverbal communication and impart them in your personal and professional life. 

Let me know your suggestion in the comment section below for adding more life to this article for growing together and helping other to grow.

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